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  1. So very beautiful Lory….Love how you took the RL towels and placemats and created the beautiful accent pillows. Such a most gorgeous room that any guest would not want to leave!
    So where is the reservation book?!!!…..So great to party with you today! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Ha ha, thanks, Shirley!! I actually think it would be really cool to have a guest sign in book, but mostly it’s my parents who stay in this room… 😉 In fact, they like to call it their room! Great partying with you, as well!!

  2. Lory, this room is gorgeous and I know your guests will be so comfortable and may never want to leave. Do tell where the hand towels and soaps are from?

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! I always love your guest room posts, so I really appreciate your comment… 🙂 The hand towels were actually one of the cheapest things I’ve ever bought (I think it was $12 for 12)… right from Amazon! In fact I meant to add the links in today and I’m glad you reminded me. The soap is from Rancé, also bought online. Can’t remember if I got them direct from the company or not, but if I can find that link, I’ll add that one in too. So glad you joined the party!!

  3. This is beautiful, Lory! I especially love your bed frame and linens~ so fresh and inviting! You’ve paid attention to every little detail and it’s charming!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

    1. Thank you, Lynda! I love the bed frame too, but I cannot take credit for that one. It actually came with the house! The people we were buying from were nice enough to leave it and I knew it would go perfect with what I had planned for the room. Thanks for stopping by, as always… ?

  4. Hi Lory! If there’s one thing a French blue guest room needs it’s delphiniums . . . and an old blue bench with great books . . . and lovely bed linens . . . and, well, everything in this room is just perfect. Are you taking reservations? Beautiful room, superb taste! I’m a new follower, can’t wait to see more Frenchy things.

    1. Ha ha… great comment!! Thank you so much! Delighted to have you following along and I promise there’s a lot more coming… 🙂 Thanks for visiting!!

  5. Lory: What a complete delight to be a guest in this room! I love the headboard, the linens, the wall color, the Rance soaps, the hand towels, the pillows, the tray with the water . . . I like the tablecloth on the round table, too. Oh, and the natural light! What a bonus! My guest bedroom right also happens to be my son’s room when he’s not in school, which means I still have a lot of his stuff in there until he moves out completely. I’d love to do a complete makeover on the room, but I’m also dreading letting go of he idea that, well, my son has finally moved out. One thing that I do like in guest bedrooms is a lot of empty counter space. When you are traveling, you end up laying a lot of stuff on surfaces that might normally be stored elsewhere in your own home, especially the night stand. I’d need room for my iPad, glasses, phone, and water for both, me and my husband. One little touch I’ve added to my own guest/son room is an open trinket bowl. All my female guests love it because they use it to drop their jewelry in it overnight. I’ve also added a charging station so that my guests can charge all their electronics, with enough empty counter space in front to lay their things. The one last touch I’ve added is a small framed sign with the wi-if password, in case they want to connect to the Internet. My room is quite functional, but nowhere near as appealing as yours! Now you’ve gotten me excited about decorating it as a proper guest room! Thank you for so many inspiring ideas!

    1. Maria, I absolutely love the idea of the framed wifi password! I might have to borrow that one… 🙂 I, too, have 2 other rooms that are dedicated to each adult child but they don’t really live here. Fortunately both are close by and come home often, so while I did re-do their rooms, I did it with their needs in mind and both still keep a lot of their things here. I actually like it that way!! Thanks for the kind words, as well!

  6. So beautiful ~ I am loving the blue ~
    You put it together so well.
    The pillows are beautiful, and what a great idea to use old place mats to make the pillow.

    Anyone would love to sleep in your guest room.

    Have a great weekend.
    Much love,

    1. Thank you, Rose! I’m so glad I got to use the old textiles for a new use… 🙂 Glad you appreciated the post too!!

  7. Pamela Kearns says:

    As usual, lovely, comforting and beautiful!!

  8. Loved, loved, loved! Loved all: blue & white, furniture, style, light but yet quite room, care in details w/guests what will really make them feel at home! Hummm… they might not even want to go back home kkkk
    kisses ML

    1. Thank you so much, Marcia, for such a thoughtful comment! I love that you noticed and appreciated all the details… 🙂 So glad you stopped by!!

  9. Christine Leckington says:

    Your design of this room is so inviting and is done in my favorite style too! I used to sell the soaps in my store years ago. Rance soaps from Provence France are not inexpensive but they are heavenly scented and well worth the price. They also last a long time. Having said that I am wondering if everything else in the beautiful room are somewhat as expensive? Can you share with us where you bought your linens? Can I come live with you for about a month? I will gladly stay in this room! I just want to follow you around and watch you work.?

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Christine!! You ask a very interesting question that I’ve been meaning to address on my blog. (Maybe will be an upcoming blog post, in fact!) I tend to mix very inexpensive pieces with somewhat more costly items so that the blend looks well balanced. Generally the place to spend money, in my opinion, is on small luxuries like the soaps, because they make life more enjoyable but the total investment is not that high. I’d rather buy a reproduction piece of furniture and save thousands, and then have plenty left over to spend $60 on soaps… 🙂 That said, I also think a few really great antiques can upgrade the look of your home, so that if you mix in some less expensive pieces, they’re not that noticeable. In this guest room, in particular, I don’t think there’s anything that’s terribly expensive. The bed we got for free from the previous owners. Most of the other furniture are new pieces from online resources and the bed linens I got from ebay! I’ve been meaning to go back into the post and add sourcing info, so I will definitely try to get to that this weekend. Thanks again for your wonderful comment!

  10. Oh, I like to be a guest in that gorgeous bed room! Stunning! 😉

  11. Blue is my favorite color and this bedroom is lovely.

  12. Who wouldn’t enjoy staying in this beautiful guest room! Every detail is wonderful. How lucky that you ended up with the bed frame from the previous owners. I never would have noticed the cable box had you not mentioned it- very cleverly disguised! My favorite is the quilted coverlet- love the two patterns and color. I’m sure your guests love this room!

    1. Thanks, Liz!! Yes, we were so lucky about the bed frame… 🙂 My guests definitely love the room, but that’s because most of the time it’s my parents staying in there and they’re just happy to be here… lol!

  13. This room is beautiful. Would you share information on this bedding please?

    1. Hi Trish, Thanks for the kind words!! Yes, the bedding is mostly Ralph Lauren. The toile & stripe blanket and pillow shams are Ralph Lauren Cottage Blue Rose Floral Bedding (found on ebay). The white euro shams are Ralph Lauren white paisley suite. There’s also a blue and white stripe pillowcase that’s also RL. I’ve had those for a long time. And the tossed pillows are vintage RL from the very first cottage collection which were napkins and placemats that I had made into pillows. Thanks for visiting… 🙂

  14. Absolutely stunning! Every detail ties nicely to the next…what a welcome retreat for your guests.

  15. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  16. Linda Charlton says:

    I love the room. I am presently changing my guest room from Americana to French country and have been searching for more ideas. Going slowly since my 11 yo grandson is here for July and there is no hurry to dress it up as yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. It’s my pleasure to share, Linda… 🙂 Enjoy your time with your grandson and your upcoming decor changes! Thanks for visiting!!

  17. I absolutely love your blue room and I love the botanical prints. I found the prints on Etsy. I was wondering what size frames you have and where did you get your frames?

    1. Hi Marsha, I just measured and the frames seem to be an odd size, so I must’ve had them made. I usually just go to Michaels to do that (when they have their sale), because they’re just regular frames. The size 15 1/2″ x 19 1/2″ and they have an off white mat.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Are the prints 8 x 10 or 11 x 14?

        1. Sorry for the delayed response but I had to climb back up and measure. they’re 11”x15” showing with a mat around them (so probably the original is larger).

  18. What a gorgeous guest bedroom! I love the mix of patterns on the bed and the pine writing desk is so pretty!

  19. What color and brand is the blue paint? Just the color we are looking for.

  20. Brenda L Wilson says:

    I love this room, it has been the inspiration for our master bedroom. Everything about it is calming and beautiful.

  21. Odessa Graham says:

    This is one of the prettiest and most welcoming guest rooms I have seen. You have done a remarkable job, and I feel certain your guests will feel very comfortable and pampered while in it!

  22. I have two of lamps exactly like yours in my living room.

  23. Teresa Snipes says:


    This is perfect! You won’t believe it, but we’re almost ready for guests coming tomorrow in the newly styled guest suite that was our newly married daughter’s room and it is sooo close to your guest suite!

    I chose a SW light blue for the walls and BM White Dove for the trim and it’s made such a difference from the pastel pinks and greens that it was. I painted the window seat white and covered it in a French blue and white Toilé, which was my inspiration. Since I couldn’t find an affordable blue and white Toilè bed set, I went with a solid white metalassee comforter and the blue comforter folded at the end of the bed. My pillows are a combo of bed set, Pottery Barn, and Etsy.

    I found cute chandelier lamps for each bedside table and have some Chinoiserie on each night stand as well. As someone mentioned above, I have our wi-fi info framed on the bigger bedside table. When we visit friends and family, I send them their framed wi-if info in calligraphy as a thank you gift. I always have a tray on the bed that has bottled water and glasses plus 3 cute snack bowls with something salty, something chocolate, and something special to those guests. I also put cocktail napkins and a couple plates on the tray.

    My tab curtains are hung from door pulls that are screwed into the wall for something different. Over the bedroom windows, the pulls have lovely golden bees sculpted on a white background and in the bath they are white with painted blue flowers that match the specially made blue and white shower curtain showing a classical scene.

    I was able to find cute chandeliers for the hallway to the bath and over the toilet area and my gorgeous blue and white towels are from Turkey and are a great Florida weight that dry quickly.

    One thing I always appreciate in a guest room is a full length mirror so we have an easel full length mirror in a corner of the bedroom.

    It has been a blast putting this room together and it has taken time since we weren’t rushed We’re blessed with another guest suite so we could still accommodate visitors. I have collected everything over time so it is truly delightful to finally see it altogether.

    To see your guest room makes me feel so validated. Thank you!


  24. Susan Kelley says:

    Love the caned back settee. Can’t find one with the rounded back anywhere. Can you point me in any direction?

  25. This room is just beautiful! Do you mind sharing the paint color of the walls?

  26. What color and brand of paint are on the walls?
    Thank you

  27. Beautiful room and I love how you have changed it out in your most recent post. What kind of paint did you use and the name, please? Thank you.

    1. Thank you! It started as Sweet Bluette and now it’s Tapestry Beige. Both Benjamin Moore. I always use flat on the walls.

  28. It’s such a pretty room. Do you know the paint color/brand of the chippy bench?

  29. Lory

    Always enjoy your French country decor. Any chance you can share the beautiful blue paint color/brand on the walls shown here in your guest bedroom?