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    1. I love the jar labels and plan on printing them. Thanks for the tips!

  1. Love your ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Laurene Shewan says:

    Nothing quite as crisp looking as blue and white!

  3. I’m a fellow blue and white lover

  4. Lov this photo of your blue and white deck. Always a fresh and inviting combo.

  5. Judith Mangers says:

    I love reading all the great ideas for decor and fashion. You do all the work for me and I get to enjoy!

    1. Love reading all of your “best of” ideas! Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together!

  6. Marcia Bidwell says:

    Congratulations on your exciting milestone!! I sure do enjoy your posts!!

  7. Congratulations on your Milestone. Love your site!

  8. Terri Herman says:

    I have to say I love Ann’s entry way. I’ve “stalked” it several times! 😂

  9. Love your blue and white outdoor rug.

  10. Thank you for all you do to help us with our homes and lives

  11. Cynthia Hellert says:

    This is my first visit to your blog. Very inspirational.

      1. Lory, thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge, and passions. We all learn from them!

        1. Maria Tarpinian says:

          Love the blue & white plate wall!

  12. Connie Corr says:

    Congratulations on #100! So happy to have found you through Ann!

  13. Enjoy your suggestions and gives me ideas as to how to use my French antiques from my family.

  14. Thalia Daigle says:

    Love your great ideas !!!

  15. I look forward to these posts on Wednesday which is also watering Wednesday in my home to keep all my plants alive. 🙂 Happy 100th!

  16. Thanks Lory! I do enjoy WWW, there is just never enough time to follow all of the links!

  17. Lori- I love your blog and beautiful table settings

  18. Love your pantry make-over!

  19. You are awesome for giving your readers/followers an opportunity like this. Love all your ideas!!

  20. Cyndie Baker says:

    Love your ideas and these weekly favorites!

  21. I always love the organizational posts and how I can apply them to my home. Love your pantry by the way and how easy it is to find what you’re looking for!

  22. Debbie Siler says:

    Loving your blog!

  23. Congratulations! I enjoy reading the wish list every Wednesday.

    1. Congratulations on your achievement! I’m so happy for you! Here’s to 100 more! 😃❤️

  24. Anne Marie says:

    Thank you for sharing all your ideas with us!

  25. Your unique style and organization tips help me ‘think out of the box’.

  26. Karenann S. says:

    Your blog is so inspiring! Please enter me into your giveaway.

  27. Happy 100 WWW day! Great ideas!

  28. Congratulations on reaching 100 weeks! I love the WWW posts and get so much useful information.

  29. Thank you for sharing inspiring ideas!

  30. Love your blog, great ideas.

  31. Love the recipes, home decorating ideas and the free printable.

  32. Love the patio Ideas, Unfortunately I have never had much of a patio/porch.

  33. Hello Lory,
    Thank you for your seasonal decor inspiration, I really appreciate your ideas! Have a joyous day!!

  34. Dawn Underland says:

    Happy Spring!!

  35. Love reading WWW every week!

  36. I often use your ideas in my workplace, thank you for sharing

  37. Love all the blue and white

  38. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week now!

  39. Michelle Rhodes says:

    I have been with you for years. Your are part of my morning ritual! My home has transformed from boring to elegant! I was happy to share your magic with my daughter in law who is going to college for interior design.

  40. I LOVE Wednesdays !!!!!

  41. Love your blog and all the inspiration/ideas you share with us! Congrats on 100 Wednesday Weekly Wishlists!!!

  42. Joni Kitchingham says:

    Pick me! Love the patio

  43. Love the WWWL!❤️

  44. Congratulations on this milestone! I’ve read all 100 and enjoyed them all!

  45. Freddie Ann says:

    100 Wednesdays – sadly I have missed soooo many. I always enjoy “favorites lists,” there is just no telling what one might find.

    1. Ah, you can always go back… 😉 At the bottom of my blog home page, there is a menu and all the way on the right under ‘Resources’, you can find ‘Wednesday Wishlists’.

  46. Omg Lory, that spring capsule wardrobe is just what I need!

    Love the bathroom renovation, we have been eliminating the tubs in our bathroom renovation yet one tub in the house is a good idea, your tile choice is just beautiful!!

  47. Love the blue and white!

  48. Ann Lynch says:

    Oh how I wish my house were larger so I could use sone of your ideas. I now live in a 2 bedroom patio home. Hardly the size to show off these gorgeous ideas.

    1. You can certainly approach one room at a time and make them lovely!! No need for a large home if you just look at it room by room… 🙂

  49. Can’t wait to dive into the kitchen organization! I’m ready!

  50. Cathy Gunn says:

    Love anything blue and white!

  51. Dawn Wiencke says:

    Thank you for this offer and all the beauty you bring to many!! Good Luck to all!!

  52. Donna Jacobs says:

    I moved to a smaller place. But thinking on going smaller.. All the ideas you have posted in kitchen ideas & organizing have really helped me. Had to rid alot of stuff not using & take your lead on changing my ways.
    Thks so much Donna

  53. Hi Lory!
    I so look forward to your Wednesday posts! I have utilized many (ok copied) many ideas for table settings! Love them!

  54. Congratulations on the 100th milestone! Every week I enjoy your favs.

  55. You have such good taste Lori, love your ideas and French decor. I look forward to your Wednesday posts and ideas. Keep up the fantastic work.

  56. Congrats on 100 WWW! I’m loving your blue and white patio – it’s looks so crisp and clean! And I really adore the rug! Thanks for all the decor tips!

  57. Rebecca Kassulke says:

    I enjoy all the new ideas that are posted.

  58. Peg Shaver says:

    So many great ideas!

  59. Great finds this week!

  60. Lots of good positive inspiration

  61. Great way to start the day with all your favorites!

  62. Yay, congrats! I love all the content and links. Thanks for doing my window shopping for me!

  63. Shelly Bartz says:

    Oooh!All of my afternoon reading all in one spot! Thank you for your inspirations!

  64. Congratulations and thanks for all the inspiration! Cheers! 🥂

  65. I find your blog and posts inspirational and refreshing in a time of “craziness”. I love the photos and links to your recommendations. Thank you!

  66. Enjoyed the tour this morning. Thanks for giving us something fun to look forward to on Wednesday. Also, thanks for the mason jar labels. I think I’ll print them on clear labels to see how they look.

  67. 100 posts is a wonderful accomplishment! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  68. Kathryn Anthony says:

    Love your fresh ideas for a deck with bright cheerful colors and design. Blue, white and a snap of yellow is a favorite combo for me. Spring capsule wardrobe ideas are so fin and versatile.

  69. Congratulations on your 100th weekly Wednesday post !!

  70. Kristi Flournoy says:

    I love this newsletter! Especially the decor crushes!

  71. Marcia Sillyman says:

    I love Wishlist Wednesday and thank you for the great labels.

  72. Thank you for posting such fun things!
    This is how I de-stress after a day of teaching.
    It WORKS!

  73. Congratulations on 100th post!

  74. April Wood says:

    Thank you for your wardrobe capsules!

  75. Enjoy the Wednesday wishlist posts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. Love all the decorating ideas.

  77. Sue Daugherty says:

    I enjoy the weekly wish list very much.

  78. Good Wednesday Morning !!!!
    I use the same cobbler recipe you refreshed my memorie my peaches are ready for picking
    Thank You
    Happy Memorial Day

  79. I enjoy your “Fun Facts for the Week”.

  80. Love your blog, thanks for the opportunity to be a winner.

  81. Deborah D says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a gift card. I always find useful and delightful information from you. Keep up the great work.

  82. Jo Johnson says:

    What a great landmark day! Congratulations! I enjoy hopping over from Ann’s posts to check out your great ideas. We have very similar tastes!

  83. I look forward to Wednesdays! Thanks for sharing!

  84. I enjoy all that you share! Thank you!

  85. So many great ideas here!

  86. Gayle Stewart says:

    Enjoy your blog!

  87. Katherine Henson says:

    I enjoy your blog. I hope to win so I can do some updates myself.

  88. Hi Lory, I love your kitchen renovation, your porch ideas and the great tablescapes you create. Thank you for all you do to bring us such great content in your blog.

  89. Jackie Dyer says:

    So many “Best of’s” it’s hard to choose just one or two ideas. Looking forward to referring back to the post for ideas all summer long. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Love your style & love the Wednesday wish lists, thank you for sharing.

  91. Thanks for the great ideas and tips.

  92. Congratulations and thanks for all the wonderful advice! 🙂

  93. Lily if the valley tumblers are just beautiful.

  94. Beverly Hawkins says:

    Wednesday’s Wish List are the best.

  95. I love all your lovely advice and decorating style. I wish you could come to Colorado and decorate my home 🙂

  96. Wednesday Highlight! Happy 100th!

    Thanks for sharing – have enjoyed your decorating touches!

  97. Congratulations on your 100 WWW and thank you for putting these out every week! It is truly such a treat to have so much information shared.

  98. Christy H says:

    These Wednesday wish list posts are my favorite! I look forward to them every week.

  99. I love your blue/white combo it just looks so clean.

  100. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas each week!! Always look forward to it!

  101. Wednesday Highlight! Happy 100th!

    Love your ideas!

  102. Really enjoy looking at all the great ideas – thanks!

  103. Love your ideas. Blue and white are always classic colors and easy to pair with other colors such as yellow, red, even a little pink or green. Thank you !

  104. Michelle Murphy says:

    What an amazing mile stone congratulations!

  105. WE all love giveaways !

  106. Pam smith says:

    Love your outdoor ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  107. Thank you so much for your time to inspire the rest of us

  108. Shirley Rogers says:

    Love the summer salad recipe. Thanks!

  109. Congratulations! This is my favorite newsletter of the week!

  110. Marcia Mason says:

    Happy Wednesday to other creatives:)

  111. Always informative and full of ideas. Congratulations on your milestone!

  112. Wednesday wish list is my favorite post!

  113. I love your blues palette!

  114. Your decor is so inspirational. I like that you present things at many price points and show how these items can be used in a variety of differently-styled homes. Looking forward to the next 100 posts!

  115. I really enjoy the WWW series. Great job ladies!!

  116. Love all the ideas! Congrats on 100th Weekly Wish List!

  117. Tiffany Whitehead says:

    Love the weekly wish list. I hope I win the prize.

  118. Deb Wostmann says:

    Love when the WWW show up in my email. Always such interesting information. Congrats on #100.

  119. I always look for to your part of the Wednesday Weekly Wishlist.

  120. I love the fall wardrobe ideas from Walmart. Since most of our year is hot, I don’t like to spend a lot on winter clothes (though I do love sweaters!). Heck, truth-be-told I don’t like to spend much money on anything!
    This summer we are adding a patio cover, and that isn’t going to be cheap!

  121. Jama Bennett says:

    Thanks for the info on Spain! We’re headed there in October!

  122. Love the Wednesday Wish List post… always so many ideas and links to great products!

  123. I’m looking forward to the summer cobbler recipe!

  124. CongratulatMaryions on your 100th Edition – hope for many more to come.

  125. Congratulations on 100 editions.

  126. May Lee-Jarvis says:

    I enjoy your WWW posts.

  127. I so enjoy the wish list each week. Wishing you 100 more!

  128. Christine says:

    Love your blog! So interesting to see your ideas. Wish I could try each and every one!!!

  129. 💖🌱 thank you for always sharing your creativity!!

  130. I love FCFridays!
    And who doesn’t like a good home tour? Thanks for all your ideas!

  131. I loved your kitchen with the black countertops. But changing to the white went from beautiful to spectacular! Loved the photos!

  132. Theresa Cassell says:

    Love your ideas So inspiring

  133. I enjoy the Weekly Wednesday features immensely. Congratulations on your 100th!

  134. Congratulations on 100 weeks!

  135. Love your blog, Insta, and I have to mention the beautiful outdoor oasis of blue and white! The Wednesday Wish List excites me every single week!

  136. Arla Philippbar says:

    I live your printable and have given friends your posey one filled with flowers.

  137. Congratulations on your 100th blog post. I have enjoyed your and Ann’s blogs so much over the past several years. You both have inspired me to make changes in my decorating.

  138. Congrats on 100 WWWs. Look forward to these posts each week.

  139. Congratulations on the 100th post. I love all your posts! and love your design style!

  140. Margo Arel says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 100 weeks!

  141. Congrats on the milestone!

  142. Congrats on 100 WWW, always look forward to seeing it each week.

  143. I love that bench! Classy and functional. Those Lily of the valley tumblers are a sweet nod to another era. Thanks for sharing the link for them.

  144. Sue Bowles says:

    Love your account. It’s one of my very favorites. Love the mix of old and new as well as the French flair!

  145. Melissa Roberts says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful printables!!
    Looking forward to following along!!

  146. I enjoy reading all your helpful household ideas.

  147. Thank you for all of your design inspirations.

  148. Kathy Lowe says:

    I love everything but especially the blue!

  149. I love the blue and white color theme on the patio. I have a green and tan color theme going on on my porch. Reflects the forest surrounding me.

  150. Thanks Lori!
    I love the french country hurricanes ! Happy summer!

  151. Congratulations on your 100th Wednesday! I never miss a week. 🙂

  152. Wednesdays are my favorite day for the blog posts! Love all the great ideas!

  153. Kimberly Absher says:

    Happy 💯! 🎉 Thank you for the opportunity & your generosity!
    Love all the wish lists. Cannot wait to go back and read about your kitchen. I followed, but reading it again will be a great refresher.
    Thanks for sharing!

  154. Joan Moore says:

    Always enjoy your posts. Such great ideas and information. Thank you for all that you do.

  155. Thank you for the Wednesday Wishlist each week. So enjoyable!

  156. I love these fun ideas! Thanks for posting them!

  157. I love the Wednesday Weekly wish list! I read every one!

  158. Jennifer A Kanetzke says:

    Fun blog. Thanks for the contest too.

  159. Hi Lori,
    I love your design on your back porch!

  160. I just might have to order a pair of the Rothy’s shoes!

  161. Love all the great ideas!

  162. What a great compilation of your faves! I’m taking page from your book and going blue and white on my porch this year. Can’t wait to get started!

  163. Blue and white color scheme is a classic! Love it 😊❤️

  164. Joan Winstanley says:

    I enjoy following your blog and seeing your fresh and original decorating ideas. Thank you!

  165. JoAnn Goldberger says:

    Congrats on your 100th week…that’s amazing! Love reading every email!

  166. So many great ideas and links! Now you’ve got me thinking I need to declutter and organize my cabinet below the kitchen sink! 🙂

  167. Catrina Lyttle says:

    Just found your blog via “On Sutton Place”. Can’t wait to explore!

  168. Love all of your recommendations. Thank you for sharing. Love everything about design. Always looking for new ideas.

  169. Jeanne Defferari says:

    Such great decorating ideas!!

  170. Marianne Noll says:

    So many lovely ideas found within these pages! Love them all!

  171. Catie Palmer says:

    Loving the blue and white patio look. Strangely enough I don’t like blue, but this has such a refreshing look

    1. The same look can be achieved with green and white or other combos if you might like those better. I tend to change my accent colors every few years… 😉

      1. Catie Palmer says:

        Yes I suppose I hadn’t thought of that. The blue and white is such a classic look, but green would look good too.

  172. Love the Wednesday Wishlists! Thank you.

  173. Found your blog via On Sutton Place, really enjoy all your style!

  174. These are always fun and interesting posts! 😉

  175. I’ve always like the blue and white decorating ideas.

  176. Thank You for all the ideas, hope I wn!

  177. Love, love, love your blue and white outdoor room.

  178. Julie lizzi says:

    Everything is inspiring.

  179. Dana H. Sharbrough says:

    I love Wednesdays when you three get together! So many ideas and sources. Keep it up.

  180. Lori, I especially love how you decorate your patio! I also enjoy your skincare suggestions and fashion!

  181. I love Wednesday Wishlist! Thank you for sharing your home and wonderful ideas. And congratulations on number 100! That’s amazing!

  182. I love the Shop My Home that you guys have installed – I’m going there next to see if the lovely blue and white rug is there. It’s just what I need for my sunroom.

  183. Congrats on your 100th weekly wish list!

  184. Lory,
    I love how you decorate your home and am so thankful for the tips that you post. I’m usually not big blue and white but I do love how it’s used in the rug and pillows. It’s growing on me!

  185. Lory,
    I love how you decorate your home and am so thankful for the tips that you post. I’m usually not big blue and white but I do love how it’s used in the rug and pillows. It’s growing on me!
    By the way, I love the Guernsey movie too. If you haven’t watched the series Heartland on Netflix, give it a try. My husband and I really love watching it. They are in the process of filming their 17th season now.

  186. Christine says:

    WOW! What an amazing list!
    I pinned most of these : ) Thank You Ladies!

  187. Diane Westbrook says:

    What wonderful tips and ideas! Truly enjoy your blog! Thanks so much for offering the gift card as well….Keep on sharing with us your readers!! Diane

  188. So glad I found your blog!

  189. What a great trio, you all give such great advice. Love seeing what you all accomplish in your lives and how you bring us along with you.

    Thanks for entering me in the give away, appreciate your generosity.!


  190. Hi Lory,
    Your blog is so packed with great inspiration and information, love the collaboration with the other two ladies that I love to read as well. Great trio.

    Thanks for entering in your give away, appreciate your generosity!
    Have a great week!

  191. Congratulations on WWW 100!

  192. Melanie M says:

    Thank you for sharing such great ideas and links.

  193. Thank you for this: It Is Well – Kristene DiMarco. It brought me to tears.

  194. Had to re-read the Dr. Seuss quote…how true!

  195. Yvonne Carrington-Buss says:

    Always enjoy the fresh decorating ideas that come each week.

  196. Thanks for your blog work!

  197. Wow, 100th week!

  198. Congratulations! I love the “Best of … ” and “Favorite … ” round-up!

  199. Love all the blue and white!!! Such a Southern tradition -everywhere, but especially here in the South!!!

  200. Number 100 is a Great one. Looking forward to more. Appreciate the chance to win, possibly.

  201. Sandra W. says:

    Love all the ideas!

  202. Valerie Alexander says:

    Happy 100! Always fun to see what you’re up to! ❤️

  203. Always look forward to what you have to share with us!

  204. Patricia Moran says:

    Love your blog!

  205. Laura Burghorn says:

    Love your style!

  206. Jeannie Crownover says:

    Thank you for sharing great ideas for our homes!

  207. Kathi Tate says:

    I look forward to the Weekly Wish List every week. Thank you!

  208. Thank you for the ideas, tips, and inspiration!!

  209. Your beautiful patio is always so inspiring!!

  210. Love all your ideas!

  211. Sandra Richmond says:

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful

  212. Linda Buchanan says:

    Happy 100th!!

  213. Happy 100th! Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. Peggy B Wilson says:

    I love all your post.

  215. Susan Cogan says:

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas with me! Happy anniversary!

  216. I am new to this blog and so excited to see so many fresh and interesting decor ideas. I look forward to learning more!

  217. Barb Mitchell says:

    I love to look at your blog for ideas on decorating and organization. It gives me ideas! Thank you!

  218. April Coleman says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I saw lots of new ideas on your post.

  219. Susan Hatcher says:

    Found your blog thru Ann. Will check out your wish list and all your posts. Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I’m not too late to enter.

  220. Susan Lambert says:

    Hi there!
    I love your blog and appreciate all your hard work. I’ve applied several things to my home that came from your blog….THANKS!
    That’s an awesome give away!

  221. Debbie Murphy says:

    Love the blue and white