1. Yes, the house is beautiful, but over the top of how most of us live. Most of iOS do not have the $$$$$$ to afford a country club home. Are there any blogs featuring lovely downsize homes. No offense meant here, just WOW, who lives there?

  2. Teresa Snipes says:

    Just stunning!

    I’m like you, I LOVE home tours for the inspiration they give me to do things in my own home.

    Thank so much for sharing!


  3. Michele M. says:

    *Gulp* – wow, just wow. That is stunning. Thank you!

    I too, feel inspired by such perfection. Whew, that’s one beautiful home.

  4. I love home tours and this is one of the best ever! So much inspiration in that lovely home! My head is spinning with ideas for my own house right now. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home.

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