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  1. Hi Lory, love the post! Just wondering, where do you find your slipcovers? I apologize if you have a link already available. I wasn’t able to find it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Marcia! I actually buy pieces that come with slipcovers. I’d love to find a good source for slipcovers, however, so if I can find one, I’ll come back and post about it.

    2. Margot Gorske says:

      I bought a Pottery Barn slipcover couch/chair; grand, down cushions, years ago for a beach rental. Off white covers. I have had the cushions redone once and the covers resewn once. They go in the washer/dryer often. Best investment for furniture that I ever made. Mitchell Gold is who does the cushion and slipcover repair for this set which is honestly 20 years old!

  2. I didn’t see in your guide where the outdoor sectional is from?? Thanks!!

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I love your sectional and wish I had room for one. I had a custom made sofa with white Crypton fabric in a faint herringbone pattern and it is so easy to clean. My 4 year old grandson loves to jump from sofa to ottoman (I would have never let my boys do that!!) and I have not met a stain that will not come off the sofa, including Cheetos! My white Bergere chairs have Revolution fabric and anything can be cleaned off that fabric too. I highly recommend Crypton or Revolution for upholstered furniture, especially if you want white!

  4. Such a great post and sofa selection Lory! I’m probably going to end up painting and recovering the sofa/guest futon, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about couches instead! Someday! ?

    1. Thank you! I have the basic off white canvas, but I would get a performance fabric if I were doing it again. It does wash well, but it needs it often and I think the performance fabrics would need to be washed less frequently, even in a light color.

      1. Lori -where did you buy your father’s slipcovered sofa? I couldn’t tell which one it was-also do you know the sofa name and color?

  5. chantal brousseau says:

    I really love the first sofa, with what looks like a damask /patterened fabric (I just love that sofa all together!) but I don’t see anything in the resource options that come close to that….any idea where I could get that one?

    1. chantal brousseau says:

      Ok I now see that that sofa is jacquard , (not damask) but is it a slipcover?

      1. That sofa was from Ethan Allen, but from many years ago. It’s not a slipcover but fully upholstered. The fabric is a jacquard matelasse .