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  1. I want one in every room, and I’m getting there! Lovely, Lory!

  2. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    I love your mirrors. I was given one for Valentines. It’s very heavy, ornate and bright gold. I thought about dry brushing it but the more I look at it, the more I’m enjoying it, at least for now. Thank you for always giving us links to your other post. That is so helpful.

    1. If itโ€™s an old piece, Iโ€™d leave it. If itโ€™s new, maybe tone it down. I walk around the house with gold paint all the time, brightening things that are too dull, and toning down those that are too bright… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Norma Rolader says:

    Absolutely gorgeous I love your mirrors and thank you for sharing

  4. Your collection of mirrors is gorgeous. But equally gorgeous are the numerous chests that you have beneath them. Together they make each spot in your home memorable.
    I laughed when you talk about resin mirrors because I bought one the first year we were married. It was one of my first purchases of something like that, almost everything else was hand me downs. But I still have it and use it. Most recently I had my husband spray paint it white. He ran out of paint but I liked it with the light coat of paint. Itโ€™s an off white creamy color that blends perfectly with white painted French furniture in our guest room.

  5. Your mirrors are gorgeous I especially love the mirror in the front entry. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Barbara C. says:

    I love the gilded mirrors, too. They are very special and add such elegance. You have done a lovely job incorporating them into your decor.

  7. You mention walking around with gold paint, what gold paint do you use for Metal mirror? Everything looks beautiful love the color choices.

  8. rebecca white says:

    Hi, I love the mirrors and was inspired by your wall color. What paint did you use that has the creamy taupe gray hue? Thanks

  9. I love all of these mirrors and I am always on the lookout for secondhand ones. I have had great luck on FB Marketplace, including scoring a Trudeau mirror.