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  1. Hi Lory! This is a wonderful post filled with beauty and practicality. I love your design taste and this concept of letting go of a spare bedroom to make another living space is totally inspired! We are looking for a new home and always plan to use the spare rooms as bedrooms for those (rare) occasions when we will have enough guests to fill them. This post has shifted my mindset. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Tracy! I’m so glad it resonated with you. An obvious solution, which I might have considered, is getting a pull out sofa for the room, but I really wanted a comfortable couch so I did not do that. Hope I don’t regret that… ;-). Good luck to you in your next move!!

  2. Dealing with the same thing here at our house Lory. I’m also trying to find my cozy space without it always being the bedroom bed. Having 2 pups that must be at my side every minute also creates a need for a larger style seat/sofa/lounge chair. Your new space looks perfect.

  3. Lott,
    I am sitting in my “woman cave” as I call it, snuggled in my favorite chair on a chilly Minnesota fall day and just read your post. When my youngest went from college to grad school I new coming home was probably a thing of the past. Those occasional visits from out of state could easily be accommodated in a second upper level bedroom or an air mattress in our office. So out came a plan to create my space and I love it. Bring on the Hallmark…my hubby can then take over our family room tv. One thing that I don’t like is our being separated in the evening. We do watch however some things on tv together.

    Great post today! Your space is just beautiful❤️

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! It sure sounds like we’re very much in the same place. I, too, feel a little disappointed about not spending the evenings together, but how much football can I “watch”? He’s welcome to join me for Downton Abbey any time! LOL. But more seriously, I find I now enjoy dinners out together more when it’s just the two of us…❤️

  4. Sorry… just realized I spelled Lory wrong. Crazy typing fingers🤦‍♀️I should know better. My sis’ name is Lori.

  5. Lovely room with lots of thought involved as usual. I teally like the entertainment center. Did you consider a Murphy Bed? The only thing I didn’t like and it’s just me. I have short legs and all of the sofas now have deep seats.

    1. Thank you! No, not a Murphy bed but I did consider a pull out sleeper sofa. Ultimately I went for comfort.

      As for the sofa depth, Believe me, I doubt your legs are shorter than mine – I’m 5’1″… lol. But I do prefer deeper sofas, so I always upgrade to the deeper depth. Many sofas come in the standard depth, too… 🙂

  6. I thought I needed those bedrooms for when all my kids came home together but that has never happened The most I’ve had is two at a time so I took one bedroom and installed a Murphy bed. It is now my office, clovice as I call it because I put the desk in the closet, library because I installed thin bookcases along one wall, & guest bedroom. An all purpose room. You were wise to make a room where you can relax and enjoy your tv shows. We tend to keep these rooms like show pieces for the occasional guest when we could be enjoying our whole home.