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  1. Gorgeous transformation! You’ve given me some good ideas as to changing the looks of my existing furniture. Thanks.

  2. Ruth Ledyard says:

    As always you have done a spectacular job. Everything is so light and lovely. You have proven that you can make any room look french country. We are downsizing but I have a husband who for some unknown reason, feels he must have space and land. So we are going from 48 acres to 17. At least this time the front looks like a woodland park and we will behind it with a very small front yard that will need little care. After 50 years together I appreciate that we can compromise. The land is his, the house is mine to do as I please. Fun to come!

  3. Although your style is not mine, I absolutely love what you’ve done with a new townhome. It’s beautiful and unique and your pride in your home tells me you have chosen to live your best life there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Lori, I have been following you as you transform your lovely home into a dream house. It is nice to read about all the changes and how you made choices, in one post. Now! Where do you go from here? I’ll be joining you for the next phase!

    1. Thank you, my friend! I think a lot of my future focus will be on organization. Of course I’ll always update with small decorative items and I have a couple of things to reveal that I’ve recently completed, but I’m all about getting things as organized as I used to be.

  5. You have a lovely home that shows the pride you take in it. Your bathroom is beautiful and serene. Love it all!

  6. Wow Lory! I didn’t realize how much work you’d done on your townhome. I loved reading your story and all the changes you made to realize your vision. Your home is gorgeous – inside and out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the exterior so that was fun for me. Thanks so much for being on this tour!!

    1. Aww thanks, Jennifer! I don’t love the outside of my house so I rarely show it, but it belonged in this post for sure. Such a fun blog hop!!

  7. Yes, so beautiful and inspiring! We have been in our house for almost 21 years and have started remodeling. How do you stay sane when it feels like everything is in an upheaval…or contractors won’t return your phone call!?!

    1. I look at construction projects as a necessary evil to get what I want, so that keeps me patient in the midst of complete chaos! Good luck with your project!!

  8. Love how much style you added to that builder basic townhome! Oh, and as we near empty nesting I’m sold on someone else cutting the lawn and shoveling the snow too! Townhouse living here we come!!! 🙂

  9. You did such a beautiful job transforming your townhouse into a french country style. Your butler’s pantry will always be one of my favorites! I hope you are enjoying your summer!

  10. Lori, you have added such incredible character to your home! I had no idea it was a new build townhouse from the way that you have decorated and renovated it – you’ve done an incredible job!! It was super fun to read your home’s story!

  11. Lory, I love seeing all the work you’ve done to make this builder’s grade home a true French country retreat. Your stamp is all over it and I love it!

    And though you know how much I love your kitchen, I must admit, that your adorable butlers pantry is my absolute favorite thing you’ve done!! So much charm!! (It makes me wish I had the space to add one!)


  12. I so love your whole house Lory, especially that gorgeous bathroom! I never realized though that the chandelier with the teacups was in your Butler’s pantry! That’s so perfect! ! ?Thanks as always for the wonderful inspiration!

  13. Lory, It’s so much fun to see the home before this one and hear how you transformed the home you have now. I love your kitchen and you have so many great ideas for anyone who want to create a kitchen big on style on a budget! How fun to tour with you, my friend! xo

  14. So beautiful how you’ve married old and new together. Those light fixtures are EVERYTHING! Love this tour and learning how you brought your style into a modern home. Lovely!

  15. Hey Lory! I love a Flower Touch interior decoration in the house. The ultimate design of townhouse french country home.

  16. You have a beautiful home.
    There are several stages of homes of empty nesters. Yes at first you need less room. But then your kids get married. In my case they lived in other states so you need extra guest rooms. Then they began to have children. So of course you want room for them too. When we retired we built a 4 bedroom house with a game room and pool. We have enjoyed it immensely and having it for the grandchildren. Now the grandchildren are grown and we rarely need this big house. So we’re in the “what should we do now stage.” ??

    1. Thank you so much! We’re still waiting for the grandchildren, but I wanted to think ahead, so we went for the extra space. I actually like having the room. I suppose we could do without the living room, but we really use all the other rooms. I guess maybe the next stage would be to be on one floor and then the bedrooms can double as other purpose rooms (a craft room, a second office, a gym, etc).

  17. Your home is absolutely stunning! You have done an amazing job of transforming it into a lovely French Country home. Oh, the details.