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  1. Would you please tell me why you and shabbyful
    Have the exact same things in your blog?
    Which one should I delete.
    Very upsetting to view and find the same thing
    One of you should stop blogging if you can’t be
    Original in your sight

    1. Thank you for reading our blogs! Perhaps it would help if I explain what a blog hop is, which is what today’s post is. A group of bloggers get together and pick a topic. Each one has their own post but they also share links to each other’s posts. This way, each of our readers has the opportunity to read not just the one post but also the others in the group. It’s a nice way to introduce our readers to each other’s content and it also provides our readers with multiple posts on the same topic.

      If you click on my link (the champagne brunch) it will take you to my own individual post and if you click on Shabbyfufu’s link (the pastel dining room) it will take you to her own individual post.

      In addition, we each post our own unique new content at least once a week. My new posts are usually on Mondays or Tuesdays. I hope that helps.