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  1. Lucy Beliveau says:

    How lovely of Ashley Homestore to invite you to their viewing of the new Mane + Mason modern approach to farmhouse decor!! You are one lucky Lady!! Your pictures are excellent and show well some of the details of the new decor. Although not for me, I can imagine it would be very suitable, if not perfect, for a young couple. My home is lovingly full of family antiques and I just don’t see that ever changing!

    Next week should be fun when you show us how the new Mane + Mason’ farmhouse chic might be styled in a real home! I’ll definitely stop in to see how it will look!

    You are very good at what you do! Even though I knew I wouldn’t run right out and buy this new line, I kept on reading what you had to say! Your interesting pictures and your informative narratives held my interest!!!?

    1. Thank you, Lucy! I, too, can’t live without my antiques. But I do love to mix them in with newer things, too… 🙂

  2. Hi I’m looking forward to your next post. Could you tell me anything about the brand and model of the kitchen stove? It is very different.

    1. Thank you! Not sure about that because I believe that was part of the show space. It’s really cool though, isn’t it?

    2. Patty, it is an O’Keefe & Merritt! Isn’t it beautiful?

  3. Can’t wait to see more from the Mane and Mason line. I appreciate your take on what you saw. Your pictures left me wanting to see more. I have a serious love affair with combining a mid century modern and modern farmhouse design style in our home. Can’t wait to see the whole collection. Thank you for sharing great peek.

  4. Plants and candles in the laundry room is really just too silly.

  5. Mark Ford says:

    Not sure when this post was written. The author references “September.” September of which year? Pet peeve of mine is blog posts that are undated. Grr.

    1. I update my posts every year, hence no date. If I dated them, Google wouldn’t serve them and no one would see them. Then there’s no point in writing them… 😉