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  1. Hi Lory! I love this tea. It is so beautiful and such a nice treat for friends in the dead of winter. Yes, you can link a linky party to the Home Sweet Home party. I have never restricted it and I feel it is all about sharing the wealth anyway! Have a wonderful start to your New Year and thanks for sharing this at Home Sweet Home!

    1. Thank you so much, for the kind words and the open policy… 🙂 Love that! Wishing you a great year, as well. And I really am enjoying your blog…

  2. The tall white flowers are snapdragons; your tables ape is spectacular!

  3. Hi Lory – I always like to see your ‘TableScapes’ – they are always so fresh and beautiful with the flowers, your china and everything else you seem to place on your table 🙂 I absolutely love the Vintage Pitcher – would love one of those 🙂 Sorry, but I’m not a botanist neither, so unfortunately cannot advise what you call the flower you didn’t know 🙁

    Happy New Year to you and your family and will look forward to viewing your next ‘instalment’ of whatever that may be 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Denise!! I loved that pitcher when I found it too. You can probably see that some of the silver-plate is rubbing away, so it wasn’t terribly expensive, but I so love the lines of the body and the pattern on it… 🙂 Next installment will be the butler’s pantry where I keep much of this. Just recently completed and hoping to reveal next week, assuming I get the pics edited on time. Stay tuned…

  4. Very pretty. Those tall flowers are snapdragons. My mother used to always plant those and we loved to play with them since the flowers part pulls open, then snaps back close when you let go.

  5. Teddee Grace says:

    Just lovely. The Gerbera Daisies were a nice touch.

    1. Thanks! I think I just bought every white flower I could find and then tried to do something nice with their different shapes and textures… 😉

  6. The lovely flowers are called “stock”…pretty apt name for a flower who fills the background and looks and smells lovely!!
    Your table is so beautiful, and those dishes are gorgeous! I am an old dishaholic :^)
    Blessings to you in this nice new year!!

    1. Thanks, J! Yes, I’m a bit of a dish girl myself. Next week I’ll be revealing the new butler’s pantry where much of this is housed when not being used. Stay tuned… 😉

  7. Lory, what a pretty tablesacpe! Gorgeous silver pieces, especially that lovely flatware. Love the napkins and the tablecloth too!

    1. Thanks so much! The flatware was hubby’s grandmother’s. As much as I love to find things in antique markets, it’s twice as special when it came form a family member… 🙂 Thanks for visiting!!

  8. Hi, I love absolute everything about your table! I like that you always use fresh flowers! I get inspiration from you! Thanks!

    1. Thanks!! I do love fresh flowers… 🙂 I use plenty of faux around my home, but try to always have fresh on the tables. It’s not so easy this time of year, but if you try hard, you can find a nice grouping to put together. I actually bought hyacinths this week! No idea why they were available, but oh, how I love the scent!! Thanks for visiting.

  9. Pat Crowder says:

    Lory your tea table and flowers are so beautiful. I love seeing your vintage flat ware, as it always reminds me that my mother had that exact pattern named, “First Love”.

    1. Omg, Pat, yes, that’s the pattern!! They were my husband’s grandmother’s and my mother-in-law wanted us to have them because of the name of the pattern. So romantic… 🙂 How fun that you know the very same pattern!

  10. Hi, can you tell us the name of your vintage tea cups?

    1. Hi, Stefania! Ah, they are all different ones. I will look at them and come back and post the names, but I’m thinking maybe I should do a post where I label each one with the photo. Maybe when I have a little time I’ll get to that. For now, I shall just come back and post the names shortly. Stay tuned…

  11. Lory,
    Gorgeous flowers all in white, dear one!!!
    I absolutely love calla lilies!!!
    Your china is exquisite!!!
    Hot soup and tea sounds simply divine!!!

    1. Thanks, Pat! Sounds like you enjoy the same things I do… 🙂 I was really going to just photograph the floral, but then decided to set the table and out came all of my favorite vintage items!!

  12. Your tea table is so elegant and stunning! The pitcher centerpiece with the white flowers for Winter is gorgeous as are the pretty teacups here. Perfect and I’m pinning.

    PS: I wanted to follow you but couldn’t find the follow button.

    1. Thank you so much, Fabby!! If by ‘follow’ you mean subscribe, you can do it several ways. There’s a subscribe bar at the very top of my page in a blush pink color. There’s also a subscribe box on the sidebar. And finally, when you are leaving the page, there should be a pop-up box to subscribe. But if you mean follow on social media, there are grey buttons on the top of my sidebar that link to my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. If you’re on a phone, you may have to click ‘view as full page’ or something like that to see the sidebar, but the pink subscription box is always there at the top. Thanks again!

  13. Beautiful tablescape!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  14. Hi Lory – just discovered your beautiful blog on Facebook (Swedish & French Decorating page). Would love for you to share this stunning table on our Table It link party!!

    1. Heather, Thank you so much! So funny, I was just reworking my Link Ups and thinking I needed to get back to Table It. Had no idea it had grown so, but I used to love that party. Will definitely join next week… 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, as well!! I’ve seen you in the Facebook groups but hadn’t visited your blog either, so now I’m delighted to have found it!

      Btw, I also do a large link party on Saturdays – Share It One More Time with a group of 5 other bloggers. We are very much looking for more decor and DIY entries to feature. We’re pretty large, but a lot are recipes and since we are all decor bloggers, you have a very good chance of being featured if you’re doing decor or DIY.

  15. Stunning table Lori, I am having a serious crush on that silver pitcher!

  16. Lory, as always, your table is stunning! But I’m a little worried about you. You placed the flatware as society dictates! Are you ok???
    Worried in Texas, X0, Ginger

    1. Haha, great comment!! Yes, in this case there’s no plate stack or napkin cluster, so there was room for flatware… 😉 Thanks, Ginger!!

  17. What a lovely setting. I think a tea party would be fun and give me an opportunity to use my fine china. I love the winter white flowers and that pitcher is to die for. What did you serve the ladies?

    1. Thanks so much, Joanna!! I like to serve gourmet sandwiches for a ladies lunch, so that’s generally my go to menu. It works well with tea and there’s a place nearby I can get them from. I cut them in fours so they are like little tea sandwiches.

      1. That brings back fond memories. My mom loved to host luncheons. I remember the lovely table setting and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts removed.

  18. I wanted to add that you don’t seem to be popping up in blog roll. Can you check and see if the problem is from my end? Should I resubscribe?

    1. What is blog roll? If you are getting my emails, then you are properly subscribed… 🙂 I have one going out Wednesday, so make sure you get that one.

      1. I’m was not getting your posts, so I resubscribed. I only fell upon you through another blog and then wondered why I was not receiving them myself. I’ll see if you are there on Wednesday.

  19. I really love that repoussse pitcher and of course, the whole tablescape! You always use such lovely flowers and interesting china. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  20. Your table setting is soooo pretty, Lori! The flowers are lovely… The one you weren’t sure of the name is a white snapdragon. I was always planting those in the winter in California and the scent in the evenings was heavenly and soft… <3 I taught my kids to pinch the snapdragon's individual heads in the "jaws" to make them talk ~ I gave them their own personalities when we'd stop by Lowe's or Home Depot's garden shops making each little snapdragon face "talk." Thanks for the fun memories!

  21. Christy Lou says:

    I love this. You have just inspired me to have a “Little Women” luncheon. My mom has invited all of her granddaughters, DIL’s to watch the movie with her. Now I am going to do something similar to this for a lunch before the movie. Maybe I will even have my mom take out her Mother’s pink depression glass for accents and use my paternal grandmother’s linen tablecloth and napkins. Thank you so much for posting and sharing.

  22. All of your table settings are beautiful. Love the pretty tea cups and the flowers! This winter theme is especially calming.