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  1. Hi Lory. I’m not in need of a desk but of a sewing table with hopefully foe storage space for scissors, etc. do you think any of these would work for this purpose? I currently have my sewing machine on a foldout table from Costco and it starts bumping up and down when I sew. I’d like something more esthetically pleasing than a plastic table. Wondering if you think any of these would work for that purpose?

    1. Yes, Brenda, absolutely!! It depends on the size you need and all, but I think maybe one of the small writing desks with a few drawers would work perfectly. In fact, I think that’s a great use for these desks!!

  2. Ginger Valdes says:

    I’ve always envied your office, so I bought that same desk about a year ago, along with the matching file cabinet. The room held all off my sewing/quilting supplies, and out of season Decor. It was a disaster straight out of “HORDERS”! Once everything was boxed up and the room stripped clean, I decided it needed new paint and flooring, and the built in shelving and cabinets previously used to hold clear boxes filled with fabric needed fresh paint too. It’s only been within the past couple months that the room has finally come together, and I couldn’t be more pleased! All thanks to your home office post. Thanks Lory!

  3. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my so beautiful I so enjoyed your office before looking forward to see what you have for us now Thank you for the list of items God bless

  4. I like the idea of a desk in the bedroom as it can function as a make-up station as well. Any where I can place some books and my daily journals is a plus. These are beautiful desks you’ve shown.