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  1. Teresa Snipes says:

    Lovely, and oh, sooo fresh! That’s what we all crave right now…a freshness to our homes, our lives, etc. Thank you for the inspiration.

    In Florida, we’ve already been living in our updated outdoor patios, etc., for a while now and it helps to continue to rethink the “outdoor rooms.”

    1. I like to change out the pillows that we use on our deck furniture every year. I also have started to coordinate the colors of the flowers with the pillows, which I didn’t always think of doing. Now I think I will take it a step further and coordinate the planters as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. Judy Bennon says:

        Always enjoy your updates, fresh new looks that are easy to accomplish!

      2. Carol Tyler says:

        Love the pop of pink!

    2. D Yavorek says:

      LOVE the pop of color! So cheerful.

    3. I love the colors chosen for the bright and cheerful look! Such an inviting space!

    4. Love a neutral sofa so I can change my mind all. the. time and get new pillow covers! Your bright colors look so very fresh and summery.

  2. Very pretty and bright. I would never had imagined those colors would work together but they do! Looks like a whole new patio!

  3. Roseann D'Elia says:

    Super pretty. Can you share where your bistro table is from. I’m on the hunt.
    Checking out the pillows now.

      1. Roseann D'Elia says:

        Thanks so much. Placing my order. Ordered the pillows! Your truly a life line.

        1. You have given me new ideas for my deck. I use a mix of red but your colors really pop. Thank you

      2. Love the vibrant color combinations you used in your patio…….even the potted plants coordinate……..just striking!

        1. We are in the process of renovating our backyard and patio area. I love your ideas of color as I’m a neutral fan indoors and out!

      3. Awesome! Love the color choices. I need to change the covering on my outdoor furniture to something more neutral. How in the world do you keep it clean? Mine gets moldy sometimes

        1. Mine does too. We scotch guard it and have it cleaned at the end of the season. Sometimes have to spot clean during the summer, but mostly just beginning and end of summer.

    1. We have the same deck furniture for 32 years. Cushions have changed over the years and so have pots of flowers. This year I have a hummingbird flower theme. So relaxing

  4. I love pink flowers. I saw the bistro chairs at Big Lots. What a wonderful view!

    1. Sandra Barnhart says:

      Love this years colors they look so bright and give a summer feel to the patio. The plants look so fancy in those blue and white planters!

  5. I love these your patio! The outdoor rug is such a nice touch. I’m getting an ornamental fence installed in my backyard next week, and once that’s done I’ll be able to decorate my patio for summer. I’m going to buy some new pillows and maybe even a throw blanket for it!

  6. Shirley duke says:

    Your deck looks so fresh and colorful. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Love how you can have a “new” room with a simple change of color on a neutral palette.

  8. Oh my! I absolutely love the pops of color! They really speak to me and thank you for sharing how you incorporated the color scheme as well as giving me some wonderful ideas.


  9. Absolutely adorable and ever so inviting, beautiful colors that make everyone smile !

  10. Colleen Jo Howell says:

    Love all the bright colors with the muted tones. So pretty and very inviting, I could sit there for a while; oh let’s be honest I could nap there for hours!!!

  11. The pink and green pillows put a smile on my face! Love them.

  12. Beautiful. So inviting. 💚💙🤍

  13. I love. what you’ve done here! The challenge for me always seems to be getting just enough color with my neutrals without going overboard. Your bright colors are perfect for a sun drenched outdoors!

  14. So peaceful and inviting!

  15. Beautiful , restful and fresh looking! I love the blue and white.

  16. Thank you for all the wonderful decorating ideas over the years!

  17. If there is ever a time to have a major pop of color, summer is IT! Love it!

  18. Leslie Larkin says:

    I enjoy seeing the bright colors. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Carla Erickson says:

    Lori, your deck is amazing! I love the vibrant colors! You coordinated your flowers with your pillows, pots. It looks like a place to spend lots of time!

  20. Elena Rupert says:

    So pretty and cheery!! I love pink and you’ve inspired me to add some to my decor ! 💕

  21. Beautiful! I love your bright color scheme! You can help but feel happy when you go outside on your wonderful deck.

  22. Love the color combination! Vibrant and cheery! Perfect for this happy time of year! I LOVE that coffee table, too!

  23. Ginger Barthel says:

    I seldom think of such a citrus lime color to mix but it certainly makes the other colors even more vivid.

  24. Tammy Bennetts says:

    The color palette is perfect. I must confess to coveting the planters!

  25. Your deck looks very nice. We got a new deck last summer so I appreciate all your great tips on making it look like an outdoor living room.

  26. Tonya Baker says:

    Perfect summer colors. Love it! Where did you find that gorgeous glass pitcher?

  27. Love your deck design ideas with the bright and cheerful summer colors!

  28. Tammy Bennetts says:

    The color palette is perfect but I must confess to coveting the planters!

  29. Just beautiful, pops of color make it look so inviting.

  30. An eclectic mix! I like it!

  31. Beautiful color combination, I love your style!

  32. Laura Lander says:

    Love lime green with blue. Yet remove the green pillow and the mood changes completely. Blue and white planters are lovely.

  33. Lori,
    I especially enjoy all the flowers you have featured this summer. The patio looks great!

  34. Love all the bright pops of color! So inviting and fresh.

  35. Stunning! Love the bright color combinations that are fresh and happy!

  36. Lory,
    Your deck looks great. I have enjoyed all your floral arrangements this summer!

  37. LOVE the fushia. It brings the blue and lime to life and is so fun for the summer!
    I’m in a new home and am working on a neutral base for my foundation pieces (interior and exterior) but also like to add seasonal accents in pillows, throws, etc. i love this design strategy- so flexible!

  38. As usual, so beautiful and I love the splashes of color. Enjoy your summer.

  39. I love the color palette you chose for your outdoor space. It certainly makes your patio pop with color.

  40. Linda Smith says:

    Just lovely! So bright,crisp and inviting!

  41. This makes me happy. Great summer theme, thanks.

  42. Linda Hannen says:

    Looks so fresh and inviting and doable!! Enjoy your beautiful outdoor space. ☀️

  43. Donna Whitley says:

    I love the cheery new look. You have inspired me to take a fresh look at my deck.

  44. Kaye cillessen says:

    Love the bright pink for summer!

  45. What a beautiful outdoor space. I love the colors you chose. I especially love the bistro table and chairs. Nice job!

  46. Janet Hatcher says:

    I have pillow envy! The hot pink check with the lime green is adorable!

  47. Gail Prowant says:

    I love all the colors on your patio. Such a cheery place to have a cup of tea. I enjoy your blogs. Thanks for sharing with us! God Bless, Gail

  48. I love the tips on how to update things in your space for upcoming seasons. Gives it a whole new look. Love your deck and view.

  49. Patti J Wallner says:

    What a simple explanation of how you’ve achieved perfection!

  50. Beautiful and inviting! I really like how you’ve used your collection of blue transferware as planters.

  51. Betty Ellis says:

    Love the hot pink accents with the lobelia blue! Very striking vignette.

  52. I too use a neutral pallet as a base for my rooms.
    For years I liked to change accessories, and some times daily
    I do this in all areas of my home and it never gets stale.
    Having good bones is key and soothing to me and gives so many options.

  53. Lory – I look forward to your posts…I love the way you write as well as the way you decorate (and organize). You’re an inspiration! Kim

  54. Rebecca Kassulke says:

    Love the pink accents and the blue rug!

  55. I can’t wait to buy some outdoor pillow covers in fun colors like this. Love the lime and pink together!

  56. Such an inviting space. Could relax and read here for hours. Nicely done!

  57. Love the “happy colors” and it looks so inviting!

  58. Nancy L Chambliss says:

    Lori I enjoy seeing how you style your deck each year, I agree that a neutral base is the way to go so there will always be endless options for adding color!

  59. Love the blue and white! Your outdoor space is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  60. Sharon Favre says:

    What fun colors

  61. Lynda Lamon says:

    Such a lovely space!!

  62. Kathy lux says:

    Love the pinks and blue together…so refreshing!

  63. Love how you break down the decorating process. So bright and cheery! Marjorie

  64. Very Cheerful! I updated my deck on my boat dock this year with new pillows as well. It’s amazing how something so simple makes such a huge difference. Waiting for this heat wave to subside so we can get out there and enjoy it.

  65. So preppy and pretty!💕

  66. Claudia Gassett says:

    Love the bright cheery colors! This patio is very inviting!

  67. Lory, this looks so lovely – very bright and fresh, I, too, love the look of fresh flowers. But, I must admit, I loved the neutral look also. Each new design you post, I think “oh, this is the look I’m going for”. ‘) Thank you for giving me such beautiful ideas.

  68. Teddee Grace says:

    Looks very summery! Love the bistro set.

  69. Norma Rolader says:

    Love the new colors pallets. Absolutely beautiful

    1. Beverly Troup says:

      I love the pops of color! You can’t go wrong with pink, green and blue; I use those colors inside , as well. It’ so cheerful and inviting.

    2. Sara Ross says:

      I love pinning your posts! You have so much information! Thanks for always being on top of style for our homes!

  70. Bonnie Lembas says:

    I really love the color combination you used this year !

  71. Janis Byers says:

    I love your attention to detail, with the flowerpots matching. Thanks for the great ideas for updating MY outdoor area!

  72. You are such an inspiration –since our deck badly needs to be redecked, I’ve put off decorating differently out there until next summer. But, wait! Just what am I waiting for? We should be enjoying it right now as well–time to shop the house and get going. Maybe we’d even spend more time out there…thanks.

  73. Babette Thurston says:

    Love the vibrant colors! Congratulations to 300! It’s so awesome that y’all are hosting a giveaway for your subscribers! Thank you so much!

  74. Tina Sipe says:

    I love your bright pops of color added to your outdoor space!
    Everything is beautiful and welcoming!

  75. Donna Jacobs-Cancik says:

    The new colors on patio are so striking with green pink & green- never would have gone this way but luv it now for that spring & summer look. Thanks for sharing that picture to see it come together

  76. Mary Stevens says:

    Always enjoy seeing the different ways you style your patio!

  77. This is so pretty and inviting. We just bought a house with a long skinny deck, 7ft x 24ft, I am having such hard time arranging areas without the chairs just being lined up like a nursing home. Maybe bright pillows would distract the eye.

  78. Kimberly Absher says:

    I love it! Neutral bases make everything easy. This is so cheerful.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the gift card.

  79. Mary Beth says:

    I love your deck and how you’ve designed it. The blue and white planters are gorgeous. I could sit out there for hours reading and napping!😁

  80. Ellen Sorce says:

    I love those vibrant colors! My neutral metal table began to lose its finish. The tiles in it are cream so I decided to go just a little different. I sprayed the metal navy and found a fun outdoor rug. I think I’m going to accent with some of your colors.

  81. Deb Wostmann says:

    Lovely. The colors are so fresh.

  82. Love what you did to your patio.It’s very pretty.

  83. Becky White says:

    I love this color palette! So bright and cheery! I will have to keep this in mind for next year since mine for this year is already done. And congratulations on #300!

  84. Lisa swint says:

    Love your colors, plants and chinoiserie!!!

  85. Rose Mills says:

    From pansies to poinsettias, I’ve never found a blossom that doesn’t look pretty in a blue and white container!

  86. Love this season’s colorful makeover Lory! It’s just so happy and fresh. What a beautiful combination of colors. I always crush on that monogrammed pillow when I see it in the catalog. And what gorgeous plants…the phlox matches perfectly. Enjoy that patio!

  87. You have a beautiful deck and setting for your home!

  88. May Lee-Jarvis says:

    Everything is so pretty.

  89. Very nice! I love the pink & white checked pillows -with a plant to match!

  90. Peggy Wilson says:

    Blue and white are my favorite colors and purple add that perfect pop of color. Your deck is so crisp and fresh. I know it can be changed each year but I think I would go back to blue and white and then add another color for pop.

  91. Karen Tavolacci says:

    I’m a color girl. LOVE these bright colors, and it is indeed a great year to add cheer to the deck!

  92. Tracey Hokanson says:

    Love the bright color combination!

  93. I love all the bright colors. Our back patio is definitely another room to our house. I love outdoor spaces!

  94. Lynda cox says:

    Love this going home from holidays to make new pillows.

  95. Your deck is gorgeous! It looks so inviting. You always create such an interesting color palette.

  96. Your deck just says happy. I love the color combination. I also enjoy a colorful patio. All of my furniture is black but the cushions are a stripe that brings in lime green, turquoise, white, blue and brown. Coordinating pillows are in those colors too. All of this is under covered patio so it’s protected from our scorching Idaho sun.

  97. I’ve always loved the combo of hot pink and green. Adding the blue accents takes it to a whole new level! Very pretty!

  98. Susan Buchanan says:

    I adore the colors you have used.

  99. Love your deck in the fresh white, neutral furniture and all the color from the plants and pillows..I live in a condo complex where the HOA board chooses the exterior color. All the buildings were recently painted and there was a palate of slate blue, a dreamy soft green, and a neutral cream for the buildings. Fingers were crossed for the green, my building was painted the slate blue. I’m not a fan of blue, so after I huffed and puffed the unfairness of the color choice, I decided to overhaul the color scheme of my deck furniture and embrace the blue . Fortunately, I have neutral rattan furniture and a teak bench, those stayed. I replaced the old pillows and bench pad in a bright yellow & white stripe, painted an old chest sunshine yellow as a plant & garden tool holder, and purchased a yellow market umbrella in yellow with that solar powered & is pre-lit. Some solar twinkle lights tucked into the planters, and some solar Edison light strings looped under the railing made my I’m not happy deck a very happy place to hang out. I found a outdoor rug that tied the color scheme together…..bonus, the building next to me was painted the dreamy green….

    1. Sounds like you made some very lovely lemonade… 🙂 (I would have huffed, too… 😉 But in the end, there’s a lot you can do with blue.

  100. I love your mix of colors! I’m searching for just the right patio furniture. Think your idea of choosing neutral and then using pillows and plants for color is what I should do too. Thanks for that insight.

  101. Deana Brannan says:

    Love the fuchsia color!!

  102. Ramona M Chester says:

    Spring always seems to burst with such glorious colors. It is hard to resist all the fun choices each season. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

  103. Durenda Hardy says:

    How do you keep it clean? I turn around and everything is covered with leaves and dust.

    1. We sprayed the cushions at the beginning of the season with Scotch Guard, so we just wipe it down throughout the summer. Sometimes it needs a bit more care but then I have them cleaned at the end of the summer.

  104. Well-done! Beautiful colors

  105. I just love your outdoor space so much!! You’ll have such good times out there all summer.
    Big fan of your blog too!

  106. Debbie Jones says:

    Love the pink and blue patio. The pink really pops and love that pink gingham pillow!

  107. Love the pink and white check pillows!

  108. How fresh it looks Lori! Very inviting. I’m working on our deck/patio this year too trying to pull together our wrought iron furniture that has red Sunbrella cushions with new grey rattan-look chairs that has light grey cushions. I found a striped outdoor fabric that has both those colours along with some green and yellow to use on throw pillows so that’ll do for this year. I’m hoping next year to upholster everything in cream so I can just update with throw pillow covers and small accessories every year like you’ve done. Thanks for the inspiration!

  109. Beautiful outside space, full of color!
    I love how you coordinated the pillows and the plants, what a lovely touch. I’m going to check out the bistro set, it’s perfect for my space.
    Have a wonderful summer!

  110. Carolyn Carr says:

    I love this tip to accessorize the patio with colorful accents and without changing the neutral base. I can easily do this! Because I’ve been following your blog for awhile, I have tried all kinds of neutral designs. This weekend I am finishing the chalk painting on my office desk. I used white and gray and LOVE the results. Thanks for the inspiration!

  111. Carole Thomas says:

    Love this color combination! It so cozy but colorful. Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!

  112. Absolutely love your choice of accent colors! Looks great.
    Congrats on 300!

  113. I totally agree; my furniture stays the same but my pillows and plants change every year !

  114. Love the colors. They look so pretty and fresh. Thanks for sharing.

  115. I love the bright summer colors – such a welcoming look.

  116. The colors of Summer, never gets old. Great post with great tips.

  117. Your new choices for your outdoor living area reminds me of the glory of summer: bright pink like sliced watermelon and fuchsia flowers, lime green like new seedlings and fresh-cut grass , and the blue of a clear day sky and a lake or the ocean on a calm day. It just speaks summer!

  118. Never would have thought of that bright pink, but it looks great!

  119. Charlotte says:

    As always, beautiful photos and great ideas.

  120. Robin Defenbaugh says:

    What a beautiful spot to relax in! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  121. Margo Arel says:

    I’ve always loved that blue rug, Lori. It’s the perfect shade to offset pops of color. Always love the Homestyle Saturday posts!

  122. What a colorful cozy patio. Thanks for sharing.

  123. Diane Pianfetti says:

    Love your colorful patio! The plants look amazing!!

  124. My patio colors are similar to yours – green, blue and a bit of turquoise.
    I love that you added the fushia accents and plan to do the same! The palate is very “lily Pulitzer” looking

  125. So pretty! I like that you thought to coordinate the plants too! Do you have a source for the bench?

  126. I love everything, especially the pillows and rug. Patios add so much space for entertaining.
    Thank you for the give-away.

  127. Denise McLemore says:

    Love your style and the colors, perfect for an inviting and relaxing look. Thank you for your ideas!

  128. We just had our deck refinished and am looking for ideas. I love your sectional sofa along with the colors in your plants. I want to make our deck homey like you did. Also like the colorful pillows, which I want to add to my deck. Good job on yours.

  129. Love everything about the refreshed outdoor space. Beautiful!

  130. Congratulations on #300! Although I do not comment often, I am a subscriber and enjoy all your posts. Have a great summer!

  131. Joanne W. says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The colors are just fabulous!

  132. Joyce Frink says:

    Love your great ideas!

  133. Catherine Ferry says:

    Beautiful ideas of your sweet patio. Thanks for all your decorating ideas.

  134. Debra Funkhouser says:

    Thanks for so many colorful ideas! Love your blog and always learn something new from you!

  135. Love your color palette this summer.

  136. Fantastic color combination! Kind of like Lilly P goes “decor” items. Summery and cheerful! Love your blog and style so much! Debra

  137. So colorful and summery. I really like the rug

  138. Diane Troxell says:

    So welcoming! Beautiful outdoor space.

  139. Lory, congrats on 300. Since blue is my favorite color , I love how you incorporated it with pops of green and pink.

  140. These shades are so fabulous together! My heart races a bit as I consider ways to mix up my deck for summer, and I have lots of questions about the finishes. As example, is the rug really suitable for outdoor use on an UNCOVERED space? If so, I am going to find one and start there!
    Thank you so much for your interior AND exterior design examples. You consistently infuse me with creativity, and I come find you whenever I need a boost, or when things start looking like they need to be refreshed.
    Now I’m off to the patio…. 😉

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I always keep an outdoor rug on my patio all summer, uncovered. They last a few seasons if I keep it out all year, a little longer if I bring it in for the winter. They are not terribly expensive and they add so much… 🙂

  141. Cheryl Bissler says:

    You have a lovely patio. Comfortable, inviting and fresh!

  142. Your patio is lovely. Comfortable, colorful and fresh!

  143. Charlotte Sammons says:

    So pretty and inspiring…now to apply these ideas to my porches!

  144. Your patio looks so inviting! Wish it was mine!

  145. Anne Haun says:

    Beautiful is all I can say – you are an amazing decorator.

  146. Beautiful! So inviting with the beautiful plants and pillows.

  147. Hi Lori,
    Your designs and colors are beautiful! You taught me to be brave enough to start something new. Yes! Sometimes paint is like magic!

  148. Leah Fowler says:

    Really enjoy the colors in the pillow update and the planters!

  149. Karin Prunty says:

    So fun! Love the bright colors!

  150. What a surprise to see these brights! Love the floral accompaniments that tie so well together. So pretty.

  151. Stephanie says:

    As always, I love the blue and white and the pops of color look great with that combination. Thanks for the ideas.

  152. Hi Lory! I love your color palate for this year! I have lime green cushions on my patio furniture and never thought of using a bright pink with it. I might have to give it a try. Thanks for the new ideas!! Paula

  153. Love the bright colors!

  154. Aly Bowthorpe says:

    Love Love Love the pillows!

  155. Aly Bowthorpe says:

    Love the pillows! Anything blue always gets my vote

  156. Cynthia Sirois says:

    That is such a beautiful palette…that color pink really pops but then again so does the green! Your porch looks so inviting, and isn’t it nice to be able to change out pillows and blankets and get a different look each and every year? Love the post!

  157. Ruth Newton says:

    I love the blue and white pottery (my favorite) and the pops of raspberry. I’m curious what the pink plant is in the middle of your table. It looks like some type of phlox maybe? Just beautiful. Thanks for inspiring us.

  158. I have had a red , white and blue color theme for years ( through two moves) on my screen porch and decks and so want a change. I have resisted because Hubby thinks you don’t change till it’s so worn out…well, your delightful post has given me the push I needed. New cushions, new colors, different pots and maybe even a loveseat!

  159. Caryn Buchhorn says:

    Bright and cheerful!

  160. Linda Charlton says:

    Beautiful color palette, And I love the hanging planter. Here in PA there is a lot of wind so outdoor decor must be sturdy.

  161. Love the vibrant colors from your flowers and your pato furniture. I look forward to the decor posts each week.

  162. The fuschia really pops! It brings everything to life. Pillows always are a blessing because they can change the mood and bring a different color scheme to a neutral palette. Your sectional is holding very well. Ahh, those plants in the pots gives me a sense of calm relaxation.

  163. Deborah Turner says:

    Love the blue and white with the pop of fuchsia! It really adds personality to the space!

  164. Maggie Keller says:

    Love, love, LOVE all the bright pops of color! It’s refreshing to see brights playing really nicely with neutrals. Thanks.

  165. JoAnn McM says:

    Love the vibrancy of your color choices. Very fresh and inviting.

  166. Everything looks so happy! Love the two rugs and all your bright colors!

  167. What a timely article! I recently bought a sectional for our deck, and I’ve been working to tie it all together! Love how you used such bright colors. I’m currently working with coral and navy and I’m loving it!

  168. I would love to sit and chat on your deck! Everything is so relaxing, yet energetic with color. That color combination pops. I have a jacket “with many colors” and enjoy how I can mix so many colors of shells with it. Adding purple flowers also adds to the brightness. Is your deck covered? The color on my patio furniture fades easily from the sun.

    1. Thank you! Our deck is not covered. But only the pillows are colorful. The seating is off white, so it’s ok if it fades… 🙂

  169. Edna Smith says:

    I love your porch! Even though the colors you chose are bright and vibrant, they are in “cool” shades which make your porch look so comfortable and relaxing even in the hot temperatures of summer. I could definitely enjoy an afternoon there!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  170. Always love your ideas! They have helped me over the years! Thanks for teaching me decorating skills!

  171. I have a similar L seating arrangement set on my patio but the cushions have faded. So I’ve decided to chalk paint the cushions and spray paint the wicker. And now I’m inspired by the blue/white accents. Thanks so much for all your great ideas!

  172. Love your choices for your patio. Gives me inspiration. Thank you.

  173. Love your outside space! You have such a touch!

  174. So pretty!!! Congrats on the 300, and thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  175. You share beautiful inspiration for our homes on this lovely posts! Thank you for this, and also for showing how simple things can make such a nice impact in “beautifying” our homes!

  176. Emily North says:

    I love the pops,of pink on the porch, here in Tampa it is so hot that it’s really hard to enjoy ant outdoor space much less make it so appealing with beautiful decor. I collect the blue&white too!!

  177. We are planning a new patio this summer and I have really poured over your suggestions for inspiration!

  178. Your patio is so inviting. Thanks for sharing your decorating ideas.

  179. Julie Pollard says:

    I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us each week. I love mixing what we already have with something new and beautiful. Keep it up and congrats on “300”.

  180. I love the colors you used, so bright and cheerful. I’m really missing our deck and gazebo this year. We had a horrible mistake with the siding by our deck( leaking water in our wall for 8yrs.) Anywhere we had to remove decking/railing, so we have to rebuild basically. It’s been so hot here in Iowa makes it hard to work. But for now I’ll admire everyone else’s

  181. Your patio looks wonderful. I adore the pops of fuchsia. The throw and check pillows look so lovely. I hope you have many fabulous moments on your patio throughout the season.

  182. Love the neutral base with the splash of color! Very pretty outdoor space for sure!

  183. DeeDee Clark says:

    I always enjoy the infusion of color you give to each location.

  184. JurayeMoran says:

    I love the unusual combination of fuchsia and royal blue to go along with your blue and white pottery. It is fresh yet not boring!

  185. Karen Darland says:

    Beautiful! Love your posts 🙂

  186. I love the pink and blue.

  187. I love your patio/deck and as much as I try to have one that is neat and tidy, my dogs have a different idea. It is an endless job trying to keep falling leaves, dead bugs, spider webs, etc. off the patio and once it is cleaned, it looks really pretty for about 30 minutes. LOL. Your decor and furniture is gorgeous.

    1. Haha, those 30 minutes are when I take my pictures… 😉

      I do try to keep things neat and tidy, but it does involve a lot of upkeep – and most of that has to do with the leaves and plants, not the furniture itself.

  188. Love your simple ideas for updating my deck. Especially the blue pots which are so pretty.

  189. The fushias, blues, and greens are just perfect for summer!

  190. Such a bright, cheerful space to spend the summer months enjoying! I also liked that you added a small table and chairs for an outdoor dining option.

  191. This space really added an entire “room” to your house! Vibrant colors with a cozy touch. Loved it! Thanks for sharing and this giveaway!

  192. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again blue and white are summer colors and that pop of purple…WOW.

  193. Codie guidry says:

    Oh the blues and whites are so fresh! My favorites are the pottery!

  194. Maureen Donovan says:

    I love the bright colors you used on your patio

  195. Julie Laws says:

    Your deck is stunning with the pops of color you have put in.. Thanks for the chance to win.

  196. Amy Kaminski says:

    Such a beautiful color combo!!

  197. I need to update my patio and you’ve given me just the right inspiration!

  198. Beautiful colors!!! So bright and cheerful!!

  199. BettyAnne says:

    Love the color combination!!

  200. This makes me really want to add color to my whites!

  201. Amanda Tonar says:

    Looks beautiful! Love the bright colors!

  202. Love the fresh pops of color! Neutral basics is the way to go!

  203. Love the bright colors and the flowers are beautiful!

  204. Charlotte Cockrell says:

    I love the way you keep the basics neutral and made the changes with pillows and plants! The colors are beautiful.

  205. Maureen Donovan says:

    I love the color. So bright and unexpected. Also the houseplant look. Your selection of pots completed the look.

  206. Such a happy place. I have been trying to find similar bowls like you have on the table. May I ask where you found those?