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  1. Honestly – this is the most beautiful space Lory – I could live there the rest of my life! ?? I’m heading right out and buying some throw pillows! You have a lovely patio and I’m always so inspired! Thank you!

  2. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    We are beginning to feel a break from the heat with cooler mornings which excite me because it has been a really brutally hot summer. These are some great ideas for having friends over and relax by the pool without a lot of hassle. Thanks for the inspiration! XOXO

  3. What a beautiful patio! Such inspiration for the future.

  4. Are your cushions slip covered? Mine need new coverings and wondered about yours ❤️

    If so, did you do the sewing? I need som e instructions.

    Love your design!

    1. Thanks, Bettie! Yes the cushions are technically slipcovered, although they came that way. They zip off for washing. I did not sew them. Wish I had that ability… 🙂