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  1. Stunning room, everything flows so well. You will have so much fun decorating. Hats Off to your contractor and you as the decorator.

      1. Di callender says:

        Hi Lory
        I am new to your site. Beautiful photos. I am lucky enough to live in Burgundy france renovating an old farmhouse, we are 35 kms from Sancerre. So I do not have to go far to pick up my french wine.

        1. Thanks so much and welcome! And how lucky for you… 🙂 I am definitely a French burgundy girl – love the Montrachets!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. A Butler’s Pantry has long been a dream of mine too. You have the perfect space for it and it turned out so sophisticated as well functional and beautiful. You certainly have a knack for celebrating the beauty found in anything you put your hand to. I wanted to mention that some of your photos are coming in blurry of late. I’m having trouble like this on some other blogs as well. They are clear in the email and in windows on my PC but not after opened in Safari on iPad. Someone said it had to do with WordPress. Thought you’d want to know.

    1. First, thanks so much for the lovely comment, Pamela! What a nice thing to say… 🙂 Re the photos, I’m not sure what’s going on with that but thanks for alerting me to it. For me, they’re really clear on my iPad, but not so much on my laptop in Safari. Will have to research this. The photos are so much clearer when I post to Instagram because I post full size there. But then there’s the delay of transferring them to mobile to post, so it takes me a few days to get to it… lol. Anyway, I will look into it and again, thanks so much for the kind words!!

  3. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Seeing this brings back memories of my grandmother’s house. It was filled with wonderful dishes, silver prices and her best crystal. We had tea parties and I got to pick my favorite China. I love your updated version and the color is awesome!

    1. Thanks, Ellie!! Yes, I’m definitely a tea party girl. So funny because my fashion sense is the opposite… lol. Thanks, as always, for visiting!

  4. Looks beautiful all put together.
    I love it.

  5. Mine needs updating. Thank you for showing these pics. Beautiful!

  6. Lory, Everything is absolutely beautiful! I especially love the crystal and brass candlesticks and marble
    backsplash/counter. The cabinet hardware adds warmth and style. This is a very inviting space you have created.
    Well done!

  7. So Beautiful. I love everything about this makeover, from the whimsical chandelier down to the rug. You make French Country design seem so effortless, when in fact, it takes a lot of thought, planning and editing to make a room come together with such elegance. I love the way you use mixed metals with such balance, nothing outshines anything else they just all seem to blend together in perfect harmony. As always, Well done.

    1. Aw, what a nice comment, Kimberly! Thanks so much… 🙂 I just put in everything I love, but it is a kind of formula I follow always having these same elements in most of my rooms. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I agree completely! I want that room. It is gorgeous besides being useful. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Excellent job.

  8. This is such a gorgeous makeover. What a creative way to use and otherwise oddly placed closet. Now it’s purpose makes perfect sense with the flow of traffic through the hall into the dining room AND it’s just plain beautiful to look it.

    1. Thank you so much, Elisa! It’s actually funny how many people didn’t get it when I tried to explain before what I wanted to do. Seemed like a no brainer to me. So glad people are enjoying seeing the makeover. Thanks for taking the time to comment… 🙂

  9. bobbi duncan says:

    Lory, I love that you use mixed metals…me, too. You always know just what will work, from the artwork down to those perfect napkins. I feel I am in some wonderful dream where there is this great house that just gets better and better every time I fall back to sleep…loving it all! So wish you lived closer….I sooo need a professional designer to figure out fabrics and paint colors with this open house plan….a designer whereby I love their ideas. I’m having such difficulty finding the kind of fabrics I want, with a good deal of them being too contemporary for our furniture, or the ones I like cost WAY too much. Think I’ll just go to sleep and dream about YOUR house…lol!

    1. Thanks, Bobbi! What a lovely thing to say!! I’ve actually toyed with the idea of doing eDesign for people who do not live nearby.. 🙂

    2. C. Gresham says:

      I just love Bobbi Duncan’s comment about not knowing what to do with my own house so just dreaming about how lovely yours is! That is what I do every time I look at FB sites and see all the wonderful Country French ideas.
      I appreciate so much how you go into detail about the way you decorate, whether it is a room or tablescape. This helps those of us who are “challenged” in that area to understand why it looks good and how to achieve that “look.” Love your little details!

  10. Oh how beautifully styled! If I was you I would sit and stare at it all day! You should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished in this space! Well done indeed! Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring project at Making Broken Beautiful, it is a pleasure to have you and I hope you will join in again soon!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Where to start!!! Stunning, beautiful, elegant etc… Congratulations for your Butler’s pantry, what a marvelous result!!! Love all your posts as they are very informative, instructive and very inspiring!! Like following a design course :-)) I am learning a lot and your in-depth descriptions are very useful when visiting shops!!! Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thank you, Kate! That’s so nice to know that my posts are resonating with you… 🙂 I tend to focus on the visual, but I’m really glad to hear the text is inspiring, as well. Thanks for taking the time to comment and of course for visiting the blog!

  12. love love love it pinning to my butler’s pantry board this is what I want when I get a home so beautiful thanks for sharing have a great week

  13. It’s gorgeous! You have a great constructor too. We had a butler’s pantry in my old big farm house. Now we don’t and looking at this made me want one and brought memories to me.

  14. Talia Conrad says:

    Since you have a wine cooler and have stated you are using this space for pouring drinks, I’m surprised you don’t have any wine (or any other drink ware) in the upper cabinets.

    1. Ha ha, interesting observation… 😉 We drink mostly white wine, so it’s all in the wine captain, but there is one bottle on the counter next to the ice bucket and the wine goblets are front and center on the counter. Given my penchant for setting tables, the real need was storage for my many sets of dishes. Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Is it possible to see a close up of the chandelier?

  16. Absolutely beautiful Lory. Everything is gorgeous. You did a fabulous job.

  17. Lory, thankyou! I have an almost identical space, and yet it’s a mishmash of storage, rather than an elegant butlers pantry. I’m inspired! Thankyou again! Mimi xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Mimi! Happy to inspire… 🙂 Sometimes you just have to wait until the time is right. Now that we are empty nesters, we just didn’t need the storage for bulk family items. That left me free to dream…

  18. what a wonderful space. your attention to detail is awesome. i collect beautiful trays and they would do nicely inside your cabinets. everything from pewter to intricate silver plate with detailed handles and feet to very old tole painted oval trays.

    1. Oooooh… what a great idea! Love the idea of leaning trays behind my things. I’ve actually done that in the dining room, but it would look great in here. At one point we considered using antique mirror as the backsplash, but I love the marble tile. Better to put patina trays in the cabinets… 🙂 Thanks for visiting and for the kind words, as well as the great idea!!

  19. B Rosario says:

    Very tastefuly done. The backsplash and the chandelier do it for me. Most folks probably would not have even considered a chandelier in a butler’s pantry. Kudos to you for thinking outside the box.

    All the materials, i.e, glass doors, light colored marble, backsplash and cabinetry make the space seem so much larger.

    Again, the chandelier is the icing on the cake! The visual impact adds a very stated elegance.

    1. Thank you so much!! I think I was just so driven on this one that I didn’t let anything hold me back… 😉 I knew what I wanted and just tried to ensure the space would cooperate… lol. The chandelier had been in my old dining room but I felt it was too small for this one, so it seemed meant to be that it would go in the pantry. So glad you appreciated all the details. Thanks for visiting!

  20. Jim Stark says:

    Awesome job… Love the post. X deux ?

      1. Rania Beaudry says:

        Everything is so beautiful, I also love the ice bucket, I guess that is an antique and not available.

  21. Absolutely gorgeous! When I saw the vintage creamer, I did a double take and headed straight to my China Cabinet, where I have a very similar creamer! Style and shape is very similar, mine is painted in roses also, but different color roses with a leafy background.


    I will definitely start following you.

    1. Thanks, Lynette! And how funny about the creamer. I actually have another one that’s quite similar, too… 🙂 Thanks for visiting and following!!

  22. Simply gorgeous.
    I tbi,k,i recognize the blingy candlesticks from a Christmas holiday post. They might of been elevated on something.

  23. Hi, Lory. I saw this at Hometalk and rushed over here to subscribe to your blog. Every element of your pantry is just beautiful. It’s exactly how I want my entire home to look, haha! It really shows that you put such attention into every little detail. A labor of love with a spectacular result. There is nothing I don’t love about it but the hardware is especially gorgeous. They are the jewelry on those lovely cabinets. Well done!

    Look forward to exploring your blog and getting new emails 🙂

    1. Wow, thanks so much! Such a nice comment and I truly appreciate you taking the time to tell me your thoughts. Welcome and enjoy… 🙂

  24. Fabulous Post! I love this french influence in your decor! Great blog, I see you like to travel like me! Have you been to Italy.. I go every year.. You must love France! Thats on my bucket list.
    Thanks for sharing this on Dream Create and Inspire.

  25. I love it!! Your style is just beautiful, and this little butler pantry sure makes a big impact. 🙂 Can I ask you where you got that gorgeous rug and where you buy those embroidered linens? I can never find good prices for them.

    1. Thank you, Mariele! The embroidered linens I always get from antique sources, sometimes online, sometimes actual markets, whether nearby or when I travel. They’re usually not terribly expensive at all. I’m not sure where the rug is from – probably online, but I can’t remember. I have a similar one I got from Horchow, but this may have been from ebay. It says on the back Victoriana Originals. Since it’s just the size of a mat, it wasn’t super expensive. Thanks for visiting!

  26. This is gorgeous Lory. What a beautiful area you have created in your stunning home. You have an amazing eye for detail. I love the understated elegance and all the decorative touches.

    Enjoy your new pantry.

  27. Oh such a delight. I love this. If is were mine I would walk past many times a day and find every excuse to use it. Thank you for sharing and putting a pin in yet another dream. ?

    1. Thanks, Wendy!! This little space is a constant reminder to me that we change anything that’s not working for us, given enough time and ingenuity.

  28. Beautiful!!! I heart butler pantries as we had one in our modest home growing up. Adds such character and grace to a home. 🙂

  29. My favorites are the choice of varicolored marble backsplash (it would have been so ‘easy’ to continue with the plainer white kind) and the 9-branch candle holder front-and-center in the glass cabinet. Both of these seem quite personal, giving an unanticipated ‘edge’ to your vision— something one wouldn’t find in just any butler’s pantry or French-inspired space. Yet here they really ‘nail’ it.

    1. Thank you, Joan! Yes, the calcatta gold is a favorite of mine and if anything, I would have used it for the countertop if available. The candle holder is actually a menorah that we use for Hanukkah and I found it in an artisan shop in Israel, so it is quite personal. So glad you appreciated it… 🙂

  30. Hi Lory,
    I love your design! I’m building right now and have a similar size butlers pantry. Can I ask what brand of wine cooler you decided on? It is the same size we need, but they are hard to find sometimes.
    Thanks, Laurie

    1. Hi Laurie! Yes, sure. The wine cooler is Marvel 15″ wide. I’m planning to add links back into the post shortly so you can see the exact model. We’re very happy with it… 🙂

  31. Lory, it’s beautiful and not too huge like some butler’s pantries I’ve seen (some as large as a normal size kitchen!). I, too, don’t have any qualms about mixing metals.

  32. Sometimes, I get so caught up in your blog looking at your beautiful work, and following your links that I forget to go back and leave you a comment. I just clicked on this post again, and realized I didn’t leave you a comment on this one! Lory, this butler’s pantry is simply perfect. I honestly do not know what more you could have done to make it so beautiful and functional. I love the gold marble backsplash and how it plays with the cabinet handles. Your embroidered linen is a quite joy. The flowers and your vintage creamer! And that ice bucket! I love collecting cocktail napkins wherever I go to use at parties. These here were perfect for the room. Oh, and I really liked the molding you added by the entrance. Just perfect.

    1. I absolutely love this comment! Thanks!! And no worries, I don’t always have time to answer, either. But I do always read them and smile… 🙂

  33. Diane Corsaro says:

    I love your butlers pantry, if I had room I’d do one just like it. It’s just beautiful and your ideas are simply beautiful

  34. Donna Nance says:

    This is one of, if not my favorite rooms in your home. It’s like a little jewel box designed to feature lovely items. Even if we are not blessed to have a butler’s pantry, there are plenty of ideas for a vignette here and there to add some character and ambience to the home.