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  1. Lory,
    You are so good!! I wish I lived near you so you could come to my home and I would give you carte Blanche to do whatever you wanted.

  2. The room is fabulous! Love the pattern mix…I prefer a cheetah print to a leopard print…go figure… Do you use it as a guest room?

    1. Thanks, Donna! But wait – I didn’t know there was a difference… lol! I use the terms interchangeably. As a former print designer, I know we used source material pretty loosely. So what is the actual difference? In any case, that pillow is actually there as a place holder for the real pillow I intend to get for the room (but didn’t have time and this was one of two that are actually in my living room). Shhhhh….. 😉 The real one won’t be either cheetah or leopard, but it is a skin print. Stay tuned!

    2. Oh, and yeah, we kind of use it as a guest room, but my son comes home a lot and we have a real guest room, so it’s basically for whomever wants to sleep there… 😉

  3. Lori you did a beautiful job! The room looks gorgeous! I can tell that you put a lot of thought into it. All the special touches look wonderful! I hope that you have a great day!!!

  4. Oh I love it! It looks wonderful for anyone! May I ask, where did you get the bottles that are on the shelf under the mirror? Have a great day! Leticia

    1. Thank you so much, Leticia! The bottles are from Home Goods. I didn’t include the source because they don’t necessarily still have them or keep them in stock, but it’s certainly worth trying… 🙂


    Lory, love your son’s/guest room! You did such a nice job of decorating! Love your style!

    I am new to your posts and am really enjoying each one! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much, Mary-Ann! What a nice thing to hear… 🙂 I’m so glad you’re enjoying and thanks for taking the time to say hello!!

  6. bobbi duncan says:

    Perfect retreat for your son….for anyone. I love masculine rooms…guess that’s why we ended up with a late 1800’s “golf room” and a “fox hunt room”, lol! I’ve always been drawn to that RL English country look. Of course, I’ve always been drawn to French country, romantic rooms, nautical, Civil War, and some British Colonial as well, lol! Unfortunately, they don’t all look good together in one place. Too bad we can’t afford several houses…..did I just say that, when it’s taking us like forever trying to decorate the one we have! Oh, well, one can dream. Your home is stunning. Incase you didn’t catch my remark on your home video tour, I wanted to let you know that hearing you live was wonderful because it just showed you are as real and sweet as I envisioned you to be. Loved the tour, and getting to see more of your home was such a treat.

    1. Thanks so much, Bobbi! I was at a blogging convention last week, so trying to catch up on the comments now. Will have to look for that one, but thank you so much!! I was quite nervous to do the video… lol. And yes, I too love English country and try to mix it in with bits and pieces in my otherwise French home… 😉 But, then again, I love all the other styles you mentioned, as well!! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments!!

  7. This is a very handsome room and perfect for a guest. Just one practical suggestion, though. If I were your guest I would prefer a reading lamp to candles on the bedside table, and space for my book and phone.

    1. Thank you! I agree. I have since added lamps in this guest room… 🙂 Now there’s more room on the tables, too.

  8. Linda Hickey says:

    Beautiful Bedroom.

  9. The bedside table ..you called burled wood? I learn something every day and the room looks great! It’s a good fit for a dude or well anyone really ..I laugh at my dude reference:0)…The suitcase is a nice masculine touch and is that something that finishes off the room