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  1. Norma Rolader says:

    Beautiful decor and great information Inspiring and thank you for sharing

  2. Mary V. Bates says:

    I rarely post comments on the decorating blogs I follow. But I must this time.

    Lory, I love your style. It’s elegant, understated, and doable. So many decorating bloggers I read have cluttered their homes with all kinds of do-dads or even way too many beautiful things. Only their photography of a single vignette saves them. Seen as a whole, their rooms are virtually choked with decor overload.

    I am also grateful for the sources you provide for the items you use. You recently saved me hundreds of dollars with the resource for the dining chairs I had been searching for – at an affordable price. YOU posted where I could find them and I benefitted! Even my husband was impressed.

    Please continue your wonderful posts. I love elegant but affordable and comfortable French style and you show exactly how it can be done.

    Thank you. Merci mille fois!

    1. What a lovely comment to receive!! I so appreciate everything you said here… 🙂 It makes what I do so enjoyable when I know people appreciate it!

  3. love my silver. You have inspired me to polish as I have enjoyed the tarnished look. What a difference it makes. Voila’, I now have an entirely new look and an empty polish container. Love your blog and the inserts of others.

  4. Hi Lory! Sitting here with jaw dropped and eyes like saucers! I love every one of those posts. Very classy & such a variety. Your decorating and photography is beautiful.