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  1. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Thank you for sharing your vacation with all of us. Spain, I’ve heard, is beautiful. I especially love flowers and the breath taking buildings. This was truly a lovely experience and your excellent way of describing your pictures made me feel like I was there. Thanks again!

  2. I loved seeing this! I have been to Spain more than once, and it is one of the countries I would go again and again. For one thing, it was in our experience far cleaner than some other places in Europe. It seemed less dangerous, too, although I guess a big city is a big city anywhere. The North of Spain, like Vigo is very nice, too, but a different vibe.

    1. Thanks for adding that! I, too, found Spain to be exceptionally clean. We always felt safe, despite the fact that I’ve heard people talk about pick-pockets. I would love to visit the North of Spain, too!

  3. Lory, what a wonderful trip! My daughter and I are heading to Paris and Grenoble for my niece’s wedding towards the end of July. I was NOT going to miss this chance to visit France, having missed it in 1991 while an exchange student to Germany.

    I’ll check out your clothing ideas for sure. Thank you. So glad you had a great, relaxing holiday!

    À bientôt,
    Barb ☺️

      1. Teresa Brownie says:

        Wow! Thank you for your in depth description of your trip to Spain! We are not planning any overseas trips now, but your suggestions and thoughts on each city will be invaluable when we plan a trip to Spain. However, your clothing suggestions are perfect for any summer plans!

  4. Teddee Grace says:

    What a wonderful vacation this must have been! So enjoyed the photos.

  5. Ruth C Newton says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Spain, and even more so now after seeing some of these beautiful spaces. Thanks for sharing

  6. Perfect timing for this post, as I’m planning to head to Spain in the fall. Now you’ve got me thinking about Marbella! Lovely photos, and great description of your trip.

  7. What a lovely trip to Spain. I have not been there but after seeing your post and the wonderful pictures it is going on my list of places to visit. With being unable to travel for a couple of years I am really looking forward to travelling again. Thanks for sharing Lori!

  8. Lynn Burnett says:

    Visiting Spain has always been a dream of mine. Thank you for allowing me to visit vicariously through you.

  9. Leslie Larkin says:

    Thank you for sharing details of this trip. We plan on visiting there this Fall.

  10. Jill Scott says:

    I have never visited Spain, but would love to!

  11. I’m not flying right now so I am traveling through your lens!

  12. I’ve been but it was a short trip. Need to go back & see more.

  13. Virginia Chaltry says:

    I just love the colors – architecture – relaxation of Spain! Thank you for sharing the photos!

  14. WOW!! What a great trip and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I love to travel any chance I get and Spain looks like a place I should add to my wish list.

  15. Ida Foster says:

    I would love to visit all these!


    I loved Spain and the people. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  17. Cheryl Foley💓 says:

    Thanks for the tour😁

  18. Dian Heidler says:

    Thanks for the pictures of Spain! I would love to travel there!

  19. MaryAnn Merrell says:

    Fabulous, memorable trip! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  20. Terri Herman says:

    Wow! This is so informative! Thank you & I’ll be referencing this in the future for sure.

  21. I loved reading your post, I live in California but I am originally from Madrid. Spain is absolutely beautiful and people are welcoming and pleasant, I am glad you chose Spain as your destination, hopefully this will encourage other people to visited!

  22. Mary Lynn Redmond says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your trip to Spain. I have traveled a lot in Europe, particularly in France, and will be making my first trip to Spain next May. We are starting out in Marbella, and I was so happy that you went there!

  23. Oh, Lory, I so enjoyed your beautiful tour of Spain. I imagined myself walking along those streets admiring all of the beautiful sights and taking in the wonderful aromas. My daughter-in-law was born in Spain, and her parents still live there. Thank you for this beautiful tour. I could never have too many photos.

  24. Thanks for sharing. My parents-in-law live in Spain and I love it each time we get to visit (hubby is getting ready to go on his own because his mum has just being diagnosed with dementia). It’s such a beautiful country.

  25. Joan Moore says:

    Beautiful photos and so informative. Thank you for allowing me to travel along side you!

  26. Beautiful photos! It’s as if we were there, too!

  27. Seeing your beautiful photographs make me want to travel Thanks for sharing you ideas and tips.

  28. There’s just something so captivating about all your pictures. Lots of beauty in that country!

  29. I love the colorful architecture, but I am primarily excited to begin to think it will be safe to travel again.

  30. Our favorite thing about Barcelona was all the fabulous museums! Miro, Picasso, and so many more. All the architecture was breathtaking. Can’t wait to go again, and Marbella will definitely be a place to add! Thanks for the post!

  31. Wow! I have wanted to go to Granada, too! Thanks for bringing a taste of Spain home with you. I recently went to Europe and tourism was light but the air was clean, crisp and fresh. And the skies – so blue! thanks!

  32. Janet Gionta says:

    Experiencing travel envy. Photos and stories easing the pain. Thank you.

  33. TIna Vore says:

    We were planning to go to Italy in May 2020 and unfortunately the pandemic changed our plans. We still intend to go, and boy would I like to add Spain to our itinerary. I love the old architecture and it looks like a magnificent place to visit. Thank you for all of the recommendations!

  34. Lisa Cress says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing your experience! Beautiful places! So glad you were able to travel safely.

  35. My first trip on an airplane and out of the country was to Spain when I was 15. My father was stationed there in the Airforce for 3 months and my mom, sisters and I got to spend one of those months there with him. We lived in Barcelona right on the beach in a little apartment and it began my love of all things European and exotic! I’ve since been back as an adult and the joy is always equal to that of the young and impressionable girl I once was. Thank you for taking me back there once again through pics, as I miss the days of travel now with all that is going on. Beautiful!!

  36. Mny years ago, I went to Spain on a school trip with my daughter’s Spanish class. Your pictures remind me of all the beautiful places we saw and makes me want to go again! Thankyou for bringing back those memories.

  37. Sherri Snook says:

    I have never been to Spain, so this was very interesting to see your pictures and read about your experience. I would love to go some day.

  38. One day I have to go. Got a bucket list of places

  39. Sounds like a wonderful vacation!

  40. Nancy Johnson says:

    I love all pictures

  41. Thank you for sharing such a comprehensive review of your travel experience in Spain. The pictures are incredible and it’s definitely worth taking a trip there to see the beautiful views and experience it for myself.

  42. Sue Nordberg says:

    Your timing on the information of Spain was perfect. We are planning on a trip to Barcelona at the end of summer. We have been to Europe a number of times, but have yet to travel in Spain. Thank you for all the information and ideas for where to stay and what to visit on a limited stay.

    Thank you!

    1. You’re most welcome! It was my first time too, despite traveling to Europe often. I just loved it!! Have a great trip!

  43. I have enjoyed every mile of your trip. You have shown Spain proudly. So much beauty to capture. I can hardly wait for your next visit. You have made my morning coffee very enjoyable.

  44. Thanks so much for a wonderful itinerary of Spain. We have had so many family members travel to Spain and love it as much as you do. Time for us to go and this is a superb introduction.

  45. Bonnie White says:

    Loved your overview of your Spain vacation. Thank you for making me want to go!

  46. Spain is on my list. How did you organize the travel between one part of the country to another? That seems the most difficult part of the planning.
    I love your idea of time to just relax by the sea. Touring is tiring and one can only look at so many museums, cathedrals, etc.