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  1. Love it! Great job, just beautiful. That Calcutta gold is so pretty
    Did mine 4 years ago and I love it but I love that backsplash better
    So glad you got your white kitchen!!

  2. Thank you for finding so many lovely things for us to look at and enjoy and plan.

  3. Tina Sipe says:

    While I was getting ideas for updating my kitchen, I found your gorgeous kitchen! I’m admitting I used your ideas when changing mine! I love the white.

  4. Kim Seavey says:

    Love the white- so versatile!

  5. Beautiful choices all around and so lovely to look at and be in, I’m sure. I don’t know if you have a paint list of your home, but what color are your kitchen cabinets?

  6. I’d like to know where to get those “s” shaped kitchen cabinet handles featured in today’s post.

    1. The cabinet handles are linked in the post. But neither of them has an S shape. One is a bin pull and the other a regular handle pull. Both have a ribbon and reed design. You can find them in the resource links at the bottom of the post. However, I do have an S shaped pull on the cabinets in our butler’s pantry, so perhaps you mean those? Here’s a link to them: https://rstyle.me/+zQi1Nofi8KAm1DGFXxh2Aw
      They are pricey, which is why I only used them in the butler’s pantry where we needed only a few.