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  1. As always, a great job with texture and such an upscale inviting appeal. I especially love those pillows with the beading and off to check your source! xo

  2. Good morning! Last year I switched all the sheets in three bedrooms to white. It makes life easier! Only 1 room is white; the other two have lots of color. White sheets are practical and neutral. They look great on the beds with our colorful quilts and pure white comforter. I highly recommend white sheets. Ours are Fieldcrest from Target. (not an affiliate; just love our sheets!) I made the trade over time and waited for sales.

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    You have such a talent for making a bed look like it’s fit for a Queen! I love the textures and everything from beads to bumps! Pillows are so easy to make and can add a tremendous statement to a bed.

  4. Those accent pillows…..stunning! I love white bedding too! Layered quilts in the summer feel crisp and cool. A thick comforter covered by a pretty white duvet cover feels like a bit of snowy bliss in the winter.

  5. Only you could make all white so inviting and beautiful! All the fabrics and textures are lovely!

  6. My favorite color…white!! Nothing beats a clean crisp white bed in the summer! Great ideas Lory! I keep trying to hit sales this time of year for bedding, especially white linens.

  7. Denise Collova says:

    Lori I have to say you have the most gorgeous bed I have the privilege to see, but your right the more textures you put together the more appealing it is. But you know blue and white bedroom to me is more me I could visualize so much to add to, me I love dry sink pitcher & bowl white with gold inlay. When redecorating a room u could go on &on as u go shopping u might see something that will go beautiful in that room
    But I have to say the mirror over your hand board is gorgeous thanks again for sharing. You have a great 4th of July

  8. Tonya Baker says:

    Love the white bedding!

  9. I love the many ideas about white linens. So pretty!

  10. Beautiful. I love white.

  11. Terri Herman says:

    Lovely! But my hubs would not go for it. He’s a fan of quilts & color but he does let me have pillows!

  12. Mary Kaiser says:

    Every one of the beds you have look so inviting. They call to you to come and lay down and take a rest, BEAUTIFUL!!

  13. Patsy Worley says:

    Beautiful linens

  14. Sharon Doenitz says:

    Beautiful linens.

  15. Sara Ross says:

    Your linens are always lovely! I love Lands End Supima cotton sheets and duvet covers! They are so cool to the touch and last forever!

  16. I have always liked using using white or off white as a base. Your ideas are wonderful to incorporate all the textures! Adds so much interest to bedding couches etc. , thank you!

  17. I use white bedding throughout my home, love the look of it.

  18. Love white linens! This is a fabulous post. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I’m slowly replacing each bedroom with higher quality white bed linens. It makes so much difference in the feel of the room. Just beautiful!

  20. Jan Kinman says:

    Beautiful!!!!! Thank you for the inspirations.

  21. Gail Billings says:

    I love white linens and the dreamy backdrop they make for a bedroom. Your bedroom invites calm and serenity. Beautiful

  22. Love your beautiful white linens! I try to bring touches of white to bedding when I can…

  23. My soft spot is linens. However downsizing has caused me to scale back to less buying because of less spaces to display these beautiful fabrics and designs. It has been fun scaling back to my absolute favorites though. Your posting about white towels etc took me back to the memory of staying with my husband’s aunt when we were first married. Back in those days (the mid 70s) most bathrooms were decorated with jewel tone towels and linens. She was the first person that I had ever encountered that used ONLY white bath towels and linens. Her reason was purely practical as they could be bleached and more easily cleaned. However, they were THICK and FLUFFY and I thought that she was very clever! Your post was full of great info and BEAUTIFUL PICTURES to inspire and encourage us. Thanks so much!

  24. A few years ago I decided it was time to change up my bedding. I bought a white diamond-quilted quilt with matching shams and a white bed skirt. At the time, my bedroom was painted a creamy light tan. I’ve since painted the walls a soothing blue and the throw and two small lumbar pillows are a similar shade. They add the only color to my bedding. I just bought new bedding for my guest room and after trying several options, I choose a white cotton quilt for that room too. In this case, the bed skirt that came with the set was a very light polyester that wasn’t a good match for the heavier cotton of the quilt and shams. Last weekend, I bought a heavy cotton drapery panel in a blue floral print and used the flimsy bed skirt as the platform to make a bed skirt that “works” with the other bedding. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Your posts! What can be said? They bring so much inspiration. Most importantly, the beauty of your photos and your talent….. also bring a sense of calm; a sense of peace which we can try to bring into our ownhomes.

  26. Marie Empringham says:

    I love linens! White is my all time favourite so thanks for the post. I often used vintage cotton or linen hand towels to make cushion covers. They usually have an embossed letter or motif and require very little sewing. Last year I also bought a while towel to make a large texture cushion. So reasonable and pretty.

  27. Loving these neutral and soft colors — makes all these rooms so dreamy, reminded me of the time when I stay in this B&B couple years ago. Thank you for sharing!

  28. I like to use white linens in our bedroom and you gave me some more ideas! Your blue and white guestroom pillows are lovely and look vintage-y!

  29. Loved the mixture of textures in materials and muted colors, It makes for a beautiful bedroom retreat. Thank you for the product links.

  30. I love the white linens. So clean and inviting. Your attention to detail is amazing. I love the old suitcase at the foot of the bed. Brings back old memories. Thank you!

  31. tracey clark says:

    You converted me years ago to all white bedding. It has been quite the project converting the sheets and bedding but it is done! I love it. Thank you

  32. So gorgeous Lori! I love white linens; they look so crisp and fresh. You have exquisite taste; everything is always so beautiful.

  33. Melanie C says:

    Texture, pattern and color are my mantra!

  34. You’ve convinced me; I’m in heaven with your photos of white bedding!

  35. Tammi Roesch says:

    My mom taught me to use all white bed linens years ago in my 20’s when I got my first place of my own and I still continue to use all white bed linens as the foundation— sheets, shams, quilt and duvet- and then sometimes add in a pop of color for the corresponding season, like a beautiful red/green velvet plaid throw pillow during Christmas season, or pretty needlepoint accent pillow in soft muted pinks/greens in spring time. Using white linens as the foundation allows for so much versatility in accent pieces, and always feels luxurious and peaceful! Also love white towels and dishes!

  36. Christine says:

    Your version of white linens is definitely not boring…love it!

  37. sherri Cross says:

    I love, love, love, all of the white bedding it looks so crisp and clean. The textured pillows really speak to me.

    May GOD Bless You,

  38. Gail Prowant says:

    Thanks for all your sources. I love white linens.

  39. Always look forward to your daily post. So many interesting ideas and helpful hints.

  40. Nancy Johnson says:

    I love the combinations of texture and patterns

  41. Victoria Eubanks says:

    Such beautiful linens!

  42. I love your posts…always so pretty and lots of good tips.

  43. I love white linens and the ones in your blog are gorgeous!!!

  44. Tammy Reynolds says:

    Love this idea thank you for sharing

  45. Beautiful bedroom I always use white bedding in the summer it’s always so crisp and fresh.

  46. Grace Criscuoli says:

    These are beautiful sheets! I usually just think of white towels for luxury.

  47. I find your section on textures and photos of bedding really inspire me to consider the impact this could have on my decor. Thanks!

  48. Jeanne Luddeni says:

    In spring I change to summer rooms always light and cheerful. I love white in summer.

  49. Kimberly Absher says:

    I have always loved white linens on my bed. They make my heart happy.

  50. I just love white bedding. It is so calming and beautiful.

  51. Laura Agurs says:

    I have always loved white sheet set, but putting together a bed with white linen is total cherry on top. LOVE, LOVE LOVE it
    Thank you for the sample designs

  52. Marti Sather says:

    I’m not sure if my comment will post on your white linens blog, but I loved all the different textures and fabrics! For over 10 years I have used a variety of white duvets, sheets, shams, and even an all white quilt. I have several ideas for new additions now! Thanks!

  53. I love that you can have a home that is fairly gender neutral and use beautiful linens for that feminine touch. One of My favorite things is to slide into crisp cotton sheets. Thread count definitely matters. And lacy beautiful pillows add the perfect touch!

  54. When I was first married our bedroom was all white. I quickly realized that that was not such a great idea with a husband who was more construction than chic. Now my spare bedroom is on the lighter side, not all white little yellow thrown in looks really pretty.

  55. Mary Huddleston says:

    I love white linens, and all the texture you have introduced !

  56. I love white!!! It works with any decorating style

  57. White is so beautiful! I love how you can dress it up or make it more relaxed. Love all the headboards you are showing. Curious do you remember where you purchased the beautiful metal bed frame in your blue and white guest room?

    1. Thank you so much! Interestingly, that’s the one piece of furniture that the previous owners left for us… 🙂