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  1. Teddee Grace says:

    Would have enjoyed a before and after of the teacup dilemma! I also collect antique and vintage porcelain cups and saucers and have to keep most of them stored away much of the time.

    1. I haven’t cleaned it up yet! 🤣🤣🤣 I think it’s not the teacups that are the problem, but everything else around it. I’m in a very pared back mood and I tend to look at everything and think it’s too much. But it’s a fine line. I do love the warmth of beautiful decor. Once I get it squared away I will post a before and after… 🙌

  2. And I thought I was the only one to squint my eyes in a room or my yard to see what stands out! Great advice!

  3. The colored sofa tips on pillows is enlightening and very helpful. I kept thinking my blah creamy white throw pillows weren’t enough but the sofa is a light blue velvet and I like the “lighter” feel..good to know it’s the better way. In an open room concept space it gets confusing as you try to create each space within a larger space. These tips are very helpful.

  4. Great post Lory! My place is in need of a tidy/refresh so this was perfect timing. Thanks for always inspiring me and giving me something to think about too. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week!

  5. Great post on an important topic in design. As a member of a few FB design groups, I always see this problem.

  6. Terri Herman says:

    Good info!
    Typically my clutter does NOT include things out of place but the other one, prob so!
    I’ll look over our home with a bit more critical eye since I am trying to move, albeit slow, toward a more coastal look since we relocated 5 years ago from the foothills to the beach.

  7. I love this article! It makes complete sense to me….in so many ways. My teacup collection (including one of your moms 🙂 ) is carefully displayed depending on the color scheme I have out that month.

  8. Great words of caution! Thanks for the help!

  9. Great post. I find that when I make decoration changes I will make changes to the changes I made within hours. Usually it is because my first change was a little too much. [less is more] I display my china cup collection on a plate rail in my dinning room

  10. Thank you for this. It’s such an important concept. We just moved into a new home — what I call the re-set since it’s not really smaller but organized differently. I’ve had to re-think much of what I have to eliminate any granny looks, etc. You always have the right touch — pretty and collected but never cluttered. Enjoy all your posts.

  11. Beverly S says:

    Great advice! I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with where to start in my home, but I especially like the *limit color/stick with neutrals idea*. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  12. Stephanie says:

    This was very helpful. I need to take a good look at my rooms and do a little taking away so that they do not look cluttered. You have a lovely home and it is very inspiring. Thanks for the suggestions.

  13. What a great subject! I absolutely agree that “TOO MUCH” is a huge decorating problem and, IMHO, probably the number one decorating problem in most homes; not just those of us who enjoy decorating our homes.
    Thanks so much for your suggestions and advice; AND for encouraging us to “move on” when our comfortable styles need to be updated or, alas, retired.
    BTW: LOVE those playful angels in your Resource Guide 😉

  14. Micaela Brundage says:

    Simplifying color has been my number one best way to simplify my decor!

  15. I’m finally listening to less is more (:

  16. Pamela J. Brittain says:

    thanks for the tips and tricks for overdecorating

  17. Thank you for so many gr8 ideas! Love your blog! 🙂

  18. Valerie Bouchard says:

    From a novice at home decorating, thank you for the tips!

  19. Mary Huddleston says:

    Great post ! We just used a stager to show our house. While that meant stripping down to basics, it also made me think about over decorating and balance. You are so right! Thank you

  20. Theses are such great tips on over decorating. Your decorating style and home are beautiful.

  21. Kathi Wilson says:

    I enjoyed this post. I am terribly guilty of over decorating. I have always tried to stick to the “3” principal, but never thought of it in regards to color. I am also a hoarder. If one of something is good and beautiful, why not 6 or 7!
    Thank you for the many interesting points and I will start applying them!

  22. All so beautifully done! I always have to remind myself that less is more, as I have a tendency to get carried away. Your postings are so very helpful! Thank you!

  23. Christine Cremin says:

    Thanks for the tips! I am currently trying to decide on a wall color. I’m in love with shark gray and owl gray. Decisions!

  24. Peggy Wilson says:

    I love this article. It gives so much information. Too bad I will have try to remember it because even though you have ‘PIN IT NOW” I am unable to do so. No “save and hovering produces nothing.

    1. I’ve emailed you a few screenshots to show you where the pin button is and also answered your other comment. In any case, the pin button is in the top left corner of the images when you hover, and if for some reason that doesn’t work, you can always use the beige “Pinterest” button at the top of the post which is there for that purpose.

  25. Katherine says:

    so easy to overdecorate! I’ve started clearing off a shelf and reminding myself that putting back just a few special items lets me enjoy them even more.

  26. It seems I either over or under accessorize. It would have been helpful to see some “before and after” examples. Thanks.

  27. Thanks for the tips. I have a lot I need to get rid of. It’s hard, because I know as soon as I do that will be the thing that I need.

  28. Micaela Brundage says:

    Great tips!