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      1. oMG, So BEAUTIFUL! Just Lovely, Loving the satin gold fixtures,I always liked the gold, but it was to brassy bright back in the day! These are just rich looking! Love it all! ~

      2. Margot Gorske says:

        GM Lory; inspiring as always!! What did you do for window treatments? I currently have honeycomb and considering shutters or the shades that roll up from the bottom.
        Thanks, Margot

        1. Hi Margot! Thanks for the kind words! I actually have nothing on my windows. We face the woods and the room is high up. That said, if I did add anything, I think it would be plantation shutters. I love the light coming in so I would just do the bottom half of the windows.

      3. What is the vanity top color and material?

  1. Beautiful transformation, Lory and I love your vintage pieces.

  2. Love it! What color did you use for the walls?

  3. I love this! So much! Our bathroom looks like your before and this new makeover is inspiring! laura

    1. Thank you and glad to be inspiring… 🙂 It’s always hard to make the decision to re-do a perfectly good, reasonably new bath, but life is short and we have to surround ourselves with things we love.

  4. Beautiful! What tile did you use on your shower stall floor?

    1. Thank you! That tile is also porcelain, like the walls. Just cut into smaller squares. I’d guess about 3″ x3”. The seat in the shower and the sill are carrera marble slabs. The tile in the wall inset (for the shampoos) is the hexagon floor tile that is marble.

  5. Susan Tagliaferro says:

    Beautiful, except I would have ripped out that space hogging tub …and put in a stand alone. Then possibly increase shower size.

  6. Beyond gorgeous! This really says “Lory”!

  7. C. Coquette says:

    Kept going up and down to look at before and after. Had to laugh at builder-boring and snickered at gaping hole near the shower until I actually followed your link. WHOA! Good thing this was tackled. Taking your time (even for three years) proved in the end a better reveal than something hastily put together. Lori, I am glad it took you this long to put everything together because as I read, can sense that you feel a full satisfaction of peace and happiness every time you go in the bathroom. Does your husband like/love it now? ;o)

    We are currently updating a bathroom upstairs. The theme is Earl Grey Elegance and our guys really like what is going as the youngest almost a teen and excited on what is currently going on. The paint is a called a Brazilian Tan and I am adding accessories in dark grey towels with light grey tumbler and soap dispenser. Have other small things coming like a curtain we will make, but all in all we are really happy with this theme and look.

    1. Thank you so much!! Yep, that hole was something. What’s more amazing is that it rarely leaked, so we were quite surprised when we saw it and couldn’t believe it didn’t leak into the kitchen every day! Hubby is fine with it, but was pretty much fine with it before… lol. He mostly cares about comfort and these days just shakes his head at my ongoing projects… 😉

      Btw, little known fact – I’m a big earl grey fan! Only flavor I drink… 🙂 Good luck with your project!! It sounds lovely.

  8. It’s just beautiful! The vintage pieces really pop and look like they were meant for the space. The look of the marble is so elegant and classic. I, too, love a bright and gracious space, and your bath redo hits the right notes all the way around. You have done it again!!!! Your home is just so inviting, stunning and inspiring!!! Beautiful!!!!

  9. Martha E. Wilton says:

    Lovely, Lory, just lovely!

  10. It’s beautiful! I love everything about it, from the marble to the gold. And, using vintage silver in your bath adds an old world charm. The detail on your cupboard fronts – what would you call that?

  11. I love the mixing of elements gold/brass and old silver. Very pretty and classic design. Jean

  12. Very beautiful!! I am getting inspiration to update our guest bath and came away with ideas. I love the floor tile and also want to do gold fixtures. The only question was the link to the bath rug. The price was over $200! Are you sure that is correct. I can’t imagine any rug costing that much for a bath rug.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Nanci! Re the bath rug, that probably warrants some explanation. In general, I have a theory about little luxuries in life. I believe these small pleasures and refinements add a touch of grace to our lives and whenever possible, I like to add in little bits where attainable. So for instance, instead of replacing the tub with a $5000 free standing tub, I saved money and retiled the old tub surround. Then I splurged on a fine Matouk bathmat. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to spend $125 more than normal on a bathmat (I got it on sale for $175) than $5000 on a tub. I understand this is not in everyone’s budget, and there’s no shortage of affordable white bath mats available. For me, the lovely little embroidered detail, not to mention stepping out of the shower onto this fine luxury mat, was worth stretching for. This is an example of the kind of little luxuries I often talk about. Not everyone can afford to renovate a bathroom from top to bottom. But a lot more people can spend a couple of hundred dollars to add a note of luxury to their existing home.

      1. Makes sense! Understand what you’re saying.

  13. This bathroom remodel is stunning Lory!….You are speaking my language!….just finished going over some basic choices/design for our new house for our master bath and I know I will be making my contractor crazy, as I did 15 years ago….he says, “what’s with all the white and barn doors?” gotta love him!…but no barn doors for me…Gorgeous remodel!!!!!…and yes, always worth the money getting what you want!

    1. Thanks, Shirley!! Funny thing is, I wanted white 20 years ago when my contractor talked me out of it saying it was a trend. Here I am 20 years later still wanting white, so this time, I insisted… 🙂 No barn doors for me either. Good luck in your new place!

  14. Joyce Filosi says:

    Your master bath is gorgeous and inspiring! We are planning a bathroom renovation and I am having trouble finding a vanity with solid reviews. Two questions!
    Are you pleased with the vanity ie… paint job, construction, delivery, etc.??
    Secondly, the vanity you linked on the Wayfair website has single knobs on all the doors and cabinets. Did you remove them, fill in the holes and touch up with paint before installing the drawer pulls that you purchased separately??
    Again, thanks so much for sharing!!!

    1. Hi Joyce, the Wayfair vanity is a substitute vanity I selected to offer people a similar option. I had mine made by my contractor. But I have bought ready made vanities in the past without a problem. Thanks for your kind words!!

  15. OMG! The most beautiful bathroom EVER! FABULOUS!

  16. WOW! What a transformation! You must be in heaven. That vanity is divine – the marble, sinks, faucets – everything is gorgeous and goes so well together. Beautiful job!

  17. The clock between the mirrors is better than the picture. It doesn’t even look like the same bath. LOOKS GREAT !

  18. Beautiful and peaceful bath. Which sink faucets did you actually use in your bathroom?

    1. Thank you, Marsha! The faucets are from California Faucets. It’s the Salinas 8” Widespread Lavatory Faucet in satin gold.

  19. WOW! What an amazing transformation. I am getting inspiration to update our master bath and came away with ideas. I also love the floor tile. can’t wait to make my bathroom like this way. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  20. It’s beautiful Lori, I love it!! And I love your choice of tips holder! My husband uses a paper dixie cup to hold his…so ghetto!

  21. This is stunning! I am replacing my vanity in the next view months, and plan on using this on my inspiration board. Love the fixtures! Can I ask where you got the clock? It is gorgeous. I already have 2 mirrors I am going to use, and it never occurred to me to put a clock in between them. You are so creative!

    1. Thank you so much! I actually got the clock from my parents’ house… 😉 I remember it being there since I was a kid. I would try eBay or Etsy for something similar.

  22. Mary Soulios says:

    Gorgeous. Gave me inspiration. Where are your glass jars from?

  23. Donna Milazzo says:

    Looks beautiful! We are in the planning stages or redoing our Master Bath also. I have been pondering the vanity-height question as well. I’m curious how high your original vanity was, and how tall you are.
    Also wondering what height you went with for the replacement vanity.

    Our current 32″ height vanity seems a bit too low and seems to me that perhaps 34″ would be about right. I am 5’2″. I would greatly appreciate any input on this! The Hubs is 5’9″. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you! The original one was 36” high. I’m 5’1” and hubby is 5’8”. He didn’t want it lower, but I truly couldn’t reach it comfortably and we have other vanities upstairs he could use if necessary. As it turns out, he uses it all the time… 🙂 I think we went with 32”, although I’d have to measure to be sure because we went back and forth.

      1. Donna Milazzo says:

        Thanks so much for the response Lory. The entire room is just lovely!

  24. I love your bare windows but what do you do for privacy.

  25. I love everything you do! You have such an amazing talent to make every room so functional yet so beautiful! Can you give me an idea of where to find similar vintage silver and crystal pieces like you have in the bathroom? I love that idea!

  26. A beautiful renovation. And I agree with you on the higher sinks! They drive me crazy! Water runs down my arms and drips on the floor. Didn’t even think about it when we redid our bathroom, but will definitely not do that again.

  27. Love the sconces! Wondering if you have a source for anything similar?

  28. I guess I’m shocked to learn that you are 5’1”! The bathroom vanity is a pet peeve of mine as I cannot comfortably brush my teeth. I’m only 4’10.5” and I constantly have toothpaste either on my robe or pajamas. It was a battle to not have one of the taller toilets installed when we redid our bath a year ago, but I lost the fight about the vanity. It is more shallow than what you find on the market so had to be custom made to accommodate our tiny bathroom.
    I agree with your concept of enjoying little creature comforts and don’t mind spending a few extra pennies on those things that make me feel good. We’re retired and have decided to start spending some of that hard earned and saved money. My motto is “if not now, then when?” Enjoy that bath mat every day!

    1. Ha! Yep, we vertically challenged people need to stick together… ??? And completely agree – if not now, when? Enjoy your creature comforts!

  29. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Perfection! Which I’ve come to expect from you. I love it all, especially the floor. My grandfather had flooring like this but smaller pieces of marble. The faucets are beautiful. Ours were installed too far back and if they’re left to dribble water hits the granite. I want to change the counter tops and faucets and always appreciate your lovely choices. Thanks for sharing your beautiful house with all of us.

  30. I love reading your post. The bathroom update is very pretty. It is very you!
    Honestly spending that mush on a bathroom rug, amazing. Is it machine washable? If something accidentally stained it, what happens to the rug?

  31. Enjoy your bathroom Lory. Job well done. Everything looks beautiful.

  32. Soo happy you can save a beautiful expensive bathrm rug. Enjoy for many years.

  33. Lory, you achieved the wow factor while knowing where to compromise (i.e. leaving the tub) and what details will lift your spirits day after day (luxury bathmat, gold faucets). There’s a saying, “Start each day like it’s your birthday,” and you nailed it on both style and comfort.

  34. Wow, what a difference! Looks amazing. And I’m totally in agreement with you on not getting the higher sink. I’m sorry I did. Like you said, the water goes everywhere! My brother and his wife moved into my mother’s home to help care for her. While planning an upgrade to her bathroom, my brother really wanted a higher sink. I put my foot down and said it wouldn’t work for our mom. Glad I won that one!

  35. Janet Lampman says:

    Lori, bathroom is beautiful! I have a question on your sink faucets…are yours from Kingston Brass or another brand? We are building a new home and I have read mixed reviews on Kingston Brass fixtures. Have you been satisfied with yours? Thanks,

    1. So sorry – just saw this comment now. My bathroom faucets are from California Faucets, but I have Kingston Brass in the powder room and I’m very happy with it. They just don’t have the range of colors that California Faucets has, but those are made to order (and take months to deliver).

  36. Linda Hickey says:

    Your redo is absolutely beautiful and so remarkable, and how you made it so lovely.

  37. Beautiful! Very inspiring . Only question is , can you till me the paint colour please . Thank you .

  38. Stephanie says:

    You have a gorgeous and very glamourous master bath. Thanks for sharing the before and after. You did a lovely job on the remodeling selections.

  39. Teddee Grace says:

    Gorgeous. I think I would have painted the dark vanity first thing, but I also agree with you about having sinks so high that the water runs back on your arms and into your sleeves! And I’m shrinking every year! What a lovely space.

    1. Ha! Yes, the high sink problem is real. Paint would have been a great solution if not for the height… 🙂

  40. It turned out so pretty! Are you happy with the quality of the vanity? I need a new one, but I’m unsure of the ones at Home Depot.

  41. Linda Hickey says:

    Your bathroom is beautiful.

  42. Wow! Stunning, Gorgeous, just love it! So much inspiration I have hope for my bathroom lol! Love your blog!

  43. Thank you so much for sharing this and your kitchen remodel.
    You have given excellent ideas for amazingly beautiful results and showing us how to save money at the same time. Everyone’s idea of a dream remodel.
    in both articles, you mentioned changing the wall color previous to the rest of the changes. Can you please share this paint color also? The contrast of the white against it is perfection.

    1. Thank you for your kind words!! The paint color on the walls is Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige. The cabinets are White Dove.

  44. Juan Munoz says:

    Your bathroom came out beautiful! I love the new fixtures and cabinets, and the hex tiles are unique! Thanks for sharing!

  45. Love everything you’ve done wi The bathroom. You’ve given me some great ideas!!

  46. Susan Cogan says:

    Love the changes to the bathroom! Happy Anniversary!

  47. Diana Bier says:

    So pretty–I love a white marble bath!

  48. We just did a similar renovation to our master bath, and like you, saved money by keeping everything in the same place and re-using the shower glass. Beautiful job! I love all of your selections!