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  1. I love your update! It’s exactly what I’d want if I could redo my bath. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with your “before” for awhile ( my Tuscan phase). Great job! Can’t wait to see it styled!

  2. Wow, Lory! Just wow! The bathroom looks phenomenal! I had been impatiently waiting for your update on the bathroom remodel, knowing that it would be great, but this room surpasses my expectations. Your wall tile is fantastic. I think porcelain was an excellent choice. As lovely as marble is, it’s so porous that the constant sealing begins to get old very fast, especially in the shower that needs to be constantly wiped down to avoid mildew. I am so loving how the mirrors over the sink stand out now. Beautiful! I love everything about this bathroom and I’m going to be pinning away these ideas for my next bathroom. I can’t wait for the final reveal!

  3. Bobbi Duncan says:

    Lory, your bathroom remodel is stunning! I love how you placed the sconces above the mirrors. I was planning to do one between our mirrors, but above each one would give off better lighting–great idea! I’ve been looking at the marble-look porcelain and it really does look like marble, and easier upkeep on those shower walls. Know you’re loving your beautiful new room! On a side note: no matter how many times I’ve resubscribed to your blog, I’m not receiving your postings, so I go online to get to you now. I’ve really missed seeing your posts in my email. Hopefully, it will go through this time. Hugs!

  4. I picked that same tile at Home Depot! I can’t wait for our lower level to be completed. It will be a great place for entertaining. You have taught me so much….. my house has touches of you and everywhere.

  5. Ruth Ledyard says:

    Your bathroom remake is beautiful. I love the porcelain tile and it really does look like marble but will be much easier to keep. I think what is bothering you about your wall color is that it is a warm gray with too much yellow tone in it ant what you need is a cool more white tone gray. Whatever you do, it is always beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! I’m actually fine with the wall color now that the room is done. I didn’t opt for a cool gray because I didn’t want that cold feeling in the room and there are so many mixes of whites and greys that the wall color blends nicely now. Here is a more recent post of the completed room: https://designthusiasm.com/summer-refresh-bathroom-decor/

      The truth is, I really wish the wall tile was true marble like the floor, but… price. 😉 If I do re-paint, I might go white or alabaster, but I prefer not to go cool grey. I still have both cream and white fixtures, plus gold trim and the mixed greys in the floor, so I think cool grey paint would make those mixed-matches stand out more.