1. All good suggestions. My questions is where did you buy those white drapes. I just moved into an apartment and have been driving myself nuts trying to find genuinely “WHITE” semi sheers for my guest bedroom which has bright white bedding. I ordered so called white curtains and they were actually off white, which makes everything look dirty in contrast. I had no idea such a simple thing would be such an issue. I’m not going into stores, but am online, which is part of the problem. HELP!!

  2. Please share that “magic spray”.

  3. Brilliant advice Lory! I’ve sold (and staged) a lot of homes, but never really thought of editing like that while I’m still there! Thanks for the inspiration! 💗

    1. Isn’t it true? I’ve seen so many people make their homes beautiful as they’re about to sell, but they could have been living like that and enjoying it themselves, all that time… 🙂

  4. I always kept our house staged because whenever I walked in, even if only from shopping, I thought it looked just so lovely and serene. In June, with the pandemic raging, we decided to sell. Our rock-star listing agent walked around and said, “Perfect.” He sent his photographer, who took beautiful pictures, and we didn’t have to change/hide/repair a thing. The house sold within 2 hours of listing, for full asking (a record PSF amount with no punch list requests) to a couple who saw only the photos. After taking possession, they sent us a note saying how much they love the house and how they appreciated the care and attention that went into keeping it in such obviously good nick. So it does pay to keep things staged…bigly.

    1. Indeed it does!! So glad you had such a great experience and both you and the new owners got to enjoy the house to its fullest! In my book, it’s the only way to live… 🙂

  5. Love the Vase!!! In fact what you are sharing with us is so inspiring!! Is there a web sight that we can shop for this kind of vases. They would make a lovely wedding gift! Thank You again for sharing your talent!!

  6. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!! Look forward to seeing your post!!!

  7. Debbie Jones says:

    You’ve convinced me to clean out my wall unit that has some glass and a lot of shelves that need decluttering. Every time I look at it lately I think I should clean it up. You really can see through the glass doors whats inside. Also agree with keeping dining chairs pushed in, looks so much neater!

  8. Sandy White says:

    Thank you as the timing is perfect for me to put my house on the market. Would you be so kind to share the color of paint that is neutral. I love the contrast in the dining room.

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