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  1. bobbi duncan says:

    Lory, your son’s new place is lovely—know he appreciates having a mom with such great taste, and I know you are happy to have him living close by once again.

  2. Jann Olson says:

    Very nice Lory. I love the chairs in the living room! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Stephanie Tarre says:

    Gorgeous! And i love the bar stools! Ha, ha…

  4. Love this, Lory! Everything is so striking and easy on the eyes!

    And those grain sack pillows… be still my vintage lovin’ heart!

  5. You did an amazing job!!!! I’m sure your son must appreciate it !!


    Love the look! I’m helping my son furnish his apartment now and I love how you used a cream rug in the bedroom on the dark floors. Where did you purchase the cream rug? I was thinking of doing a dark rug but it might be too much with the dark floors.
    Thank you

  7. What a lovely apartment. I love the clean lines. I would add some plants to warm it up-maybe succulents that take little attention (for a busy young exec.) in the living room/kitchen, and definitely try to fit in some art work for pops of color. The bedroom and bathroom have walls for art. I think plants and very carefully selected art work would really add that “finished” and warm, homey vibe. What a great job, great apartment. Loved his STL apt. also. Used to live there and loved that city!

  8. Love the bedspread but fail to get the link to work

    1. The pattern on the bed in the blog photos is called Donegal by Ralph Lauren. The pattern in the shopping links below is called Verdonnet, also by Ralph Lauren. My son had both comforters at some point. Both patterns are discontinued but can sometimes be found on ebay. Here is one Verdonnet but it is pre-owned: https://rstyle.me/+vLNd_nUG1vpFr6S_MwCxow. Here is a new very similar one, also by Ralph Lauren: https://rstyle.me/+cR7Wo1IIXMfwjoyrq4pksQ
      Hope that helps!

  9. Ray Tetreault says:

    Will you adopt me? 🙂