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  1. cari boyle says:

    Good morning Lory…although I follow you this is the first I’ve learned of your obsession with clear shoe storage boxes for all things…wonderful idea…any chance you could post a photo of your closet?


  2. Sharon Millsap says:

    Love your storage ideas – teacups, earrings, cosmetic storage, lattice filing bins…but then, I love everything you post!

  3. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Loved all the good storage information. I’ve always kept my shoes in their boxes but the clear boxes would probably help me wear more of them more often. Since I have him most days, I use the clear shoe boxes for my grandsons clothes. Onesy’s fit perfectly, so far. Thank you for this great post.

  4. Such great ideas! Thanks for inspiring me to rethink some storage options!

  5. You could make covers for all your books with paper that matches your decor and the title printed down the spine (like a dust jacket so it just folds around the cover without being permanently adhered) then you don’t need to have your books facing the wrong way.

  6. Donna Lynn Smith says:

    When we were in a tiny house in the days before AC was everywhere, I stored extra blankets between the mattresses, especially in the summer. I learned then, and even occasionally today, the value of under the bed storage as well. And as a serious cook and baker, every cabinet door in my kitchen has ‘command hooks’ holding something!

    1. Wow, never heard that between the mattress thing. Very cool. Only thing is it’s not that easy to get to, but if you need the storage, go for it… 🙂

  7. Lynn Connor says:

    Thanks Lory for sharing all your storage ideas. I was finding I just had too much stuff. For me the best incentive to declutter was moving! (I am in my seventh home and this is it!) I discovered to truly succeed in this task I had to have a positive mindset. I realized my extra goods can truly enhance another’s life when I donated to our local women’s shelter, Ronald McDonald house, cancer society. (Everyone likes tea from a pretty teapot or to snuggle under a pretty duvet.) I also had a yard sale and used that extra cash for a family night out. I tackled a few items at a time ( I put all my vases on the dining room table sorted by colour giving me a good visual. I asked myself- Do I need this many glass vases? Do I really need four of a similar size?) Remember you don’t have to do it all in one day/week. Give yourself doable time limits. Celebrate each completed task with a cuppa or a glass of wine!

  8. Love all your ideas. Because I have such little storage space I have learned to put white tissue paper on the top and bottom of my placemats, and put them under the cushions of my couch and chairs in my “un-used” living room. It keeps them flat and in perfect shape for use.

  9. Thank you Lory for the tips and encouragment! I know I certainly need it! I’m at the point where I need to consider calling in a professional at this point. It’s gotten THAT BAD!! I moved all my stuff into my partners house and there is zero storage and being a neat freak, it’s really getting to me. I’m begging him to move at this point because we simply need more room! LOL! I need your words of encouragment so keep them coming! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  10. Love the flatware storage in the drawers of the table! Did you buy special lining for each drawer to prevent tarnishing?

    1. Thanks, Lynn! The drawers actually came lined, so I guess they kind of are made for that. Still most people use the wooden storage boxes instead which is where I keep the rest of my sets, but I use my silver so often, that it’s much easier to keep them in these drawers… 🙂 They also tarnish less when you use them often.

  11. Two suggestions to declutter: donate unread or no longer needed books to your local library. They often resell them in book sales to raise money. Then use a scanner to eliminate having paper files…and store these things digitally.

  12. Joan Campbell says:

    I put my silver cutlery in a very large apothecary jar on display on my tea wagon in my dining room. Never needs to be cleaned and is always accessible. Pretty clear glass jars can keep them separated into knives forks and spoons. I am very organized and this works great for me. By the way my maiden name was Sutton

  13. Joan Campbell says:

    You have great solutions.
    Thank you for being most generous in sharing your fab ideas.

  14. Janice Lechiara Kinderman says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. I would love to know how other people store their seasonal items. Have you ever covered this topic?

  15. I have a teapot collection that I display in a china cabinet along with my most-loved books. Was happy to see your teacup collection similarly displayed. Lovely!

  16. I have a wonderful dining table with drawers and I use them to store my tapers and some votives. We almost always have candles lit during dinner.

  17. Jan Brown says:

    Absolutely LOVE all the storage ideas!! The dining room chairs are perfect for that table. Where can I order the chair slipcovers? They are exactly what I’m looking for!