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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Laurie! I adore these soft warm colours for fall – and great tips. So glad you could be part of this tour!!

  2. Lucy Beliveau says:

    In as much as I love the traditional burnt oranges, sparkly browns and glimmering gold I have mixed together, mind you, in lovely fall vignettes artistically placed around my home, I was a bit insulted by your harsh, first sentence. I thought it a bit rude to put down what a lot of ladies have worked with to decorate their homes for fall. It would have been much more gracious of you to just begin with what you have to offer. No need to begin with a cut down.

    I suppose I don’t need from you what I thought you had.

    1. I must admit, I’m a bit confused. Do you mean where I said I’m not a big fan of those colors? I didn’t think that was such a harsh statement, and I am only talking about my preference for my own home. I don’t see how that’s a put down of anyone else. If I said I’m not a huge fan of pizza, I certainly wouldn’t mean I thought other people cannot or should not enjoy it. In any case, my apologies if I offended you.

      It’s difficult to write a decor blog with a point of view and not state preferences. They are never meant to be judgmental of others, but only an expression of my own tastes. No two people can have identical taste, even if they agree on the big picture. But again, I apologize if my words seemed offensive.

  3. Gorgeous fall touches, Lory! I just smitten with those vintage copper pieces. I loved every single detail!

  4. This is so gorgeous, Laurie! I love the soft colors and how sophisticated and inviting your home looks!

  5. I love all the gold and copper in your living room! And of course those pumpkins are the perfect touch. Happy Fall!

  6. C. Coquette says:


    In the past, I pondered why I was so attracted to blush roses. Today, you filled in that gap of wondering for me! Thank you very much! Oh yes, Pier One has some gorgeous blush/pink pumpkins with sparkles in case you want to add that *shine* of the Fall season.

    Here’s to a beautiful change in seasons we feel inspired “in different ways” in which to decorate our homes. :o)

  7. Jo-Anne the crazy lady says:

    Wow what awesome photos

  8. Sue in deep South Texas says:

    I almost fell off my chair when I saw your three copper pots. When I married 50 years ago, my mother-in-law borrowed the pitcher, creamer and sugar for my husband’s groom’s table. Several years later her friend who owned them had a garage sale and my mother-in-law bought only the pitcher because someone else, we never could find who, had already purchased the creamer and sugar. Both my wonderful mother-in-law and her friend are gone now but the pitcher sits in my living room for everyone to see. At Christmas I put tall greenery in it and it’s as pretty now as it was all those years ago. I’ve never seen the set before and have looked everywhere to find them. You made my day. I’ll just have to keep looking because there’s no mark on the bottom to trace.

    1. Wow, that’s really something Sue! When I bought the set, it was supposed to be a 4 piece set and was marked that way. But only the 3 pieces were there, so they sold it to me that way, assuming someone had purchased the one missing piece alone. It sure is pretty. The largest piece does have a marking on the bottom which says “Colonial Virginia, hand made, Hampton, Va.”

  9. Sue in deep South Texas says:

    Good heavens. Although I said “there’s no mark,” after reading your reply I turned the pot over, again, and found there are a few very, very dim letters. Holding it to the light, at an angle, there’s “_nial, in cursive and _ PTOM, and _ AND, in all caps in calibri (straight print). So, you’ve solved this old mystery. (I wonder what the 4th piece was.) Thank you so very much. You’ve made my day!

  10. Hi Lory.
    RE :Leopard shadow rug
    I purchased the rug , just received it today . It is for a small area near living room.
    It is more gold than I expected
    Did it take you awhile to decide if you loved it…in your family room
    I think it is growing on me , not sure. It does make a statement
    My style is the modern French country
    Just looking for an opinion since you show the rug on blog

    Anne Sanderson

    1. I actually think I liked it right away. I think this rug looks amazing with whites and neutrals. Also, my wood floors are mid-toned, which goes well with the rug. It also works beautifully with gilded pieces because of the gold tone.

  11. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I finally got to Trader Joe’s in Atlanta and they had bins and bins of the colorful pumpkins! I am so excited to use them for Fall and hope they last until Thanksgiving. Do you have any suggestions for keeping them from rotting? Happy Fall! ? ??

  12. The blush pink flowers + the vintage copper are a match made in heaven – so beautiful!

  13. It looks lovely, Lory. I love the old copper pieces as your nod to fall.
    I bought four copper bowls at an auction with the intention of hanging them in my kitchen but the house I bought has no wall to accommodate them so they languish in my basement. You have me thinking of other ways I could use them. ?

    1. Ah, yes, give them a fresh look. I bet you can find a great place for them, even if only seasonally. Copper works with so many different looks… 🙂

  14. Your living room has a lot of gold and copper! Naturally, the pumpkins add the ideal finishing touch. I wish you all the best for the next season

  15. The site has a nice and pleasing vibe to it, and the antique copper and rose photo looks good.

  16. What beautiful autumn shades Lory . My home is also French style and in very similar colours , but I live in Australia and we don’t decorate for the seasons like in America . I love looking at the American homes and the changes for the seasons . Autumn is my favourite .