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  1. This can only be filled with joy. Thanks for sharing.
    Many blessings from South Africa

  2. Nice post! It can be hard for men to decorate, they don’t often have a sense of decorative style. Many men do but the ones in my family don’t 🙁

    I enjoyed the post and will be passing it on to my son, LOL!


  3. I’ve never had to decorate a man’s apartment but I have a husband and many of my decor ideas have been shot down, LOL! So there’s a special mindset when it comes to decorating for men. I’m certainly getting the hang of it though because many of our home decor pieces have been used in the so called ‘man caves’. But my husband is the designer so that explains it 🙂

    1. I’m kind of lucky that the men in my life (my husband, my son) let me do what I want decor-wise. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have to consider someone else’s tastes… lol! Not very fair of me, but I prefer to have carte blanche design-wise. Hubby only cares about comfort and to some extent practicality (and of course cost… ;-)). When I did my son’s apartment, it was kind of the same. I did show him everything and give him the opportunity to choose, but he didn’t really care that much.

  4. “Budget Bachelor pads”

    *Looks at very first item:* $1,500 leather sofa.

    You have no idea what “Budget” means, do you?

    1. Well, first, when I wrote the post in 2014, the sofa was less than $1000. Second, budget means less expensive than the item would normally cost. Everyone’s budget is different. A leather chesterfield sofa typically runs $3000-4000, so even $1500 is significantly less than that. The point of the post is to show style. You can easily get a similar room look but just sub in a $400 Ikea sofa, but it won’t look like a leather chesterfield sofa. I can show style ideas, but I cannot perform magic… 😉

  5. I think it’s lovely. That being said, my son decorated his own apartment. As mommy, I stayed out of it. He’s not a child or my husband. His apartment looked great.

    1. I suppose I was functioning more as his decorator than his mommy. I decorated my daughter’s apartment, as well. And several of her friends. But then again, it’s what I do for a living.