1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I need a small space to pay bills, but don’t want to give up a guest room. This is the perfect solution. I can even put a small file cabinet in the closet.

  2. It’s a lovely room. Do you remember the brand and name of the blue paint color?

  3. Already saw my question answered on the blue paint color! Your room is so soft and serene. Just beautiful!

  4. Linda French says:

    Where did you find your mini-sofa?

  5. Wow, I just love that blue on the walls! And all the decor looks amazingly before it, you’ve done a nice job.

  6. Barbara C. says:

    I am very interested in your process of downsizing. Do you have specific posts that address this? We are considering, but in this heated real estate market, we know we could sell quickly; it’s finding our next home that is a concern! Did you make a lateral move from your last home, or did you have a temporary home while you looked. I would love some ideas to make this transition less stressful! Always enjoy your posts. Thank you.

  7. Laurel Fraser says:

    Lovely space to work or visit! I have this dilemma in my bedrooms and guest room: what do you do with all the pillows at night? In this case there is the love seat, but if the room is too small for one?? I don’t like putting them on the floor. I had a small wicker trunk for one room, but it couldn’t hold them all 🙄

    1. While I do have a bench at the foot of my bed, I never put the pillow shams there. I always put them neatly on the floor, standing upright, to the side of the nightstand. Our bedroom floors are carpeted, so it doesn’t bother me to place them there.

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