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  1. You have a lot of pretty items here, but they are all from Walmart. Due to their business practices, I’ll never shop there.

  2. HI!
    Love your post on patio furniture.
    We live on Long Island in NY
    We are fortunate to have a nice home and property. With all that, we do enjoy relaxing on our brick patios and decks.
    I also enjoy decorating with throws and pillows.
    Curious, where do you store your pillows and throws? Our backyard patio is a covered lani. So the cushions stay dry.
    It sounds like you also enjoy being outdoors.
    When not at our LAND home we enjoy
    Our 39’ sailboat ⛵️.
    SUMMER will be here soon☀️

    1. Thank you! Oh gosh, pillow storage is an issue! I have a closet in the basement that I use for pillows when they’re not being used, but it is maxed out and I need to either clean out or find another solution. I started to do this several times but never got it done. I think my plan is to save mostly pillow covers and only keep the inserts in a few sizes. That should save some space.

  3. Someone should do a blogger room challenge that requires using only patio items in the room redo. Honestly, some of the furniture in these patio photos would be awesome inside! Beautiful selections, Lory.

  4. All of these rooms are simply beautiful. Thanks for the lovely ideas to update our outdoor spaces. I’m fortunate that I have a front porch, back porch and an upper dock deck to furnish and decorate so this post couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you so much.