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  1. Love the brass hardware..timeless. The look with the all white just makes it so clean and fresh!

  2. It will be beautiful! The only thing I don’t care for is the stacked stone. Much too busy looking.

  3. We are getting ready to tackle our master bath. I’m petrified and overwhelmed!

  4. What a beautiful selection for your remodel! It’s a rich and colorful yet wonderfully neutral collection.
    I’m curious; how do you keep your light colored tile, grout and white towels looking clean and crisp? Will you share your tips? And do you replace your white towels yearly?
    I look forward to seeing your final project. Enjoy the process and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Leah! I find good quality white towels clean well in the regular white wash. Once they start to look drab or yellowed, I do replace them, but I find that better quality towels (I like Matouk) stay white longer. You can always use bleach, but I hardly ever do. As for the tile, I clean white tile the same way I’d clean any other tile (Lysol for the bathroom with bleach). In fact, I like that it’s easier to see the dirt and clean it thoroughly. As for grout, that one is harder, but again, no different than with beige or darker tile. I remember my mother cleaning grout with a toothbrush… lol. This is not something I do. When it really gets dirty, you can always re-grout. 🙂

  5. A ‘new’ bathroom is exciting! No matter how simple we plan the re-do, is it ever really simple? Due to a leak under our shower which would require the shower being completely torn out to repair, we moved up a bathroom remodel we had planned for next year. Our home is a mix of new, not so new, pretty old, and the original part of the house no one knows, not even the county, when it was built. This bathroom was the original dining room in the unknown part. The plumbing for it went into two additional rooms as well as being crazy and looked like it was thrown together with spare parts. It’s finally all in the room it belongs in, so even though we kept the same footprint, I still considered it a major remodel. The only piece I kept was the vanity, which I love. Knowing the plumbing is where it should be and how it should be is the best part, even though I love my new, vintage style fixtures and tiles. Enjoy your new bathroom and we’ll do this again in another 30 years!