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  1. Thank you so much for including my home in this home tour Lory! I am inspired by your home and the other homes you selected as well. Thank you again!!!

    1. It’s my pleasure, Jen!! Everything you’ve done in your home is so beautiful and I’ve bought from your source list many times!! So inspiring… 🙂

  2. glenda yarrish says:

    I love the white shutters on your windows in the Feb. 1st post. Where did you get them. I love the look of shutters on just the bottom half of the windows. It’s just enough for privacy and you still get all the light.

  3. LOve these homes. Thanks for sharing. However, I would like to know your take on oriental/porcelain vases and lamps.
    Everything in my home is so white and taupe. I want to add a little color and pattern in a small way, without using solids colors.

    1. So that’s an interesting question. I think, color-wise, chinoiserie vases are seen as a neutral. However, a bigger issue is decor style. They have a very tailored look to them, so if you’re going for a very relaxed, rugged chic with lots of patina, they sometimes clash in spirit. I have two gorgeous ormolu chinoiserie vases that I used to keep on the mantel in my family room, but I moved them upstairs to the guest room because I felt they were holding the room back from having that casual elegance I was going for and throwing the room in a more tailored direction.

      So bottom line, if your white and taupe is still pretty tailored, I think the vases would be fine. But if it’s more about patina, then I’d use them elsewhere. And in that case, I also would think twice about adding color. Sometimes the drama is in the restraint.

  4. They are beautiful homes. Jen from Decor Gold Designs has a gorgeous home. Her kitchen and the hallway with the pink bench are major design goals. The only negative I see is in the living room at Home with Holly J’s house. It isn’t making use of the expansive vertical space. Everything is on the same lower plane and smushed together.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous homes! I could move right in to Tara Shaw’s place. Your blog always is such an inspiration!

  6. Thank you for sharing. Although French design is not my style, I still learn valuable tips from your blog.