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  1. Sharon Doenitz says:

    Love your site !

  2. I love all the ideas! Keep them coming.

  3. Oh Lory these are so beautiful! I love pink too, and never would have thought to include that lovely pop of orange – it’s so fresh and bright, especially against your neutrals. ❤️ Thanks for the great tips! (Maybe next time we can see the shoe …?!) 🙂

  4. Love all of these. I love flowers and my favorite is pink! Sometimes I feel like I go overboard with flowers but just seem to bring life into a room. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your container ideas, especially the wine bottles. Since I don’t have any DIY labels, I guess I’ll have to go wine shopping based on the pretty labels. Haha. What an excuse; I love it. Love your blog.

  6. Love the french country ideas, but please combine some with coastal casual elegance, not just farm house, which is lovely too.

  7. Hello Lory,
    All very pretty. Can you tell me if you removed the lid from your silver coffee pot arrangement pictured above. I have several of those but have always had a hard time creating balanced arrangements because the lid gets in the way. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration.

  8. Best Florist Sydney says:

    Thank you for revealing. Reading your article on pink flower arrangement ideas was enjoyable. I’m going to bookmark this article.