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  1. Lory,
    Efficient and sufficient for a young mans apartment!!!
    Love the rustic and the refinement in the dining area!!!
    I can cleary see the bistro set is growning to be his “favorite” spot!

    1. Indeed. Not a very sturdy set but it gets the job done. Glad it made it through tornado season. So not used to worrying about that being an East Coast mom… 😉

  2. What do those white dining chairs look like now? Hope everything served at that table is a light color, along with the wine. Leather would be a more appropriate choice than fabric, much less a white one. When pulling out a chair to sit down, the oil from one’s hands and fingers will soon blemish that white fabric. The furniture is well scaled for the space, however.

    1. Hi Terry,

      Thanks for your feedback. My son is pretty neat. It might be because he grew up in a house with white furniture or just his nature, but he’s had those chairs for 7 years and they look brand new. Of course he’s single so he doesn’t have huge meals at home very often.

      My theory has always been that I’d rather have light colored furniture that I can see the dirt on and have it cleaned, than be sitting in dirt I can’t see on dark furniture. I have 5 white couches (including the patio sectional) plus 2 white settees. The dining chairs in both my dining room and our breakfast room are white upholstered fabric. When they get dirty, we just clean them.

      Incidentally, my son had a leather couch in the same apartment that he just got rid of, because it’s not comfortable sitting on leather.

      In the end, what’s appropriate for one person is different for others.