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  1. Your room certainly reflects who you are. The office chair is something I’ve been looking for.
    May I kindly make a tiny suggestion. When I changed my black printer for a white one, it made a sizable difference to the feel of the room. I like how your tv doesn’t have wires hanging or a big support showing. Thanks for sharing your process

    1. Thank you, Sandy! A white printer is a great idea… 🙂 I go through printers like water (I was a digital calligrapher for many years, so while print quality is extremely important, I usually have several at a time) so I’m definitely open to changing.

  2. I can’t imagine sharing a desk with anyone. I hope he has wireless headsets for that tv. You have accomplished wonders with that room. It is fabulous. Isn’t there a large closet, small space hubby can have of his own??? Keep looking.

  3. Barbara Berbach says:

    Thank you for your post
    I have used ideas from a few
    Would you please tell me what color you used on the small wall shelf under the gold mirror