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  1. Kathy Pelletier says:

    Mason jars have come a long way. I remember as a child visiting my grandparent’s farm, they had a long table ( like the ones so popular now). There were three mason jars that stayed one the table/ one for spoons, one forks, one knives. I do remember a color kinda between green and blue. I think your displays with the pink flowers has to be my favorite. It makes the green leaves pop. I think Easter decorating is my favorite next to Christmas and Thanksgiving. But yours are beautiful for any occasion 🙂 !!

  2. Great vignettes Lory! Missed seeing your Mason jar Seder plate, though. So very creative you are!

  3. Alycia Nichols says:

    Right on time for the Spring and Summer months! Beautiful!

  4. Lovely post and especially enjoyed the mason jars. I have been a fan of them forever – especially the blue ones. Love garden flowers in them.

  5. Yes, mason jars remind me of the days when I make jam. Today, I made orange marmalade, using oranges from our tree. Next month, when my boysenberries ripen, I’ll be making boysenberry jam. This summer, I’ll be making peach jam. I always make plenty, so that I can include jams in Christmas gifts. So, my mason jars have a designated purpose and I don’t use them for anything else. Yours look nice with the flowers, especially those thaat are packed full of flowers!

  6. I have a long standing love affair with Mason jars…just the right size for floral arrangements and yours are lovely.

  7. Love all of these. The purple jars are beautiful filled with flowers. I tend to stay with the clear only for my décor. Every time I read your posts I learn something

    Happy Easter


  8. They are so fun to play with, so versatile and inexpensive to purchase! Love all of these photos – the flowers are so pretty, bright and cheery!

  9. I have a few blue jars I used for asst’d beans and rice mix. I see how lovely your flowers look in them so I’ll use them for that as well. Thank you for your creativity.

  10. Inge Johnson says:

    Great ideas for the use of the jars, beautiful flowers in the pictures.

  11. Cerah Christensen says:

    These are some great ideas. On the breakfast buffet though, the forks should be facing down as they are on th3 outdoor patio display so the eating portion of the fork isn’t touch by everyone.

  12. Michelle Buzek says:

    Love all these mason jar ideas! I have clear ones, but I also use some mason jars that are painted and distressed in pastel colors. I picked them up for almost nothing at the flea market and they are beautiful as well !

    1. Lynn Burnett says:

      I love mason jars! I use them for storing keurig pods.

  13. Diane Corsaro says:

    I was going to use my blue mason jars for 4th of July but the pink one with the flowers will look wonderful with my red & white dishes. Who knew. Thanks for showing all the lovely things you do it’s making me think out of the box.

  14. Such great tips Lory! I used to can a ton and have about a zillion mason jars. These days I mostly use them for flowers, but now I have other ideas too! 🙂 Thanks for another wonderful post!

  15. Would you please provide the name of the silverware pattern used in your breakfast setting?
    I recognize the pattern from years ago.

  16. Ruth C Newton says:

    I’ve saved so many mason jars over the years. Thanks for showing me some great inspo for them. I used your printables, and put them on a mason jar for a party we had. So beautiful.

  17. New to your blog. Love this article. Ace Hardware has some very nice Mason Jar accessories.

  18. I love your flower arrangements! I now have so many new ideas. Can’t wait to fill my blue mason jars with similar beauty.

  19. Great post! I love using Mason jars for flower arrangements. I have some of my great grandmother’s Mason jars, so they are really special and fun to use.

  20. Lori Geiger says:

    Thank you for all of the lovely ideas! The floral arrangements in the mason jars are beautiful!

  21. I love my blue toned mason jars for summer too. I use my pink and white hydrangeas for the flowers. Yours are beautiful.

  22. Linda Buchanan says:

    I use mason jars in my pantry. They have so many uses.

  23. Jill Scott says:

    I can’t get enough mason jars!

  24. Love all these inspirations!

  25. Love all these creative, pretty ideas.

  26. Hello. New visitor.
    I absolutely love Mason Jars. I think It is great how this come back in fashion. I’m In the uk and not sure that we had Mason jars but I do remember as a child in the 70’s and bringing bunches of wild flowers home and Mum putting them in a jam jar.
    Society then went in to a throw away one. Now we are saving upcyclinng recycling etc. it’s bloggs like yours and Ann on Sutton place give people ideas to this end.
    Thank you

  27. Jan Kinman says:

    Love, love the colors! I had no idea they came in pink or purple. Thank you for the resources & ideas of displays. I need to get one of those sweet caddies too!

  28. I inherited many Mason jars so when most were buying plastic storage bins for their pantries I just used my Mason jars! I added some labels and they’ve worked nicely. The ideas you’ve shown especially with the colored ones is very inspiring!
    I do so wish that the Comment tab was at the top so one doesn’t have to scroll all the way around looking for the end of the comments….just a thought:0)…I can never find it so I give up sometimes or I forget what I was gonna say…crazy ole lady as I am!
    Your creativity Lory is a bit catchy! Keep creating!


    I use the little jars from the yogurt I eat for decorating my tables. A candle, or some fresh flowers, makes the table cute

  30. Cheryl Foley💓 says:

    I’ve always adored Mason jars. They are both pretty and useful.

  31. Michelle Bagby says:

    I have most of my grandmothers old Ball jars. Love love love them.
    Found plastic ringed lids from Amazon so we can continue to use the ‘younger’ jars daily.
    But having floral AND my grandmother is the perfect emotional boost my home needs!
    Again, thanks for the beauty!

  32. Kristi Flournoy says:

    Such pretty ideas!

  33. Karen Cadden says:

    Using a mason jar in any decorating vignette is so much fun! They are so versatile and let the flowers shine. Thanks for all your beautiful examples!

  34. MARY M SULLIVAN says:

    Love all the Mason jar ideas! So pretty and relatively cheap idea for setting numerous tabletops for an outdoor party. Thanks so much for introducing me to the cherry mason jars, I had not seen them, and hope to soon own a dozen!

  35. I’m not sure why using mason jars instead of flower vases for flowers brings a perfect and refreshing look to the house, they just make the flowers to look so much fresher and beautiful! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas.

  36. Mason jars are great for so many things. My favorite are antique jars, especially blue ones and flowers look beautiful in them.

  37. Love the summer outdoor flower and blue mason jars. Such wonderful ideas your posts are awesome always look forward to reading and using ideas. thank you!

  38. Donna Jacobs-Cancik says:

    Luv the old mason jars. I have lots them handed down from my greatgrandma, Grandma & my mom. Used for all the canning back in the days including me as a kid helping.
    But no more. Used fir storage & of course the flowers / just luv this look/ thanks for your posts

  39. Love this. We are addicted to mason jars around here and use them in pretty much every room of the house for something. wish I could find some of those pretty color ones though, especially the pink

  40. I also love using Mason jars in all kinds of ways! Your Spring tablescape with the pink tulips in Mason jars is so pretty!

  41. I grew up in my Grandmother’s house and mason jars remind me of being in her kitchen. Now I find so many uses for the jars and have enjoyed the many colors and styles that they are made in now. I seldom can! But I love using them in table settings and they do make great glasses.

  42. I am a mason jar lover and all these ideas were fantastic!

  43. Virginia Chaltry says:

    Perfect timing of ideas! Cannot wait to use some of them this Fourth of July weekend. Thank you!

  44. Beth Haurand Croswell says:

    Love Mason jars. Thank you for sharing

  45. Such lovely arrangements. I am going to bring out my antique blue mason jars and try to replicate some of these.

  46. Deb❤️ says:

    Sooo many fun ideas, but those tulips in the clear jar… oooo la la!

  47. Laura Lander says:

    I’m a canner so there are always masks n jars here. They get used to hold all sorts of things including actual canned goods. Nothing is prettier to me than different jellies lined up where the sun hits them. And yes I know that’s not the best place to store them but apple, peach, strawberry, orange, and blackberry jelly look so pretty I can’t resist.

  48. Hi Lory,
    I cannot wait to make some flower arrangements with my new mason jars! The blue and pink are so pretty and I never would have thought to put together such a pretty 4th of July arrangement. Thank you for this beautiful post and resource list. You make me look like a professional!

  49. Hi Lori!
    I love the centerpieces and how you have arranged the many types of flowers ! The colors of the Mason jars
    Accent so beautifully with the place settings!! The rose color is new to me so
    Will search those out next!
    Thank you!

  50. Judy Holland says:

    I love your ideas for mason jars. I have many jars and am excited to try your ideas.

  51. I have never seen pink or purple Mason jars. My favorite are the vintage blue colored ones. Your floral displays are beautiful. I wouldn’t have thought of combining hydrangea, rose, Gerbera daisy, and peony bouquet–so gorgeous.
    Years ago I canned and made jams, but never flowers. I now see this vision!

  52. Great ideas! Love Mason jars!

  53. The clambake table setting caught my eye and I scrolled back up to have a better look. With the orange and blue, it’s my favorite!

  54. Some really great ideas to use the Mason jars. Flowers look great in them and I love the colored jars! Thanks for some wonderful ideas.

  55. Ellen J Sorce says:

    When my daughter got married. I hosted her bridal shower in my backyard. I went to a farmer’s market for fresh flowers, filled mason jars with them and ran them down the length of the tables. Now, when I make candles, they are a perfect safe option.

  56. Pinning this for future reference. I love all of these ideas!

  57. I love my collection of blue Mason jars. Thank you for some more ideas for decorating with them.

  58. I love this idea! It’s simple and can brighten any room!

  59. I’ve kept my grandmothers’ mason jars, and enjoy using them. Fun column! But I’ve had to fight my way through floating ads, top, bottom and center screen, and even obscuring this comment box!

    1. Glad you enjoyed! I know, I’m sorry about the ads. I hate them too. But it’s the only way I can afford to produce a free blog.