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  1. wow, it is really looking wonderful, so different and so bright!
    A few years ago, I painted my cabinets and added marble back-splash, but I never thought about changing the black granite that is on the island….but I love yours so much, I think I am going to look into it.
    Could you tell me the color on your walls? it is perfect with the white/black/grey.

    1. Thanks, Morgane! I’m so happy to inspire people for their own kitchens… 🙂 Yes, sure. The color is BM Tapestry Beige. I have it in my master bath, as well, for the same reason. That’s a reno I hope to get to next year! Expect all white… 😉

  2. Hi Lory
    I love the cabinets, but I am partial to white cabinets.
    They look amazing.
    Can’t wait for the final revile.

    Just in time for the holidays.
    Enjoy your day

  3. What color is your kitchen wall? I like what I am seeing!

  4. Looks beautiful and I know how white and lightening up makes you feel since I have just finished the same process. It is incredible how color and light lifts your spirits.
    I look forward to seeing your new accessories.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Bonnie! I know some people have different tastes, but I just don’t know how anyone can live in a dark depressing home. Of course, I’m sure they think I’m crazy so it’s all fair… 😉

  5. I thought it would look great but it’s fabulous! What a transformation! Looking forward to your big finish

  6. Karen Markham says:

    Absolutely love how your plans are coming together. The white cabinets are so fresh and I really like the hardware you chose. However, I have one question: When I see the picture of your appliances the stainless finish seems to look a bit out of place to me. I don’t know if it’s because stainless reads to me as modern and the rest of your kitchen reads as timeless, or if it’s just because I personally don’t care much for that finish. Did you consider white appliances but then decide that the stainless gave a bit of balance or do you simply like the stainless? I know each of us has their own vision so I might be overlooking an obvious decision point. Regardless, I would love to have your kitchen in my home so if you decide it just isn’t quite what you wanted (giggle) please ship it my way.


    1. Thanks, Karen, and that’s an interesting question. The quick answer is we didn’t change the appliances (saving thousands of dollars) and that’s what was already there. However, if we did change them, I still would have gone with stainless. I never really see appliances in white now. To me they feel outdated. Generally, it’s either black or silver and I like the bit of sheen the silver provides. Just wait until next week when you see the finishing touches. It may make more sense to you then.

  7. Deb mc grath says:

    I have white cabinets and dark granite counters, I love the look. You have some up great ideas for me to adopt!
    Thank you!!!

  8. I haven’t kept up with too many of the ORCs this time around but I always make sure I pop over and check yours out! I cannot wait to see the final result. It already looks incredible!

    1. Thanks, Shelley! There’s something about a kitchen reno that inherently makes it transformative. I find them most interesting to follow too… 🙂

      1. Beautiful kitchen -I love the white cabinets. I am curious, is there a reason all the seams are lined up on the floor? I have not seen this pattern usually the seams are staggered. Wonderful color of flooring!

  9. Oh my goodness … Do you just walk in your kitchen and stand there and swoon. It is stunning! Lory I’m so happy that this dream has finally come true for you! Can’t wait to see it all styled up!

    1. Thanks so much, Lani! And yes, gotta be honest… I do! It was the room I hated the most and now it’s my favorite. In fact, it’s making me want to make some changes to the den now… 😉

  10. Oh, Lory! It’s gorgeous! The hardware is exquisite. You’re going to be in your element and loving it for years to come. Everything you’ve chosen is timeless. Can’t wait to see the final touches and your impeccable styling.

    1. Thanks so much, Ginger! I was hoping to go for timeless which is why I stayed away from those trendy back splashes but most important is that we’re enjoying it… 🙂 Thanks for cheering me on!

  11. Lory,

    The kitchen looks absolutely amazing, it all fits together so beautifully

  12. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    I cleared out my email and other chores so I could sit back and take pleasure in your renovation. I was not disappointed. This is beautiful and I will be anxiously waiting for the final reveal! I love your home and all you have done. You truly have a gift for picking colors and pulling everything together. Thank you for sharing it with all of us .

    1. Elizabeth, that’s so sweet to hear! Thank you so very much!! Next week will be more details and the overall look, so I guess this week was the big reveal in some ways, but I do have some nice little bits that will hopefully be fun to see, not the east of which is the comparisons of each area… 🙂

  13. Kathy Simonson says:

    LOVE the kitchen. The white cupboards make such a difference. You are a fabulous decorator and I look forward to all your posts…looking forward to the big reveal. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kathy! It is amazing what a difference paint can make, But I also think the glass fronts are part of what makes it so different. Thanks for sharing in the fun!!

  14. Pat Crowder says:

    Great job Lory! It is all very beautiful.

  15. Lory, I love your new kitchen! I am trying to get up the nerve to paint my oak cabinets and to add SS appliances. My kitchen is a little dark, and I know both would help. But I worry about nicks and dings on the cabinets that would allow the darker wood stain to show through. Also, I am hesitant to start dealing with the streaking of the SS. Any gems of wisdom for me?

    1. Ah, but that’s the beauty of paint, Martha! You can always touch it up… 😉 But also, they told me once the finish sets for two weeks, it should be pretty strong. As for the stainless, I’ve had it since we moved here, so nothing new there. You just get stainless cleaner and you’re good to go!

      Thanks for the kind words, too!!

  16. Lory, this is gorgeous and LOVE those pulls. Our wine room has black cabinets and brass knobs, gold chandeliers, brass cigar stand, champagne bucket and brass/gold accessories. Very masculine with a feminine sprinkling! I too envisioned this long before it was actually built. Can’t wait to see how you decorate this space!

    1. Thanks, Gina! Yes, I’m a blingy girl at heart. I love brass and gold and always opt for it when there’s a choice. Interestingly, brass is on trend right now, but it would be my preference even if not. Your wine room sounds wonderful!

  17. Lory, your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I love the brass hardware and the marble blacksplash. A few years ago I had my cabinets painted by a professional in a light beige. I wished I had gone with the pure white because they are beautiful. It looks like a totally different kitchen. It is wonderful that you were able to have such a beautiful vision of what your kitchen could become. Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

    1. Thanks so much, Kris! I always seem to do best when I follow my vision and don’t second guess it, but sometimes I do get nervous in the process when someone questions it. 9 times out of 10, though, it’s best not to waver on my original plans… 🙂

      (That said, beige can be quite pretty, as well.)

  18. bobbi duncan says:

    IS THIS REALLY THE SAME KITCHEN????? I can’t believe how bright it looks, and gorgeous! I am drooling over the hardware. Would you disclose the manufacturer as I’d love them for our kitchen. Michael has had a change of heart about keeping the cherry look now that he’s seen your new look (didn’t that just work out well LOL!). We’ll have to do ours in a creamy white to match the background color of our granite–too costly to replace granite on a 9ft. island and the other countertop spaces.

    1. Thank you, Bobbi and yes, of course! I will have all the sources in next week’s post. This white paint is actually slightly off white and at first I was afraid it might be too white, so I think you will be fine with cream… 🙂

  19. Looks great Lory! I’m sitting at the counter right now at our beach place dreaming of the day that I can redo the kitchen and I’m inspired!

    1. Thanks, Janet! Imagine the fun we could have if everything was free!! I’m really enjoying the space but I must admit I’m already thinking about the master bath! But that will have to wait at least until next year.

      Btw, I didn’t realize you were doing the One Room Challenge. I have a few of your posts in my inbox waiting to read and the feature photo looks beautiful!

  20. Lory, your kitchen is looking fabulous. We are doing a mini makeover which has already started, but not on site yet. The carpenter has begun some things in his shop and then the mess will begin.

  21. All the superlative adjectives have been used, so I’ll just say ditto to all the above. The styling next week will be the icing on the cake of this lovely and thoughtful transformation.

  22. Kathy Pelletier says:

    Lory-You have such a knack !! It is gorgeous -I love everything. I can’t wait to see the Grand Finale. 🙂 I continually look at your pictures-

  23. Lory, stunning everything has come together. The pulls you chose are perfect. I agree, no matter where you put items during a job like this it all gets dusty.

    Love the glass cabinets too. Can’t wait for the reveal


  24. Very nice! I think all the choices are really nice. The backsplash adds more personality than just plain white subway tile. I also really love the gold touches. It adds a nice subtle bling.

  25. Wow Lory! What a difference the painting of the cabinets made in your kitchen. It’s just beautiful! I always wanted to paint my cabinets too but always lost the nerve. Now that I see your beautiful kitchen I really want to give it a try. Would you mind sharing the kind of paint you used and the color? I am guessing that all the cabinets were sanded too?
    Any tips you can give me is appreciated. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Maryann! Sorry for the delayed reply but it’s been kind of nuts here lately. Ok, so the cabinets were painted with Muralo semi-gloss in BM White Dove. We used a contractor so he removed the doors and sprayed them in his shop. That’s what gives them the smooth finish. But the base cabinets had to be painted by hand. Yes, they sanded them. So far I’m very happy with the way they came out, even up close… 🙂

  26. Extremely helpful ideas for me. I was searching this kind of blog in the entire day and your post are the only that inspired me. Very informative!

  27. Lori Kintz says:

    How did you get the glass front cabinet doors? Are they replacement doors? Where did you get them? Such a beautiful room, I really like it! Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much! The guy who painted our cabinets took the doors to his shop and he put the glass fronts in there… 🙂

  28. this is an amazing kitchen renovation without moving anything! Looks fabulous and I bet you enjoy it every.single.day. I love all your details. XO- MaryJo

  29. Alex Sutton says:

    I love how your kitchen turned out, especially the white cabinets with the dark countertops! I’ve never really considered dark countertops before, but I love how they stand out again the white of the cabinet doors! My current cabinet doors have a really outdated pattern on them, so I decided to have a local company come out to reface the cabinet doors and refinish the cabinet boxes. It’s going to save so much money while still giving my kitchen a brand new look. Thanks for sharing all of this awesome inspiration!

  30. Denise Collova says:

    Hey lori, the first thing I notice how the kitchen look much bigger. Crown molding pop more and the handles on the draws are beautiful over all the kitchen looks more Elegance then the wood tone. You’ve gave me a lot of ideas, I looked into the draw handles ,but they were out of stock, I could look else where. But thanks again for your ideas & inspiration

  31. About three minutes ago I pulled my microwave down from over my stove because I was thinking of building a hood, and now I see your kitchen and I think I regret doing it!!! Yours turned out so pretty. I love everything.

    1. Thank you so much! Well, to be fair, if I were to do a complete renovation ripping out cabinets and such, I probably would do that too. That said, I must admit, I find the concept of a microwave in a low cabinet to be inconvenient, as bending to cook is not ideal. Likewise with ovens. I absolutely would love to have a free-standing French range and if our kitchen didn’t come with wall ovens, I likely would have gotten such a range. But again, the convenience of using a wall oven that I don’t need to bend down for is really hard to beat.

      I do wonder when some of these trends will be reversed when convenience is realized and taken into account. (Same with open kitchen shelves and free standing pedestal tubs. I love the look, but not sure about the functionality.)

  32. Anyone with cherry or orangy oak cabinets should do this. It looks beautiful. If I had to paint my cabinets, I would hire a professional, too.