1. MJ here, the ‘winner’ of the book, sent you an email, it was returned with a Delivery Failure, Mailbox is full. Thanks.

  2. Love your “common property” lawn grouping.
    Very comfy and inviting.
    Interesting, you actually use glass vases and
    wine glasses outside in that setting. Thought it all looked wonderful except when I saw the $$$ for each of those crystal pieces. ?

    1. I guess that’s a good point and yes, you can certainly use outdoor dishes. There are lots of things that I save money on but I often find that the things I do splurge on are the ones I use over and over again, and in the end, they wind up costing way less per use than some of the less expensive items. If you are referring to those wine glasses, I’ve had them for years and truly have used them hundreds of times… 🙂

      That said, the same effect can be gotten with outdoor stemware, which I do have and just didn’t think of using… 😉

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