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  1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Lory, I adore your organizational posts. One dilemma I face is storing so many spray bottles of various cleaners. I’m looking at 5 bottles of different brands for cleaning stainless steel! You would think we live like wolves to need so many! But, I do not own a steel wool pad! I’m also wondering why I have a giant box of dish washing pods when I seldom run my dishwasher. Something to consider next time I buy at Sam’s! Thanks for the inspiration and helping me to get organizing under all my sinks!! XOXO

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! Yes, we are funny creatures. I do try to consolidate when possible, which I was able to do with the steel wool. But I can’t help you on the different brands of stainless steel cleaner. Maybe clean the appliances every day!! 😉

      Actually, I would say, if you bought any because you didn’t like the brand you already had, then toss the one you won’t use. Yes, it’s a waste, but it’s not being used anyway if you don’t like it. If you just have extra because you didn’t realize you already had some, then I’d keep them and maybe move a few to an upper shelf out of the way. I’d also toss any that are nearly empty.

  2. I was just wondering where you keep your rubbish bin for daily rubbish. Here in Australia we tend to have a bin in the cupboard under the sink. It is convenient but does of course use some of that precious storage space.

    1. Hi Denise! Here in the States, it’s very common to have a pullout drawer/cabinet with a built-in slot for the trash pail. That’s what we have, so it, too, takes up a full cabinet, but it’s not the under sink one. That said, I’ve seen many people here have the same set up you have. In that case, you’re already used to not keeping as much under your sink, so just organize the things you do have on the other side in similar containers. Maybe one stack of pullout drawers in which you can keep dishwasher pods in the top drawer, then a drawer for sponges and scouring pads and then a deeper drawer at the bottom for cleaning supplies. If it’s tall enough, you can then keep trash bags in the box on top. Something like that.

  3. Hi Lory….I have become a crazy person re: under sink organization, and have basically tackled most in my home. One area that is severely lacking in my house is a way/place to keep those bags and it was a lightbulb moment for me when I saw what you did!!! I am so getting on that…pronto, lol!!! It is also such a great idea that when people do renovations to make sure under sink pipes are installed in such a way that they don’t become ‘in the way’ when attempting to get organizational units in place. That beings said, homeowners may want to hire a plumber to just tweak the placement of those pipes….just another option. On another note….what silver polish do you use? I just can’t seem to get my vintage silver looking as phenomenal as your pieces….

    1. I’m so happy to see another like-minded person! And yes, I actually did think of calling the plumber, but we may want to replace the sink at some point, so that would be the time to do it… 😉 For silver polish I use Weiman’s.

    2. Susan,

      You were wondering where to store your re-usable grocery bags – this is my solution. I have the insulated ones that are rectangle shaped with the 3-side zipper close top (bought at Kroger store). I keep mine in the car – after grocery shopping, I unload them at home and then return the to the car. Each zipper bag will hold 4 others, folded up (that is 5 bags in a less than 10″X15″ footprint). Two loaded zip = 10 bags. I started putting them back in the car after one too many times of getting to the grocers and realizing I’d left them at home! Works great for me and it is a cost-free solution.

  4. Nancee Stewart says:

    I love this blog-especially the organization ideas. Even your “before” pictures look so much better than mine! Ha. I do not have a dedicated pantry, so I am struggling right now with sharing cabinets with dishes, glasses, pots/pans, baking sheets, as well as normal pantry food items. Finding the time to plan out the organization seems to be a giant hurdle, as well. I am so tired of taking five (or more) items out just to get to the one item I need! So your pantry, and under the sink blogs are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for all you do in showing your gorgeous home and great ideas!

    1. What a lovely comment! I have to tell you, it’s comments like these that make my day… 🙂 I understand the hurdle of getting through the planning, as I had intended to do all the organizing I’m doing now a full year ago! Just take it slow and pick one small area. The good feeling you’ll get from completing it will inspire you to move on to the next project.

      As for not having a pantry, I understand that too, as that was exactly my conundrum in our old house. You may be able to move dishes and less used items into furniture or a china cabinet, particularly in the dining room (although truth be told, I keep my linens in the living room because that’s where I had room.) If space is limited, I would try to reserve kitchen cabinets for only everyday dishes and then use as much space as you can gain for the pantry.

      Also, be strict about not keeping things unless you really need or want them. I have an old coffee maker – the kind that makes enough coffee for a large party – and it’s so old that it’s that ugly mustard yellow color that used to be popular. I’ve kept it all these years because it’s the only large one I have. I recently realized, when we were having a large gathering, that there was no chance I was taking this ugly coffee maker out and putting it on my counter to serve my guests. That’s the day I decided to get rid of it. It’s doing me no good in the cabinet. (And these days, even when we have a large gathering, everyone uses the pods with the Keurig!) That’s a lot of cabinet space I just gained… 😉

  5. Happy Friday eve, as we say around here!! Thank you for the great comments. It’s true-tackle one thing in small increments, before heading to other items. Isn’t it amazing how we all seem to accumulate so many items over the years? Ugh!! I actually did organize the catch-all drawer in the kitchen, and it is so much easier to open, let alone find items! Onward! Thanks so much Lory, for all you do to brighten my day! By the way, what did you decide about your entry floor? Do you go with white marble? Or am I thinking of your other home??

  6. Your before is just like mine….a mess. I’ve made some strides in organizing that area, but it keeps reverting back to a mess. I really have to get drawers. It just make sense. Too many little things floating around down there.

  7. I keep kitchen trash bags (removed from box) under the new bag being used. Always handy to get another and out of sight until needed.

  8. Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as cleaning and organizing a cupboard can make us feel so good? For my under sink cabinet I purchased a mat which I cut to size to put down to protect the bottom of the cupboard. We have a smaller kitchen trash can placed under the sink – we take the trash out every night. Then I have 2 carrier tote things with handles that I can pull out to access cleaning products or to take the whole tote out and carry with me as I clean. I have all Method brand cleaning products – I have all the handles facing the same direction – I know it’s a bit anal, but I am a Virgo! For cleaning products that aren’t used on a daily basis like hardwood floor cleaner, kitchen cupboard polish, etc., I have them in a labeled box in the basement on storage shelves. I keep it simple and don’t buy a ton of products as I am pretty happy with what I presently use. I have the same system in our upstairs main bathroom.

  9. I am not getting the links to your products when I click on them. Can you tell me where the storage unit came from that you put your shopping bags and sponges in? Thank you!

    1. Oh, interesting, because I want to add one to my sink! Didn’t think about what it does to the under sink area. Still, in all cases, you just have to measure your space and figure out what storage fits there. Mine was tricky too, because of the way the pipes were configured and I had to take the top off the side unit to get it to fit. Basically, the more vertical storage you can utilize, the better you will be able to claim unused space. Take things out of their packages to use less space and only keep what’s essential there. Good luck!

      1. What a great post! I love any and all things “organizational”. I used to be a research scientist, so one has to be organized! I have all my products in bins, but never had a way to go vertical. Just got up to inspect my situation…There is a honking big garbage disposal under there! Really enjoyed reading/seeing what you did.

        1. We have a garbage disposal too. You just have to measure the space available and work around it. Take whatever space you do have and utilize it vertically. Also consider what containers you can put on the doors, because with garbage disposals, there’s often room in front of them.

  10. Lory,

    If you add a disposal it will eat up your under sink storage and will necessitate a remeasure and redo of your space. It can be installed on either drain (left or right) and I’ve had them set up both ways. For convenience, it mainly matters which side of the sink your dishwasher is located on. I am right handed and like my DW to be on the right side of my sink. I have my dish drainer in the right hand sink bowl and use the left side bowl to scrape plates and rinse dishes (hence the garbage disposal is attached to this drain) before putting them in the dishwasher. If you are handwashing, it still works as you will scrape dishes before filling the sink to wash them, then placing them in the dish drainer to spray rinse and let dry. If your DW is on the right, this means that you will probably lose one of your plastic drawers but your ELFA pullout drawers will be safe.

    Have really been enjoying your organizing posts and this one was excellent. As you pointed out, we often don’t realize how many duplicates of something we have until we start organizing them. Got a huge laugh at your full drawer of steel wool soapy pads! Your comment on vertical storage was right on point as well – this applies everywhere and is an often forgotten usable space. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Jill! Actually, as it turns out, not sure if you saw our kitchen update, but we just finished a small kitchen update and got a new sink, with the disposal and to my amazement, I hardly had to move anything under the sink! Because I went with a single bowl sink and one drain, there was actually more room under the sink. Did some slight shifting but it’s pretty much set up the same as before… ? Here’s the kitchen update if you want to see it: https://designthusiasm.com/white-kitchen-remodel/

  11. Teddee Grace says:

    I just measured the area under my kitchen sink and discovered there is only about 7.25″ between the plumbing and the wall on one side and the garbage disposal totally blocks the other side. These look like such great options for somewhat more spacious cabinets.

    1. Sorry, just seeing this comment now. That’s a tough one Teddee, but you might be surprised what you can do. You can use the pull out drawers that are 7″ wide and should just fit. You can stack them several high and fill with things like sponges, steel wool, extra kitchen garbage bags, even dish wash soap pods. Here’s the link: https://rstyle.me/+FGIYRyWyrW5o_0Z6GKM1Rw

      We also installed a garbage disposal after I did this post and I was afraid it would change everything. I was surprised to realize that while it was tight, I still had room in front of the disposal for the cleaning supplies used most often. Those I put in the plastic carrier.

      Sometimes you just have to accept the space you have and move the rest elsewhere… 🙂

  12. Great ideas. Before i would order anything, I need to go through our attic where containers go when they don’t fit or aren’t used any more! My husband is a big on organizing so he mostly does it since retirement.

  13. Wonderful ideas.. Amazing concept and decor tips. This is truly a great read for me!! Once again, thanks for the quality articles you post on your blog!! That is a very interesting & awesome post.

  14. Lovely organization! I appreciate you linking the products, too. This is one of the best arrangements I’ve seen!
    Also…doubting husbands are just the most annoying thing ever. So happy you were able to prove him wrong!

  15. After lots of measuring, we bought Rev-A-Shelf pullouts for two under the sink areas, the kitchen and the laundry room. They are expensive but never tippy and they pull out ALLLL the way for full access. I’m happy every time I use them.
    If you have too many cleaning supplies and a Re-Store in your area, they’ll take them, instead of throwing them away. They are fund raiser stores for Habitat for Humanity.

  16. It looks so good love it
    I need to do this!
    Your good at this!

  17. This looks great, Lory! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Kim Sweeris says:

    Great ideas for under sinks!!!

  19. Wow, i got so much from your kitchen remodeling tips! It will so helpful to me as I start many of the same projects in my kitchen!! Thank you!

  20. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Once again, I am inspired to redo under the kitchen sink. In my mothers house I put white peel and press flooring to help lighten it up.

  21. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Thank you for sharing your kitchen remodel. After building a new house 4 years ago we find ourselves moving for work again. I have decided this is a good time to downsize. So coming soon, new job, different town, close to the water and closer to kids. We’ve only found one small house and the entire thing is livable but dated. The kitchen is close to the front door and I want it to be nice. It has light maple cabinets and green slate for the backsplash. I see a lot of what I consider to be floor tile on kitchen walls. The whole thing will be lightened up and thanks to you I have a wonderful ideas.