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  1. I am the same “outdoor” type, and really, what can be better than a magazine with a cup of tea? We have both a screened in porch and a patio on our lower level. We are just beginning to emerge after the wet, rainy spring in Massachusetts. Always a bit of a stay at home, this sheltering in place has really gotten to me.
    I too, have brought the color of lavender/ light purple out, but to my bedroom with throw pillows and an Afghan that I made. Too bad I can’t send pictures. The items you show are lovely and I will admit very reasonable, but recent events have made me very aware and I’m now committed to not buying products made in China. I’m willing to pay more and go without if necessary. I would urge all the bloggers to provide information about products made in the USA and/or Europe who can really use our support right now.

    1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

      Margo, I’m right in there with you! Very well stated!

    2. I so agree about the magazine and a cup of tea! Your bedroom sounds lovely… 🙂

      As for the products, I would absolutely love to feature products made in the US, but they are quite hard to find. I worked in the garment center for many years with production both domestic and imported. I have visited factories both here and overseas, as well. The thing to keep in mind is that buying products from American companies who import from China IS supporting Americans because these companies provide plenty of jobs to Americans, including in design, product development, merchandising, production, sales, accounting, IT, shipping, customer service and many other areas. The factory is only one small part in the chain, and even if an item is produced in the US, it doesn’t mean the fabric or materials originated here either. Add to that the people who work in import/export offices in the US, people who work in transportation to import these items and on and on and I think you can feel comfortable that plenty of Americans are employed by companies that import from overseas.

      It would be vey nice if manufacturing came back to the US, but it only helps if Americans are willing to take these factory jobs. It’s pointless if we open factories only to find we have to import laborers to do the work.

      That said, I will certainly continue looking for American made products… 🙂

  2. Love the purple and green. As a matter of fact it’s one of my favorite color combinations. It seems my taste is so much like yours Lori. French country is my happy place. Thank you for sharing Jean

    1. Thank you, Jean! It’s funny because I recently realized how many posts I have featuring purple and green. One day I will do a round up post with all of them linked… 🙂

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Where’s the beautiful blue rug? I love it! Was that your patio I saw it on? The lavenders and greens are so lovely together and purple really adds a flair that welcomes Spring!

  4. We also live in a townhouse. ( It has three floors and a basement.). We have a porch and courtyard, and that’s just the right amount of space for gardening and decorating. Not too much and not too little.

  5. I absolutely loved your suggestions of ways on how to add floral designs to a patio setup, especially by using things like potted plants and dishware. Flowers are my biggest fascination, and I wanted to devote an entire area of my yard to be a place where my family and I can just relax while sniffing them and looking at them. These patio designs are wonderful ways of doing that, so along with your tips, I’ll use the example photos you gave as a reference when I find a patio installation company to talk to.

    1. That’s awesome! I’m a bit flower obsessed too, so I totally get it… 🙂 Would love to plant a cutting garden.