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  1. We installed a Fulford Milano stove/oven a couple of years ago. We love it. Your kitchen is lovely!

  2. Oh silly auto correct. FULGOR stove.

  3. We remodeled our kitchen years ago….pickled oak that turned pinkish as it aged. Out kitchen guy told me the same thing….white kitchens would be dated. Why did I listen when I REALLY wanted a white kitchen. A couple of years ago we had them painted. They were in such good shape replacing would have been a waste. What an improvement it was!

  4. Donna Milazzo says:

    How fun to have your kitchen ready for the holidays! Hope it was done before Hanukkah started! It looks lovely! And you STILL didn’t show the sink ‘before’ picture, haha! We moved in January and hoped to update our kitchen right away, but with the lockdown we have postponed the project. The brown granite on top of original cabinets from 1973 are in serious need of an update! We’ve had plenty of time for planning and hope to start just after the first of the year.

    1. Thank you and yes, it was done, but no entertaining this year… 😉 And that’s very funny but you’re right! I’m not sure I even have a full-on before pic. I’ll have to take a look and see.

      Good luck with your project! It’s such a great feeling to get the work done… 🙂

  5. Cynthia S Dahl says:

    Lovely kitchen, Lory. All good things come to those who wait…

    Our new appliances are in the basement. We’re waiting…

    Handle for “temporary” oven broke in two and now sporting packing tape. Very classy.
    My daughter mentioned that “packing tape comes in an array of colors, Mom.” Good to know.

    1. Ha! When I was growing up we always laughed about the fact that my dad fixed everything with pink tape! At least it was pink… 😉 Good luck with your project!

  6. Beautiful Lory! I’m so glad you have what you wanted – it’s certainly lovely! Thanks for the nudge on the sink and faucet too – we need to upgrade desperately, and now I’m inspired! 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely holiday season!

    1. Thank you, Barbara! Isn’t it funny how easy it is to look past things we don’t like? Hope you enjoy your holidays too!!

  7. It’s SO pretty! I love the quartz countertop. I was also happy to see a non-Christmas related post!

    1. Thank you and it’s so funny you said that, because I actually asked several blogger friends if they thought it was ok if I posted something that wasn’t Christmas themed this week! Looks like their advice was on point… 😉

  8. Ginger Valdes says:

    I’m so happy for you! I know you’ve one of those other black granite countertops replaced for quite a long time now. They are gorgeous! I redid my kitchen 22 years ago and I did it all white. Everyone thinks it’s a new kitchen but I just had foresight?

    1. Well done, Ginger!! Yep, I shouldn’t have listened to the pros (although we no longer live there now anyway… ;-)). Thanks for your sweet words!

  9. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Lory, your kitchen is so beautiful — everything! I especially love your faucet and all your pretty accessories! Glad that you finally have what you dreamed of! Enjoy!

  10. Michele M. says:

    It is fabulous. I am so happy for you.

    Sure wish I could update our kitchen. Don’t see it happening anytime soon, though.

    I am sincerely and happily quite jealous of your kitchen. In a good way, hope you know. ♥

    1. Thank you! And I know what you mean because I’ve felt that way many times in the past… 🙂 It’s what drives us forward when the opportunity arises.

  11. I moved into an apartment about a year ago and the one I chose has a white kitchen. So very happy and have added lots of copper pots and pans for a French country look. Of course, I HAD to attend a few estate sales to add to my collection!! I captured some real treasures. I enjoyed reading about your journey to the joy of your white kitchen. I’m excited for you!

  12. I adore this kitchen. What is the black thing on the wall in the 2nd to the last pic? I can’t make it out. A jukebox?

  13. Teresa Snipes says:


    Gorgeous! It’s funny because after hearing you talk about your desire for white countertops, whenever I saw your kitchen in pics, I always saw it the way you wanted it and now it’s reality!

    I love my white farmhouse sink, but wish I had purchased the sink grate for protection. I’m regretting I didn’t now. Just a thought.

    Enjoy your lovely kitchen!


    1. Thanks, Teresa!! I’m really so happy with the room now… 🙂 My sink did not come with the grate option. Hoping it’s ok.

  14. Barb Breitenstein says:

    My husband I recently moved into a lovely community with a mixture of single family homes and patio homes. Our patio home (11 years old) has the same dark kitchen that you described in this article and I am making many of the same changes that you have made which are absolutely beautiful! I am so glad I decided to read your article and read about your journey. I will say in touch and keep you up to date with my progress.

  15. Just love this kitchen!!! Thank you for sharing the process. I have the antique Tuscan type of kitchen and would love to update the cabinets to white also! The cabinets I have are similar in style to yours so have given me a great guide! Hopefully next spring!! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much and I’m glad you feel inspired… :-). That’s always the first step to realizing your plans! Good luck!!

  16. Thanks for sharing your fabulous kitchen. You know, I never thought about renovating in stages, but that makes so much sense. Especially if, like us, don’t have the $ for a total renovation, but would like to change things in our kitchen. You Rick! Thanks for sharing

  17. I just loved this post! We did the same thing over the summer. I have beautiful white marble countertops that I did not want to replace, but like you, however, I was talked out of a white kitchen not once but twice. I finally convinced my husband that our dark wood cabinets needed painting. It was a huge job and we hired a professional. The change is amazing. All of my friends think I got new countertops because the marble never really stood out. New pulls and viola! a beautiful white kitchen. Loved seeing all of your changes and decor choices.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that!! Doesn’t it make coming into the kitchen in the morning so much more cheerful? Enjoy!!

  18. I just love your post; thanks so much for sharing. I am in the middle of a white kitchen remodel myself! I have very similar quartz for my countertop but am struggling to find the perfect tile for the back splash. Is the back splash tile you provided a link for the exact tile you used in your kitchen remodel?

    1. Thank you! I bought my backsplash locally, but it is the same material as the one that’s linked – calacatta gold marble. I love the natural mix of colors in that type of marble. My marble tiles are 2 x 8, so a bit longer than the linked tile.

  19. Holly Peters says:

    Hi Lori! You’re kitchen is exactly what I’ve been looking to do to my kitchen.
    It is gorgeous!! You did a beautiful job. My problem is that my kitchen faces the fireplace and a built in book shelf. All of my trim, the fireplace and that bookshelf are painted in a cool white. Is all of your trim painted whit dove and if not how does it look together with the other white paint?

    1. In my kitchen, the cabinets are white dove, but the molding trim is all simply white, so I would easily mix the whites together… 🙂

  20. Love the gold with the white cabinets. The added 3 chandeliers vs one large one is such a pretty touch..you get to add more bling:0) A great transformation with the marble.

  21. Candie Firebaugh says:

    When you say you found quartz at your marble yard, are you talking about quartzite? We have quartzite counters and I love them!

  22. The kitchen turned out lovely!