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  1. I would guess Woody Allen is in the 1st Row, 3rd boy in from the right. Love your flat screen solution!

  2. Barbara C. says:

    I have a similar situation in a guest cottage and may use your suggestion. I’m wondering where you placed the cable box? Thank you!

    1. Our master bedroom closet is right behind this wall. The TV was already wired when we bought the house and the cable box and other components are on shelves in the closet. Even without the closet, you could still put the cable box on the shelves beneath the TV. I have plenty of cable boxes in view throughout our house and like the TV, it’s a fact of life. Just make everything around it look pretty, keep the wires as controlled and out-of-sight as possible and enjoy! 🙂

  3. claudia bassano says:

    I would guess you don’t have a toddler

    1. Haha! Well, if we use my mom’s class pic as a clue, the fact that she graduated from middle school in 1949 makes it very unlikely that I would have a toddler… 😉

      I am however, looking forward to grandchildren some day.

      Is it the glass that made you ask or having anything on low shelves? Because we did keep decorative items out when the kids were small and we had a glass coffee table.

      Or was it the chocolate?

  4. In the back row, sixth from the right wearing a lighter sit.

  5. Rhonda Storey says:

    Third row up, left side, first boy with glasses??

  6. Gorgeous shelves. Have you thought about setting up a screensaver on your tv so it shows pretty pictures or even family photos. You need a smart tv, but you already have internet connection. I have it on my computer and it displays my photos from the recent Monet exhibit at Denver Art Museum. Stunning. My bedroom tv has other photos.

  7. So fun!! I think Woody is the only guy wearing glasses. 3rd row from bottom, 1st on the left.

    1. Several people picked that kid, but in fact Woody is in the first row, 3rd from left. The glasses apparently came later… 😉

  8. I think he is in the 1st row, third from the left. Fun challenge!

  9. Amy N Maclean says:

    I think he is seated in the bottom row, third boy from the left.

    Thank you for continuing to be a constant source of inspiration!

  10. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I refuse to hang a TV on a wall or over the mantel. Maybe I’m selfish but I don’t even like to watch TV! I have allowed a medium flat screen in the Great Room’s cabinets Where it is inconspicuous. So now about Woody! He has to be the kid with glasses on the 3rd row, the first one on the left! I know you squealed with joy when you found something of your Mom’s that you can display in your lovely bedroom.

    1. Haha! I’ve made my peace with the TVs, although I would prefer them hidden. Yes, I squealed with joy, and Woody is in fact in the first row, 3rd from left. No glasses. Looks SO different!

  11. I would guess Woody Allen is in the bottom row, third boy from the left.

  12. Sandy Suttle says:

    Shirley is right! Woody is first row, 3rd from left!

  13. MuffinLocke says:

    Woody Allen…bottom row, third from left 🙂

    1. Correct! So here’s a question. Could you tell that from looking at him, or did you have to Google what he looked like when he was younger? Because I really think he looks so different!

  14. That looks perfect below your t.v. Love how you styled the shelves too! Perfection!

  15. Your shelves are perfect Lory! You’ve done a great job of making the TV feel like a pretty part of the room. ❤️ I’m thinking that lovely bed is a wonderful place to watch movies – especially with chocolates! 🙂

  16. Front rower. Third from left.

  17. Wondering about how hard it would be to pull some of the gold up the wall by gilding the narrow frame around the TV…. Maybe that would just make it stand out more though? Like the idea of the screen saver, but we live off grid and cannot afford the power. Oh how I hate the BIG BLAAAACK BOX, except when I am actually watching it.

    1. I do agree, but in this case I was more concerned with the idea of it floating on the wall with nothing anchoring it, than the ugliness of the TV itself. (I should have taken the photos with the TV on, even though I do not keep it that way… ;-)) Think of it this way – even a horizontal painting would look odd on the wall without something beneath it. (Not the same for a large vertical piece of art, though.)

  18. Jeannie C says:

    Woody Allen is on bottom row, 3rd from left, in the darker suit.

  19. Lovely room. Big fan of glass tables. I saw something interesting online. They made a frame and put shutters on it to cover the TV. You open the doors when you want to watch it.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen those and I love the look. Hubby, however, wants immediate access to his TV… lol. It’s the one concession he asks for, so I’m ok with that… 😉