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  1. Linda B Gullotta says:

    Is there an “After” photo?

    1. There will be when we complete the room… 😉 As the post says, this is the plan. Some of it is sitting in my home, some is on order, and 2 things haven’t been finalized yet, but we’re close. It’s all detailed in the post.

  2. Debbie Jones says:

    The picture of your bathroom now is just like my main bathroom. Very small yet looks beautiful now and will look even better when you start to remodel. We remodeled ours 2 years ago. I’m very happy with mine. Can’t wait to see yours when finished!

    1. Thank you! (I’ve certainly had bathrooms in the past that looked way worse than this, but it would be nice to upgrade nonetheless… :-))

  3. Lory,
    I have been working on a major bathroom remodel since May. All of my fixtures and materials were ordered and are sitting in my house. The problem is finding a contractor with time to do the remodel. Three different contractors have initially responded to my request to give me a bid. But, none of them have given me a final bid or contract to do the work. All of them are very busy, but I have to wonder how they stay in business with their lack of follow-through with a customer. I hope you can find a tile installer to get your remodel completed.


    1. Ahhh, I know exactly how you feel! I had called my contractor (who did my master bath) prior to the summer and he still hasn’t gotten back to me. He said I should remind him if he forgets. That’s just to come and measure! Couldn’t he write it down somewhere???

      Fortunately, I just had a tiler come to give an estimate and he said he’d have time in October. You may have more luck now that the summer is almost over.

  4. I am going to take the liberty of using your blog to confess that I have been in PLANNING a master bathroom refresh (to coordinate with a master bedroom refresh later)for MONTHS! I have been stalling on choosing an accent wallpaper for the area around the tub (to also use as an accent headboard wall in the bedroom. Then a coordinate wall color to paint. Luckily (tongue in cheek!) my “contractor” is my husband and I’d just waiting for my decisions! I am at a standstill! I would LOVE to know how you put together the “mood board” with all your ideas on one page? Can u share? I think it will help me solidify my plan and allow me to see my “vision” outside of my head. Any tutorial s or links as to how to do this would be d as I helpful! I tried researching myself how to create a mood board but THAT became a project bigger than the bathroom refresh bc of my 65 y o brain and lack of computer experience. I have snippets of fabrics and pics all over my desk now (like in the olden days!) but I’d love to update my organizational skills AND my computer skills, if that is EASILY obtainable? I am not sure if a new “mood board” will really help me finalize my plan or am I still just stalling over the wallpaper/paint dilemma! True confessions! Any help would be so appreciated!

    1. Sounds like a fun project! Don’t let it intimidate you… 🙂

      Regarding the mood board, I believe there are tutorials for simple programs to do them, but I don’t know them because I use Photoshop. Basically it involves saving the image, erasing the background and then layering them on the board (which is why you remove the background.

      However, if you’re not going to be posting it online for all the world to see and it’s just for your own use, in a pinch you can just use screenshots placed next to each other. If you use a Mac, screenshot the items you plan to use (shift/command/4) and then place them next to each other inside a folder in the finder. Then screenshot the grouping of the items all together and it will be close enough for you to see how everything looks together. If what I just said went over your head… ask your kids! 😉

      1. Thank you so much, Lowry, for your personalized reply! You are SO right! Since I’m not going to share it online I don’t need to go to that depth. I DID ask my daughter (who is a graphic designer-you know the story of the show maker’s children who have no shoes?- dear daughter is “too busy” to help her mother! (I’ll have to try using that line myself!)She did suggest I put it in Pinterest and then that would save the link so I can find it later. I will attempt that and that sounds like a perfect way to motivate myself/ which I think is exactly what I need- to see my ideas all together. Thanks so much for the push I needed!

        1. You’re so welcome and I laughed at your daughter’s reply. My son is a web designer and when I ask him tech questions and he loses patience, I remind him that I taught him how to use a spoon! 😉 Enjoy your renovation!

  5. Oh my goodness, your plan is so, so beautiful!!

  6. It’s a beautiful design. That vanity is everything!

  7. sherri Cross says:

    WOW! I love the bathroom refresh.

  8. If I had things to do over right now…I’d never put in a shower door or glass in the shower! The cleaning is just hard to keep up with…
    Love the cane vanity! Good choice!

  9. Norma Anthony says:

    I love your plan and color scheme. One of my bathrooms is the exact same size and I’m planning to update it. I would love to see the finished bathroom on completion. That would give me some ideas with a different color scheme.
    Thank you so much for sharing.