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  1. CarolBinTX says:

    Great ideas! And I appreciate that you link to Walmart Home! Why buy pinecones at Pottery Barn when Walmart has them for a fraction of the cost!

  2. Like you, putting away Christmas decor gives a feeling of order and freshness. Although……I love the sparkle and glitter sprinkled throughout a room. Ordinarily I’m very basic in my decor but I always miss the flitter of glitter fluttering throughout the room.

    1. I definitely understand that, especially if your holiday decor wasn’t over the top to begin with… 🙂 Enjoy the sparkle now!!

  3. Barbara C says:

    A very nice selection. Walmart has certainly improved their product offerings! Merry Christmas!

  4. So glad winter decor is having a day. I’ve been just removing anything red and calling what’s left “winter” for years ! Look forward to adding in some of your ideas!

  5. Merry Christmas! Great post, I love your recommendations, the white space and calm after what so quickly become Christmas clutter. I’m not sure why but links aren’t working for me.

    1. Thank you and glad the post resonated with you! I will go check the links now. I’m having trouble with some Pottery Barn links lately. Are they all not working, or just some?

    2. Ok, I just checked and everything seems to be working at my end. Maybe try clearing your cache and trying again?