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  1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I adore the Mongolian fur pillow! And I didn’t realize I could have used my mercury glass after Christmas! (Eyes rolling) Since the weather here in South Georgia has just recently dropped to the low 40’s, I am ready to snuggle and scroll through Pinterest by the fire! Great ideas for using cable knit sweaters! I just saw some at Goodwill and will be heading back to get them. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. A furry bench by the door? That sounds like a nice change of pace to our copper boot mat that never gets used as we come through our garage. I think I’ll look into that…that sweet bench ya posted was a bit pricey but oh so pretty:0)
    The art piece with the trees would fit right into the winter months..I always keep my artwork up year round and I’d like to change some of it for the seasons..not just a Santa piece but something for the cold months here…they are long.

    1. I just love switching out seasonal decor and artwork is one thing many people don’t think to change, yet it’s so easy… 🙂

  3. Lory,
    Love all these cozy ideas. Strange winter for us here in Minnesota! Last winter we were bombarded with snow by now. Enjoying the idea that my kids and families all around can travel in safer weather.

    Merry Christmas! Love your posts. Thanks for all the work you put into them.

    1. I agree about the weather… 🙂 Thank you for the kind words and Merry Christmas!