1. Teresa Snipes says:

    Lovely, and oh, sooo fresh! That’s what we all crave right now…a freshness to our homes, our lives, etc. Thank you for the inspiration.

    In Florida, we’ve already been living in our updated outdoor patios, etc., for a while now and it helps to continue to rethink the “outdoor rooms.”

  2. Very pretty and bright. I would never had imagined those colors would work together but they do! Looks like a whole new patio!

  3. Roseann D'Elia says:

    Super pretty. Can you share where your bistro table is from. I’m on the hunt.
    Checking out the pillows now.

      1. Roseann D'Elia says:

        Thanks so much. Placing my order. Ordered the pillows! Your truly a life line.

  4. I love pink flowers. I saw the bistro chairs at Big Lots. What a wonderful view!

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