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  1. These are beautiful accents! (If thats what they are called… not very decorative lingo savvy. Sorry!) But just beautiful! Is there somewhere you typically look to find this type hardware? Maybe a reclaimed salvage store?

    1. Thank you Brittany! I actually look anywhere and everywhere. Typically I’ll start searching online. That’s what I did for all the window covering hardware. The shower door handle and kitchen towel bar I found at a local bathroom supplier. Probably would have saved money if I found online! Door hardware I also went to a local supplier in NJ, but you can find at any supplier near you. You want to try to find a company with a big warehouse type showroom where they have lots and lots of choices. I’d love to find reclaimed salvage though!!

  2. Pam Keegan says:

    Your kitchen towel bar is exactly what I am looking for. It would match my paper towel holder. I have looked on the Internet. By any chance can you remember the manufacturer’s name or where you purchased it from? This was a great post and suggestions to those of us that live in places without architectural details in the structure. Adding this type of detail is fun.

    1. Thank you, Pam! I bought the towel bar at a local bathroom supplier called Bath Connection in NJ, but I will see if I can find the receipt with manufacturer info. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Beautiful drapery hardware. Where did you purchase them, and how did you achieve the finish. Love you’re style.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! I knew someone would ask me the source and I generally try to provide that. Will have to look through my records to find the name of the company. I bought them online and I selected the finish from the company. My DIY skills are limited to design… 😉 I don’t generally do the finishes myself.

  4. Wow! Gorgeous hardware, lots of inspiration!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  5. Lori, wow all your pictures are so beautiful and it’s so amazing with hardware& knobs can do for a space. Thank you again so much for sharing and linking up to our Something to Talk About Link Party and I hope you join us again tomorrow morning. hugs, Lisa at Concord Cottage

  6. I could swear I commented on this awhile ago. Oh well. The hardware is all amazing, and I’m so happy to see your link ups at Best of the Weekend!

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  8. Hi Lory,
    I definitely agree that these details are the jewelry of the room. While I enjoyed seeing these accents, I have to admit to wanting the see shots of the entire rooms! If they are somewhere on your website-please direct me so that I can see all that you have accomplished, (since I am a huge fan of French Country in general) and I suspect, your house in particular!
    Thanks you SO much for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much! Actually, there are pics of the rooms all over my site from various different seasons. You can check out this one post of the entryway, which has several of the hardware pieces in it: http://designthusiasm.com/expanded-entry/ There are also several home tours too, one from autumn and one from Christmas. The best way to explore further is to click on the “homestyle” category and there’s an index there. We are moving next month and once we are settled, I’ll start working on a home tour that’s available from the main page. Thanks for visiting!!

  9. I really liked the gold door-pulls featured on your kitchen cabinetry in this post. Very elegant and pleasing to the eye!

  10. Is there a photo Lory of the refrigerator pull that you used as a towel holder? I read it but not seeing a link? It sounds like the perfect twist to adding character.
    I’m saving the links as I want to switch our bronze kitchen faucet to gold one day soon. Those changes have to take their turn in the process plus I’ll have to change all the knobs and pulls for the cabinets.
    On my list of to do’s.

  11. Karie Calhoun says:

    I feel like the hardware and fixtures is like the jewelry. Finishes off a room!

  12. Julie Maddy says:

    Good to know- a great place for gorgeous hardware. Thanks

  13. What a wonderful resource for updating our home! Thank you!

  14. Victoria Eubanks says:

    Loved this post! Gave me a lot of ideas.

  15. What beautiful, elegant pieces!

  16. chantal brousseau says:

    Love your posts!

  17. Thanks, Lori, for the in depth look at hardware and trim in the home. We have recently done a bit of renovating in our kitchen. I was able to use our cabinet door pulls because, once cleaned and shined up they have a nice copper look to them. However, looking at this post reinforced a solution to an ongoing problem as to where to hang the kitchen towel which was in current use each day. BINGO! I can install a lovely pull or knob on the wood facing-board directly below the sink! Those sparkly knobs you showed are very inticing!! Would you happen to have a link for them???

    1. Thanks! Those knobs will be going on a painted dresser soon and I will try to find a link. I bought them from a wholesaler, but I will see if I can find a retail site for them… 🙂

  18. I am a stickler for the details, so am now looking at some of these things with new eyes. Which means, of course, that I will be adding more to my list. Not sure whether to thank you for that or not lol. But, thank you.