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  1. Lory, your basement is so stylish and looks like a perfect place to hang out, especially with your well covered windows!

  2. Your basement is a lovely area to relax in, with comfy yet stylish furniture. The shutters are just the finishing touch.
    I’ve wanted shutters in all my bedrooms. You’ve inspired me to seriously take a look at my local window covering store.

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Hi Lori, I love my plantation shutters (on every window in my house) but wish they were the more updated 3-1/2″ instead of 2-1/2″ but still, I would not trade them for curtains. This was such good information and super that you gave a great resource for the shutters. XOXO

    1. Thanks, and yeah, I’m a big fan and would love to do more of my windows. Even in rooms where you’re doing curtain panels, they’re still wonderful underneath… 🙂

  4. After this post, plantation shutters are my new favorite thing to bring into any room that needs more light and that airy vibe. I love how they open up your basement and make it brighter and more cheerful. Thank you for sharing all the other tips as well, they’re so useful and I’ll definitely try out most of them.

  5. You’re speaking my language Lory..when it comes to basements. I LOVE THEM!!! The possibilities are endless, you are right. Another item you can add to your list is a theatre. Our basement is such a great use of space with bar, gym, wine cellar, theatre, guest room, gaming area and lounging area. We love our space. Yours is beautiful you did an amazing job!

  6. We have a walkout basement with a full kitchen, dishwasher, stove, fridge and microwave. Being on a lake we used wood look porcelain tile for flooring. Like our main floor there is one wall of windows with a view. But still it’s the basement and we’ve nicknamed it the cave and or the dungeon because despite the windows it can be dark. The only time we would want to cover the windows is when watching tv which is seldom.
    Though we’ve done some updates it’s the last place we spend our money on simply because we don’t use it very often.
    Currently my son and his fiancé are staying with us so she can be treated at Dana Farber up here in Boston. It is a self contained area and my son works from home down there all day. We are not sure how long this living arrangement will last, we take it day by day. But I will tell you that your Facebook page has been my saving grace, my one spot of sanity since this all this occurred on January 12. We had hoped to do a few renovations in this space this winter never dreaming we’d be in this sort of mess. Coupled with the limitations from Covid working inside the house has been our only outlet, otherwise I think we’d be stark raving mad by now.

    1. First of all, my best wishes to your son and his fiancé and praying for the best outcome. I’m glad you find comfort in the Facebook page, too… 🙂 As you say, one day at a time. How lucky that you have the space for your son to use. It sounds wonderful to be on the lake and maybe someday you will look at that extra space differently. Add some lighting, inexpensive but comfortable and tranquil furniture and a whole new perspective may open up for you. Hopefully you’ll come to think of it as a place where healing took place. ?

  7. I would love shutters but…..
    I could use some help with problem North facing windows. It’s the only light source in our patio home for the long living room, dining room & kitchen. The window, in our small living room, is 70” wide & 68” long. To the left of the window is a door, with glass insert, to our deck.
    Currently, the window & door have white 2 inch wood blinds, which doesn’t help with the glare problem. In the winter time we rarely open the blinds because the snow outside intensifies the glare.
    I want to replace the white blinds but wondering what would be a better window treatment. Drapery with sheers, drapery with wood roll up shades or shutters in an off white. I have also read about tinting or glazing the windows
    Would love to hear from anyone that has or have north facing windows & how you handled the glare problem. So far, my internet searches haven’t provided much help.
    Thank you,
    Deanna Inman

    1. Hi Deanna,

      I, too, have north facing windows across the back of our house, however, I love to have a lot of light coming in, so I’m usually upset that there’s not enough light, because they are north facing. I’ve never noticed a glare problem. That said, have you tried changing the angle of your blinds so that they let light in without glare? If you tilt them in the opposite direction than usual this might help. If that works for your glare problem, then you can consider shutters, as well, since they also have movable tilts. If this doesn’t help, then I would go with pretty linen side panels with sheers in the center. The sheers should diffuse the glare, while still letting light in. I would not be a fan of shades if you wind up keeping them down, as this would be way to dark and enclosed for my taste. Hope that helps!