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  1. Beautiful room, Lory and I love the puddling drapes and tiebacks.

  2. Perfectly lovely. Everything is so very pretty. I love it❣️

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your sense of style and design. You usually hit the mark . But trust your first instinct about the wall color. It doesn’t really seem quite right. The mirror also seems a bit crushed between the top of the bed and the ceiling. I love the bed, drapes and the bench at the foot of the bed.

  4. I’m a white dishes, sheets and towels girl myself, so I can totally relate. Love the gilded pieces and how they relate to the white. I rather concur with Nancy that this spot does not do justice to this gorgeous mirror. I love the Louis Philippe-style nightstands. It has beautiful lines, and they relate very nicely to the mirror. Lovely room.

  5. Your wall color is so refreshingly not gray. It’s like the breath of springtime! Love the contrast of dark furniture with light colors. So pretty and frenchy!

  6. I love your bedroom!!!

  7. Your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! I loved each of your tips. I too know the feeling of completing a room and not having it quite right. I’m so relieved to know I’m not the only one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful room with us!

  8. Such a lovely space! Those white drapes just feel so summery to me. LIke they are swaying in the breeze.

  9. Beautiful bedroom! I love the secretary with the clock in it. How unusual!

    1. Thank you!! That piece is from Soft Surroundings, but they seem to have discontinued it. Its a shame because it’s one of the pieces I get the most comments about.

  10. So beautiful, Lory! I love your headboard and that stunning bench! Great tips! So glad you could be part of this tour!

  11. The white linens look absolutely gorgeous Lory! Wow – they made such a difference in the space!!

    Happy Summer to you my friend:)


  12. This is just gorgeous, Lory. What a beautiful place to relax in. I wouldn’t want to leave!
    Hugs, Jamie

  13. It’s lovely! My favs are the bedding and gold gilded pieces. My perspective–I would prefer to paint the walls (the green feels too light and cool) than the dark wood furniture. (Probably because it’s much easier to paint walls!) I can envision a slate/peacock/teal color looking lovely with all of your pieces. It would feel so rich. Clearly, it’s your house, your style and your $$! And your vote that counts!

  14. Oh goodness, my friend! This is just dreamy! Love your tips and totally agree! I just noticed we have the same headboard….high five! Don’t you love it! THanks for sharing with us! xoxo

    1. Just noticed this comment. Gosh, I’m so behind. But yes, I do love it!! Thanks so much for the kind words, Summer!

  15. For me, the beautiful green wall paint is so refreshing and a perfect back drop for everything! Fabulous!

  16. Sonja Carlin says:

    Hi – very serene. I have been thinking about painting my master bedroom green. What brand and color are the walls? It’s a nice green. Thank you

  17. Diane Corsaro says:

    love your bedroom, the color is the same I use for my insurance office, everyone that comes in enjoys the peaceful color. Hope this is the place to sign up again for the giveaways, what a hard choice. Beautiful items. Really enjoy your posts
    thanks, Diane

  18. It’s a beautiful room. The accessories are my favorite part of the space. I’m glad you have your eye on the dark wood furniture pieces. They don’t feel right.

    I have a question about the antique secretary. Did you paint it yourself, and if you did, do you remember the brand and colors of paint that you used? I’m obsessed!

    1. Hey Lizzy – sorry, just saw this comment now. Thanks for your kind words! No, I did not paint the secretary. It came that way… 🙂

  19. The bedroom is beautiful. I love all the furniture choices, white bedding, gilded bench, mirror, & accents of pink……but the wall color Is not peaceful or conducive of a retreat.

    And that color is totally antithetical to a restful bedroom with feminine details.

    Sorry, just my opinion. It’s your room and you need to like it.

  20. It’s perfection…and yes… sometimes it takes a bit, and then it clicks. Sites like yours help with ideas. Love the wall color.

  21. Elisa Painter says:

    I thought the room exceptionally designed and entrancing. Absolutely beautiful. LOVE the wall color. Unusual color for a bedroom and a brilliant stroke (no pun intended ?) of creativity. It was my first thought about the mirror as well … “Brilliant! How clever!” IMHO, the darker pieces offer a vivid but pleasing contrast to the brightness of the room while allowing the gilt and white to particularly stand out. I was totally enchanted by the room and the gifted mind behind its remarkable charm. Thank you for your generosity in sharing with us!


    I may have said this before. I went to the BM store to check out the Wales Green. With my Texas accent and a bad cold I couldn’t convince the salesman, who had a Northern accent, that they really do have this color. He kept saying you must mean Whales Gray. Not a gray fan I would not have said that, but it was amusing. I didn’t want to get close enough to share germs and write it down, and doubted he knew sign language. He didn’t even act like it clicked when I said WALES like the country. It was amusing though. Your room is beautiful. Can’t decide which is my favorite, your master or the kitchen, but I love your entire house and everything you have done. Your blog is like having a great friend with great ideas!

  23. I just switched to all white bedding too. Never thought I would because I love color so much but I had the same AH HA moment you had. It’s elegant, simple and feels a tiny bit decadent (like I’m at a four star hotel).

  24. Beautiful bedroom Lory! Everything just flows nicely and I think the dark wood is gorgeous with everything else!

  25. So pretty, my friend. I love your style. So many gorgeous details.